The Greatest Dilla Stories Never Told

From expensive whips and clocks, doobie ashtrays, stomp outs and brotherhood, friends and collaborators share Dilla tales.

Many music artists are in the game for the millions of dollars to be made; others are lured by the flashing lights of fame and adoration. However, every once in awhile we stumble across a unique breed of true artists who are in the game simply for the love of it. James "J.Dilla" Yancey didn


  • Gary Koral

    Jay shopped at my store for years and one day Jay and Shoes both were in the shop at the same time (this is when they were not speaking to each other), SHoes and Jay were both on different sides of the store and I went up to SHoes and told him Jay was on the other side. It was a perfect time to get right with each other. Shoes didn't respond to what I told him. Then after about 45 minutes Jay went to check out line with all his records, then Shoes next to him. I looked at Jay and said "Hey Jay, I want to introduce you to a fellow hip-hop dude, Houseshoes. Jay looked at Shoes and then 2hoiurs later they both left the shop as buddy's again! That is a great story that happened at Melodies & Memoires record shop Eastpointe MI .