Arabian Prince: New Funky Nation

A founding member of N.W.A., this veteran deejay/producer takes DX back to the land of Electro-Funk.

Longtime fans of Hip Hop embraced Fergie's "Fergalicious" not because of Stacy's rhyming abilities, but because the 2006 hit was an almost textbook recreation of Ruthless Records' first hit single, J.J. Fad's "Supersonic."

The man who concocted that track, and benefited greatly from Fergie royalties, is Arabian Prince. A pioneer of the Los Angeles that would go on to yield Ice-T, Toddy Tee and a group that Prince helped found - N.W.A. Having appeared on the first group album with Dre, Cube and Eazy alone, Arabian Prince's Electro-Funk endured in the party culture that happened against the backdrop of street politics. Releasing records since 1984, this Compton-born, Inglewood-raised legend hasn't stopped since.

Stones Throw Records and Peanut Butter Wolf recognized this. A year after recognizing New York's Percee P for a lifetime of quiet accomplishment, the L.A. label now celebrates Arabian Prince with Innovative Life: The Anthology (1984-1989), releasing this August 19th. The remastered album shows listeners old and young where it came from, and why Electro-Funk truly never left.

Just returned from Germany with longtime friend and name-sake Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince walks HipHopDX as he readies his Gorillaz-comparable next project Funky Anime while steadily collecting checks off of ghostwriting and production. When he ends his deejay sets with the trademark Haddaway "What Is Love," you might not realize it, but the Prince hasn't lost his Raiders cap or his props.

HipHopDX: Firstly, why Stones Throw?

Arabian Prince: Oh man, it


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