2 Chainz Says Pimp C's Mother Was Like A Parent To Him

posted Tuesday September 17 ,2013 at 09:00AM CDT | 22 comments

2 Chainz Says Pimp C's Mother Was Like A Parent To Him

2 Chainz says Pimp C's mother, Weslyn "Mama Wes" Monroe, was "a parental figure" and recalls visiting her before her passing.

2 Chainz recently spoke about the passing of Pimp C's mother, Weslyn “Mama Wes” Monroe. In an interview with RevoltTV, 2 Chainz, who recently released his new album B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime, said that he loved "Mama Wes" and that he visited her on her final days.

"That was a bit much for me," 2 Chainz said of her passing. "I just lost my father like a year ago and Mama Wes was like a parental figure for me, as far as being someone I talked to. Of course, she had been in the game a long time rockin' with Pimp. I ain't really know Pimp that well. I only met Pimp once. I know Bun B well."

"But yeah, Mama C passed," 2 Chainz continued. "I went to the hospital the day she passed. So I did make it to talk to her. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and forehead. I told her I loved her. I think it was a Sunday [when] she passed. I actually talked to her Saturday morning or Friday night. That was a sad event for me. I couldn't make it to the funeral but I talked to the family."

Weslyn “Mama Wes” Monroe passed Sunday, August 18, 2013 after being hospitalized for what was reported as a serious illness. Her passing came nearly six years after the passing of her son, rapper Pimp C.

2 Chainz' interview can be viewed below.

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  • mississippihiphop.com
  • Anonymous
    If Pimp C was alive he would tell this nigga to take that monkey shit off hes embarrassing us
  • 666
  • xoXO
    probably finger fucked her in her death bed u desparate bastard
    • Anonymous
      I know i would have
  • jimjim
    how old what the fuck
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    2 chainz himself is about 52 years old so it only makes sense that he would be friends with some people closer to his age
  • Anonymous
    a pathetic attempt at gaining some street cred off another mans name and mother the week his album comes out
    • Anonymous
      Street cred? He's talking about someone dying ya dumb fuk...no more "street cred"..it's not 1996. follow at noles506
    • Rap Fan
      I think he lost it all after he ran in that robbery and fell like an old man.
    • Chris
      I actually have to agree with what he's saying...it seems sad, but he met Pimp C once and somehow she (after his death) has become a "parental figure" to him?? GTFOH. "I ain't really know Pimp that well. I only met Pimp once. I know Bun B well." Well isn't that just convenient...Pimp made it very clear before he passed that he didn't like all of the rappers that Bun B liked. I'm sure Pimp would group 2Chainz' music into the class of "monkey $h**t".
  • Anonymous
    Rip pimp c. Thegrandreport got some good hip hop videos on there tho!
    • Anonymous
      no u dont..ur site is ass
  • Anonymous
    " I ain't really know Pimp that well. I only met Pimp once." so what the fuck is he doing around Pimps mom if he aint even know him like that? is this creepy nigga into old ladies or what?
    • Young Guwop
      It's called respect. You must be 15???
    • Anonymous
      I can see respecting your friends mom if you grew up around her or whatever but he said right here he aint even know Pimp
    • Anonymous
      He said he knows Bun very well. Ever think Bun took him to see her? Dumb ass kids it's respect thing, not a sexual thing.
    • Chris
      A respect thing? If you know anything about Bun and Pimp's relationship prior to Pimp's passing, then you know damn well that Pimp didn't like all of these wack rappers that Bun was associated with. Pimp wasn't friends with this dude, so how in 6 years has he become part of the family? Convenient also that he can state that he visited her in the hospital, but couldn't make it to attend the funeral! Why even release this information to public anyways? That is the complete opposite action of RESPECT!
  • Swag Inbred
    666 666
  • rabbit mask demons