Drake Makes History On R&B/Hip Hop Airplay Chart

posted Tuesday July 29 ,2014 at 05:15PM CDT | 71 comments

Drake Makes History On R&B/Hip Hop Airplay Chart

Lil Wayne earns another #1 with "Believe Me" while ScHoolboy Q makes gains with "Studio."

With Lil Wayne and Drake's "Believe me" rising on the R&B/Hip Hop Airplay chart, Drake scores his 14th #1. This allows Drake to surpass Usher for the most #1s in the chart's 22-year history, according to Billboard

"Believe Me" also helps Wayne reach new heights. The song acts as his 10th #1 and helps him become only the third act to reach double-digit #1s, of course following Usher and Drake.

The greatest gainer on the chart is Oxymoron's "Studio," a cut by ScHoolboy Q that features BJ The Chicago Kid. 

Wayne and Drake are set to embark on their upcoming Street Fighter themed Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour. The tour, which has been referred to by the emcees as a battle, is set to run through 31 cities across the nation before coming to a close September 27 in Texas.

For more on "Believe Me," view the DX Daily below.


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  • Real Talk
    Butthole is my most favoritest dish. Serve me up yo!
  • yung niggy
    men lie women lie, numbers don't. its over for y'all other rappers. its drakes turn. drake runs the rap game no facts prove otherwise, you can argue for eminem but he's a popstar, you can argue for kanye but every release he makes y'all niggas sayin its wack. you only support kanye when you are faced with the cold hard truth that drake is the top rapper in the game right now
    • this troll is obviously drake runs rap
      You've already said this bullshit and it's still lies.
    • YourPapi
      So having number 1 pop records is running the rap game huh?
  • Anonymous
    "Of what?" How to dominate the industry. For all of Kendrick's hype, he dropped the ball on that first album. He didn't outsell Drake. Had the mighty Interscope machine behind him. Dre as his mentor, and he did what, 1.3 mill? Furthermore, kings don't get outsold by Macklemore. Say what you will about Drake's image, and his sing songy style, but at the end of the day, he's doing it big. Look at the numbers. Look at the records. It's all sky's the limit. To deny him his just due simply cause you don't like him is just fucking stupid.
    • Anonymous
      Drake ain't dominating anything. Kendrick is doing fine for himself. His first album did okay for an independent release and his second did well with Interscope and Dre behind him. You act like GKMC did Slaughterhouse numbers when he sold more than other rappers out now. You wanna talk about disappointing numbers, look at French Montana, who also has the Interscope machine behind him and he barely did 150K total. Kendrick doesn't need to have big sales to be the best (besides, Drake and Macklemore aren't the only rappers out there), he just need to make the best records, which he does. Talk again when you don't have Aubrey's nutsack on your chin.
    • Anonymous
      Eminem is the one dominating the industry.
  • Real Talk
    Nothing like licking butt first thing in the morning whilst listening to Drizzy.
    • A
      I was siked when I found that nigga wasn't bleaching his asshole for nothing .That nigga put in work!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      nigga i dont like to go down on boy pussy after its been freshly bleached it needs a hour or two to get that chemical smell away and let the natural musky essence muster
  • Blackbond
    It's easy to have so many hits in a generation with no bar.
    • Ya Grandpa
      Don't forget in a generation where the radio is polluted with the same garbage being played 24/7 and consumers think that is the best music out.
    • Anonymous
      It's more like The Gay Era, homosexuals are buying Drakes stuff up & making him seem popular. Just look at all the fags on here like Real Talk, dental, Champagne Papi, & Drake runs rap, all fucking queers.
    • Anonymous
      If that were true, 50 would have had at least 5-6 hits off Animal Ambition.
    • Anonymous
      But fags don't like 50, just fat black girls
  • zick akakpo
  • Anonymous
    Listen brothers and sisters, FACTS ARE FACTS!!! Drake & Wayne isn't performing in Madison Sq Garden! Which is in NYC. He's not performing in Giant Stadium! Which is in NJ. He's performing in Saratoga Performing Arts Center and PNC Bank Art Center. Two very, very small arenas! Fact! Check Ticketmaster bitch! He's not as popular as you think. Point blank!!! "I can not lose" - Jay-Z
    • Anonymous
      Street King Immortal Tracklist: 1. Street King Immortal feat. Lloyd Banks & Kidd Kidd 2. Champions feat. Eminem 3. Black Magic 4. Lighters feat. Chris Brown 5. Popped Off 6. The Psycho feat. Dr Dre 7. Ride Out 8. Stimulate 9. Under Pressure feat. Kendrick Lamar 10. Die Hard feat. Eminem Dr. Dre 11. True Love feat. Rihanna 12. Love and Hip Hop 13. Legacy feat. Jon Connor 14. Insult 2 Injury 15. Take The World 16. The Massacre Bonus Tracks: 1. My Life feat. Eminem Adam Levine 2. First Date feat. Too Short 3. Major Distribution feat. Snoop Dogg Young Jeezy 4. New Day feat. Dr. Dre Alicia Keys 5. We Up feat. Kendrick Lamar
    • Anonymous
      aren't* and wayne doesn't fuck with nyc
    • Amac
      LOL! Madison square garden sits 18500, PNC Bank Arts Centre sits 17800. I think you will find its more to do with the production and the props rather than lack of ticket sales...
    • amac
      AND Saratoga Performing Arts Center centre seats 25,000+ which is MORE than MSG. Facts are facts, right? :P
    • ^
  • honest
    call a spade a spade.. regardless of how you feel about him, the fact is this.. when Drake drops a song, the whole hip hop world listens and learns it that day. and then 30 rappers will remix it within the next week. He has more control over the game right now than any other rapper does. He's just as dominant as jay was in the early 2000s. simple as that. opinions can't change impact.
    • Anonymous
      Word son. Regardless i'm a Kendrick fan over Drake.
    • DaTruth
      The reason people remix it, is for the simple fact that he sounds like garbage on the record or simply sounds like someone ghost wrote the lyrics for him and it doesn't sound right when he talks that big boy talk. Also it doesn't hurt that the production is on point. ;)
    • Anonymous
      Nah, honest. You're overthinking this. Drake ain't controlling anything and he'll never be as dominant as Jay. And not every of his makes an impact.
    • Champagne Papi Life
      Drake can be more dominant than Jay-Z. Jay-Z is much older than Drake. Drake can also act and has proven that he has good business acumen.
    • Anonymous
      No, he can't be more dominant than Hov. Drake isn't even a good actor/businessman.
    • Anonymous
      Good point. People can hate someone all they want, but the facts speak for themselves. Dropping #1 song after #1 song is a feat very few accomplish. Give Drake his just due cause his competition can't do what he does. If they could, they would.
    • Anonymous
      Drakes latest album 1.5 million Jays album: Barely 1 million. Call me when jay z reaches drakes album.
    • Anonymous
      Look at both Drake and Jay's total album sales of all their records. Class dismissed.
    • Anonymous
      Drake hasn't dropped a #1 song.
  • Anonymous
    Not even drake can save weezy career.maybe some tours money wit that 360 deal
    so many haters here ymcmb the dream team we outcheaa
    • Anonymous
      Good joke.
  • Real. Talk
    I see some white kid is still hurt about what I said. Cuz u been talking so e suspect shit all over these articles under my name.... Hahaha guess what I Said hurt your feelings... Drake is doing numbers, can't deny that, is he the best ever of course not. Does he make good music yes, does he make shitty music yes. Does he make club songs yes, does he make songs that make u think yes. Does he sing to girls yes. What else's did I leave out? He ain't perfect, but he does have talent. He could act to. Based on the amount of success he's had in 5 years years is phenomenal, don't know if I spelled that shit right. But damn u got to be a serious hater, if your trying to down talk his accomplishments. Shit I wouldn't mind living the lifestyle he's living. Better then stuck on the computer talking down on another man, cuz secretly I'm not happy with my own life... The last lines are for u fucking idiot white kids
    • Anonymous
      Put a tampon on and remove the sand out your vagina.
    • Yoyo1
      Groupie ass nigga. Who says "Shit I wouldn't mind living the lifestyle he's living. Better then stuck on the computer talking down on another man, cuz secretly I'm not happy with my own life..." Nigga why dont you APPLY yourself like he did instead of dickriding wanting to be him... The nigga is human.
    • Real Talk
      I'm heavy into butt play yo, but I like weiner too. I carry a picture of a dick in my pocket just in case I need to look at one.
    • Anonymous
      "I see some white kid is still hurt about what I said." And then goes on to defend someone that's half white.
  • Real Talk
    Damn, I wanna eat Drake's pie crust like super bad, it's so hot he's into butthole play.
    • Anonymous
      The fact that you sit there and think about that even if you're trying to be funny is weird as fuck. You're either a faggot or a 12 year old boy who will be a faggot.
    • Real Talk
      I am a faggot, 100%
  • Anonymous
    Take notes Kendrick.
    • Anonymous
      Of what?