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Up NeXt By DX: Mvstermind

Recent video "Mali Moolah" has already been getting love on both the internet and small screen.

Meet Female Rapper Cola White: Hip Hop's True Keyser Söze

EXCLUSIVE: This Bay Area/Los Angeles transplant didn’t want to deal with rap misogyny. So, for that, you’ll never see her face.

Deniro Farrar & The Rebirth of Hip Hop Healthiness

Eating and living healthy all but comes with the territory of being a rap star these days but for Deniro Farrar, he knew a change had to come and this is how it altered his mentality and his music.

Up NeXt By DX: Graze

Set to release "My Side of Town" sometime in next January and follow up later on, expect great things from the L.A. representer.

Inside Paul Wall & TV Johnny's Multi-Million Dollar Grillz Enterprise

If you thought grillz would die out ten years ago, you wasted time thinking while Paul Wall and his longtime business partner TV Johnny got rich off of their custom mouth jewelry. Watch as HipHopDX editor-at-large Shirley Ju gets them to spill the secrets of their ever growing empire.

Scotty ATL Survived A Violent Year In Atlanta

EXCLUSIVE: Scotty ATL releases his “Daily Bread” mixtape and talks about the finished EP and tour plans he had with Bankroll Fresh before his murder.

Russell Simmons, Chuck D, DMC & More Examine Beastie Boys' "License To Ill" Impact

Thirty years later, all that stands is a Great American Rap Album.

Up NeXt By DX: J.R. Donato

Without Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, the Chicago rapper says he wouldn't be where he is today.

Jimmy Henchman: "100 Percent Calling 50 Cent To The Stand" In New Trial

In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX Brand Ambassador Justin Hunte, the once power rap mogul relives the alleged falsehoods that put him behind bars, which was centered around some of the biggest names in rap and politics at the time.

Up NeXt By DX: Jin Gates

East coast rapper hopes to do what's never been done for Asians in Hip Hop.

Debra Antney Knows Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka “Love Each Other” Despite Not Being On Speaking Terms

EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta’s most outspoken music executive also explains why she’ll never disrespect Nicki Minaj while helping push Safaree’s music career forward.

"The Source" & "Hip Hop Weekly" Founder Dave Mays Vets How Corporations Hurt Rap Journalism & Award Shows

An undeniable trendsetter in rap journalism, Dave Mays has seen his fair share of wins and controversy. As his publication Hip Hop Weekly approaches 10 years on shelves, DX contributor Dana Scott gauges his fellow Bostonian's thoughts on the transitions Hip Hop journalism and award shows have endured over the years and what to expect

E-40 & Seaside Stretch Remember Mac Dre For The Legend He Was

It's been twelve years since the West Coast rap pioneer departed from this life. As his former manager speculates on what could have been (a.k.a. the "Tupac Effect"), E-40 clears up any misconceptions of any unresolved beef.

A$AP Rocky: Rapper, Actor, Model & Master Of All Trades

EXCLUSIVE: From rapping to acting and fashion, Pretty Flacko knows his credibility can’t be challenged. The A$AP Mob representer also opens up about his ongoing friendship with Tyler, The Creator and acting on the heels of “The Cozy Tapes: Vol.1 Friends.”

Up NeXt By DX: Jaxon

Auckland, New Zealand artist names Drake's "Take Care" as an album that inspired him to push forward with his music career.

My Guy Mars Is Taking “No Days Off” Between Representing 1500 Or Nothin' & Pursuing Solo Career

EXCLUSIVE: The member of Hip Hop’s most sought-after band and production collective managed to release a mixtape between studio sessions with Frank Ocean and tours with Jay Z and Usher.

Jeezy Has The Perfect Reasoning Why Donald Trump Is Unfit For President

Snow Season is returning well before Winter 2016 thanks to Jeezy's upcoming "Trap Or Die 3" album. In this DXclusive, Mr. 17.5 breaks down why he feels all other definitions of trap make a mockery of his culture and why he'll never be too rich to vote Republican.

Even As A Raiders Fan, Too $hort Has The Perfect Opinion Of Colin Kaepernick's Protests

On his 30th year in the game, Short Dog catches up with DX contributor Dana Scott to give his take on 510 history in the past (Freddy B and those early albums) and current (such as the Raiders leaving for Vegas and anyone who's sitting for the National Anthem). It's an Oakland thang, baby.

Mr. Cheeks Isn't Anti-Mumble Rap But He's Still Anti Rappers Who Suck

It's been a decade since the world got wind of a new Mr. Cheeks record but the leader of the Lost Boyz is back to not only expand his empire in the world of Hip Hop business but to push great emceeing back to the forefront.

Yeah, OG Maco Almost Lost His Eye, But He's More Focused On Rage Music

If you were to tell OG Maco he was "back from the dead" following this summer's near-fatal car accident, he would brush it off. The QC starting point guard has bigger things to tackle in his opinion, such as reminding everyone that he has plenty of offspring running around rampant in the Hip Hop game.

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