50 Cent Mocks Kevin Hart Following Pitch Joke

posted Saturday June 14 ,2014 at 01:30PM CDT | 47 comments

50 Cent Mocks Kevin Hart Following Pitch Joke

50 Cent says jokes about his New York Mets pitch are "getting out of hand."

50 Cent has mocked Kevin Hart for making fun of his recent pitch at a New York Mets game.  The rapper did this via Instagram. 

"I got a phone call, @kevinhart4real making fun of me. This pitch sh!t is getting out of hand. #smsaudio #animalambition #power," the rapper said in an Instagram caption. 

"Kevin Hart?" 50 Cent says in the clip. "That's my man. He did what? Making fun of my pitch? Ooh, I'ma fuck him up. You right. Let me think about this shit. All he gonna do is make a joke out this shit, right? I got it. I'ma send niggas to kill this nigga. Little mothafucka will only be half-price."  

50 Cent is referencing a recent Instagram video from Kevin Hart. In the clip, Hart says he is imitating 50 Cent's first pitch. He throws the baseball to the right of the catcher in slow motion. 

50 Cent's pitch has been called one of the worst in celebrity first pitches. 

<iframe src="//instagram.com/p/pNBVfviYm6/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

<iframe src="//instagram.com/p/pOnqeSML7y/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

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Comments 47 Posts

  • Practice...
    We talking bout practice, practice...practice 50 should've practiced, lol
    • Anonymous
      why would he do that? if he threw a stike no one would have cared or talked about him for 3 weeks...
  • Dopemanferrari
    Lmfao..too fucking funny...butter finger Jackson
  • Anonymous
    Kevin reposted this laughing! he couldnt even come back out of fear!
  • Yamjisaka
    Are you nut guys? 50 Cent is also joking, he's not really on the phone. It's like Joke Battle between 50 Cent and Hart.
  • Archon
    I'm not laughing at Kevin Hart's joke, but i laughed at 50's seriousness when he did hear this joke. Stupid celebrity.
  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo
    Kevin Hart is the worst comedian I have ever seen. He is as funny as a funeral..... I miss Chappelle, Bernie Mac. Hart is just so boring
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      There are no jokes, that's why he isn't funny, it's just all over dramatized reactions and delivery. The true genius comics like you stated are so few and far in between now.
    • booo
      check for trevor noah,an incredible comedian
    • Anonymous
      And you're stupid for compared new-young-comedian with some old-legendary-comedians. It's like comparing Lil P-Nut with Rakim.
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    but he meant it.. 50 stans...
    • Anonymous
      no he didnt it, if you could see the video you would know hes not even really on the phone, just like the vids he made clowning t.i., floyd, jay-z and solange, etc..
  • Anonymous
    Godfather 50 and the Unit back to Citi Field today to redeem himself on the mic in front of 60k people!
  • Anonymous
    the funniest thing about this is the amount of idiots on here that think 50's being serious HE WAS JOKING
  • Poopy Butt Farts
    Intro:"Yo Sludge!" "What up homie?" "Going hard young playa!" Sludge verse 1: We keep it like 24 7. If your ass front then you gettin sent to heaven. Or maybe hell if you've been a bad boy! either freakkin way you gonna get destroyed. Rule number one don't play wit my grip. rule number 2, number 2 I take a shit. rules don't apply to playa like me. You will get slapped to the worst degree. Chorus(Sung by murpy): Poopy butt farts dont play around, play around, play around! (repeatx3) To hear skid and murpy's verse's go ahead and buy the album! Peace ya'll!!!
  • Anonymous
    this article gives the impression that Curtis was serious when mocking and threatening Kevin.
  • Anonymous
    LOL this is really news?! Wow fuck you DX.
  • South African Hip Hop Head
    Niyaythetha kodwa kaka nina braz lol Kev Hart scared lol
    • me too sa hiphop head
      Lol ,babheda nyani fethu
  • IROC
    50 pitch that ball like a girl he know thats some funny sh%t 50 then went on to have a dude get his chain jacked on stage that didnt help his street cred either 50 been drop from label he was on and now he is just becoming a side show brought back members of ol G unit i think to much time has gone by now he trying to beef with a 5'2ft Kevin Hart wow ,50 the world laugh at that pitch you use to joke on others now you cant take a joke
    • Anonymous
      he was joking man its not that serious. i guess its hard to tell with no video on the page.
    • Sludge
      You're an idiot.
    • Anonymous
      you fucking dumbass watch the instavid and you'll see he was joking
  • Anonymous
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  • Mack
    50 Cent must be glad that HHDX keeps including his promotional hashtags in every Twitter quote.
  • Troy Ave
    50 Cent should stop copying Troy Ave
  • Anonymous
    HHDX you guys failed to embed the instagram video properly.
  • Anonymous
    Notice how Kevin Hart ain't respond after that? He don't wanna get his chain took.
    • Anonymous
      Negro please, 50 is obviously trolling.
    • Anonymous
      Yes he's trolling but Kevin knows to keep it moving before he gets bit by the wolves.
    • Anonymous
      acting like anyone cares what fifty says anymore
  • Anonymous
    LMAO he said to kill the little mothafucka will only be half-price! hahaha 50 should become a comedian.
    • Anonymous
      Was it really THAT funny? Slow down.
    • Anonymous
      ^^ exactly
    • Anonymous
      ^^ My thoughts exactly.
    • Anonymous
      Yes it was that funny. Maybe you need to see the video that HHDX failed to embed. Do you think hitmen really give discounts for midgets? Who else casually jokes about having niggas killed? Godfather 50 is the last real nigga in the industry, even Lord Jamar said so!
    • Anonymous
      ^^ Whatever, Stanley.
  • Anonymous
    This man seems so bored lately. All that money and no entertainment
    • Anonymous
      Huh? he seems to be entertaining himself by poking fun back at Kevin Hart? It took 30 seconds its not that serious. Is he just supposed to let clowns mock him and not say nothing? Who do you think we're dealing with here? Wale?
    • Anonymous
      His music is a reflection of his boredom. When your antics get more headlines than your music then your career is pretty much over as a relevant and top-teir artist.
    • Bruthadee Killer
      LMAO old nigga is really mad at a 15 second instagram video! What did Curtis do to you man you seem really hurt! Must kill you to see him keep winning.
    • Anonymous
      Excuse the typo, I meant "tier" but was multi tasking. Nowadays when people think Ice Cube the first thing that pops in their minds are his movies and commercials and other rappers its Instagram and Twitter.
    • Anonymous
      he has shitted on everyone around him. what else has he got to do?
  • insanemacbeth
    that pitch was terrible, though. l.m.a.o.
  • Jay Balfour
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