JoJo Simmons Speaks On Confrontation With Skull Gang Member Hynief

posted Monday April 15 ,2013 at 01:30PM CDT | 104 comments

JoJo Simmons Speaks On Confrontation With Skull Gang Member Hynief

The son of founding Run-DMC member Rev. Run responds to a photo and allegations of being physically reprimanded by a Juelz Santana-linked Skull Gang member in Queens.

Skull Gang member and Juelz Santana affiliate Hynief posted a picture on his Instagram this past weekend seemingly portraying JoJo Simmons in a compromising position when they met in Queens, New York, accompanied by the following description: “Guess who I caught y’all Lil punk ass Jo Jo [sic] that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn’t pop shit if u not bout that life real niggas don’t care who u related too fuck nigga.” Hynief also reportedly forced JoJo to call and apologize to Skull Gang-founder and Harlem rapper Juelz Santana for a recent diss track.

In a just-released video interview with Crave TV 6, JoJo stressed non-violence, saying: “I’m not gonna talk no crazy shit. That’s what [Skull Gang does] and I do what I do at the end of the day, man. I grew up a very good kid and all that other shit. So they can stick to that violence stuff, but me…I’ma stick to just getting money. 'Cause all I been around is money all my life. I ain’t been about all that thug [and] all that gun shit all my life so that’s not what I do. What I do is count money and fuck bitches and I travel the world. That’s all I do. I’m not about that violence shit. This ain’t no shit-talkin’ or none of that. This me keepin’ it real.”

In the video JoJo was backed by some more confrontational affiliates, self-described as members of the Crips, who seemed to throw some obvious threats towards any more violent action towards the second-generation Simmons emcee.

The feud originated earlier this year with the release of Juelz Santana’s song "Soft" featuring Rick Ross, Fabolous and Meek Mill. Released in early January, the Harlem, New York Diplomats member rapped: “Far as that dough goes / I’m Russell Simmons, you JoJo” in reference to JoJo’s uncle and Def Jam/Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons.

JoJo fired back at Santana with a full-out diss song of his own later that month called "Holy Water," rapping: “Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / The industry forgot you fucker, you nothin’ special /...Simmons will not let you / Compare your money to my uncle / That’s just disrespectful / You’re not eligible.”

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  • karmynn
    Why did Jojo even make that diss record? What Juelz said in his song about Russel Simmons wasn't the least bit disrespectful. All he basically said was that Russ has more money than Jojo and we all know that's a fact. So what was the problem? Jojo was just trying to get some street cred. I think that Hynief was just trying to "scare him straight" so to speak. We all know he could have done a lot more than make him apologize so I don't think this makes him look lame just because Jojo is a square. He was just letting him know that if you act like you're about that street life, bad things can/will happen.
  • Anon
    Ja Rule will get Jojo street cred
  • P funk
    I can't give anyone respect for snatching up JoJo...Why not pick on someone else? Jo Jo dissed em all and said he fucks bitches make money and travel the World', like damn- thats like going to Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and starting beef knowing he aint gon fight you...Straight pussy move for HYDIA or whatever his name is
  • courtney
    JoJo what the fuck are you doing b? Theres no way this kid should be in Queens on some bullshit like this b...God bless him tho lmao
  • Anonymous
    "THE ARCHIVES DON'T LIE. YOU ARE FULL OF SH*T. ME, I bring INSIGHT, EXPERIENCE, PERSPECTIVE here. I CAN TALK to them and hit them where it HURTS to say STFU. Like I do YOU" By the archives you mean all the filth that passes as blogging on here? lol Nothing you say has any impact. If you think you're hurting me with these junior high attacks of rage then honestly there's no hope for you. I debate with facts and perspective. Anytime one of you circle jerkers screams how I haven't posted a spreadsheet, I simply turn it around and ask you the same thing. Not once have any one of you proven me wrong. So keep screaming and assuming I'm evil and white, pointing my accusatory finger at Donnis Mac, a grown ass man with the insecurities of a fifteen year old.
  • OneandOnly
    LOL wtf, first jojo gets laughed at his own college when he performed some song and then stopped and ran off stage, then embarrasing the hell out of himself on runs house and now he does this trying to act like some tough gangster? I feel bad for him acting more like a little kid than his younger brother.
  • GBtha G
    fuck jojo simmons.really. dat kid goz out there 2 diss a senior nigga like Juelz( even tho I'm not his fan) that was total disrespect so dat fuckin gang member waz right 2 force the phone call.
  • Reas
    Hynief a fuck nigga for doing that. What's the point of sticking up for a another grown man? A couple years from now this dude gonna be crying Juelz aint letting him eat lol
  • KingTune
    Yo JoJo the most underrated rapper, his pops was a part of Run DMC.
    • Anonymous
      Big fucking deal. Rev Run wasn't a good rapper, and neither are his sons.
  • huh
  • Anonymous
    Quote-Man snitching y'all can't even post industry knowledge they blocking me
  • West LA
    First off... How you call yourself a gang banger and you throwing up just a "C". Thats some 70's shit man lol. come on, at least have a gang sign to go with your crippin. thats hella suspect ya digg. niggas aint from such and such gangsta crip they just from... crip... lmao
  • donnis mac
    I'M on the MFSB article kicking that REAL because I LIVE and LOVE my music. I'M on the Yelawolf article talking about TV tracks and cursing censorship because I KNOW about that. I'M on the Tyga thread talking about COMPANY and royalties because I KNOW contract jargon. Where are YOU? Talking about Jo-Jo's money and how much of a punk he is when it's YOU on FULL display showing the GOSSIP CHUMP IN YOU, saying Cappadonna getting put on with the Wu is like an heir to an estate. STFU YOU STUPID ASS BITCH. You ain't my equal NOR a threat you mental PEDOPHILE.
    • Anonymous
      You know company jargon? Post a spread sheet then, motherfucker. Break it all down for us non industry types lol
  • Anonymous
    "MY WORDS HURT YOU, PROOF is the LAST TIME when YOU wanted to fight" When someone constantly types in caps, and displays all the classic symptoms of a laid off postal worker, then I have no problem suggesting you come and have this same debate to my face. If you interpret that as suggesting we fight, then that's your insecurity. As for Nas, why the fuck are you still thinking about that? lol If it makes your day, then hey, Def Jam made millions off LIG lol The grammy committee is reconsidering giving Nas the award. Summer on Smash is certified 3x platinum lol Are we done yet, retard? I'm all for some good clean cyber throw down's, but this is getting really boring.
    • donnis mac
      Same old Caucasian tactics, point fingers and swear you have the solution and are the better one when ALL ALONG, it was YOU who was causing confusion and telling lies. You don't want to bring that old stuff up because YOU NEVER COULD PROVE WHAT YOU SAID TO BE TRUE. ANYONE, GOOGLE Quote Man hiphopdx and see for YOURSELF. Archives don't lie, he's BEEN a piece of sh*t: "quote man says who cares how many years ago it was but constantly defends rick ross ass for NEVER going platinum even though he been out ..." "Does quoteman have a crystal ball to see the future? Ross didnt put out his first album until he was damn near 30 so Kendrick is already on ..." ^ PAGES and PAGES more...........many of those comments aren't even me! Cyber throw down? loL you're WEAK! You know what Wayne makes, what he can buy, what 50 thinks in HIS mind about life and Eminem, what Nas' personal life is, what Ross is, what LL should do, who listens to battle rap, what healthcare is about, who likes Slick Rick, Rush Limbaugh, Elvis, Miami Vice, what Drake is, how successful Nicki is, who's a broke commentator or not, who listens to lyrics (DO YOU ONLY LISTEN TO INSTRUMENTALS MORON? loL). TODAY, it's how Jo-Jo Simmons is living and what money he's spending. THE ARCHIVES DON'T LIE. YOU ARE FULL OF SH*T. ME, I bring INSIGHT, EXPERIENCE, PERSPECTIVE here. I CAN TALK to them and hit them where it HURTS to say STFU. Like I do YOU. Now keep coming for this WORK SICKO, I will have you looking WORSE than a TROLL.
    • Anonymous
      dicth ur racest....
    • Anonymous
      LOL "typical caucasian tactics"..... yet whites are stereotypical and racist. Uneducated fool btw... if this guy was so "thug" he wouldnt be taking pictures and posting the shit. He'd just handle his business and leave it at that. NO RAPPER and RARELY is an affiliate gang related or "bout that life" as some ignorant ass people would say. Just cause you got tattoos on your neck and can claim you have a gun and shoot people dont make you hard. It makes you a fucking pawn and a desolate mind with no chances of having a top job and "getting yo ass out the hood" get a fucking educated you losers and stop internet thugging (speaking in general so if the shoe fits then wear it and get offended all you like. Its a damn public forum and theres no room for sensitivity)
    • Anonymous
      Education*. Excuse the typo
  • Anonymous
    "Juelz started this shit all jo-jo did was respond so what the fuck does Run need to have a talk with son for" Tell his fake gangsta son that words get ordinary people killed everyday. Now imagine how much easier it is for a rich person to pop off then either get his ass handed to him, or found in a dumpster somewhere for acting like he was bad ass. Jo Jo should be running multiple businesses right now, not talking back to some washed up rapper who has nothing to lose.
  • Anonymous
    "jojo is like 24 hes not a lil kid you must be thinking of diggy" Diggy has a job lol Jo Jo acts like a lil kid. Doesn't have a job like a kid, and basically acts like he's 15.
  • Anonymous
    if his daddy is so rich why aint they buy him some braces when he was a kid and fix those teeth?
  • Anonymous
  • 90
    Things like this happen more often than you think...but no camera and a toast put to you....
  • bbe4eva
    Maybe he jus caught JoJo out in tha street and was tryin 2 get sum points wit Juelz? We never heard of this guy til this and now he got a vid on im sure he jus used this as a come up... I really dont think Juelz sent him 2 find tha guy,im sure he looks at JoJo as a kid even tho hes grown...
  • True Sense
    "popped a fag im sweating" woo!!!
  • foreal
    if this story is true i lost respect for Juelz and not JoJo. Jojo grew up with his family being very successful, aka he had a kush up bringing. That isnt an insult, i wish my family had money so i can grow up in a mansion and driving a Rolls Royce, i dont expect him to be hard or "gangsta". but juelz... he couldnt handle this himself? dude soft like baby sh*T
    • Edubb
      CO FUCKIN SIGN completely!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ryan_mc1
  • 40 glocc
    idiot... you could have sued them for millions!
  • Classic
    "real niggas dont care who u related too fuck nigga" GOD DAMN LMAO
  • huntingtonrob
    im confused by still pictures...Iphones everywhere and they taking still pictures??
  • Anonymous
    sumone is gon die... the rev aint fuckin around may seem like a nice but bet he kno sum OG's... Plus Uncle Russ got dat paper 2 touch anyone from here to Timbuktu.. rip
  • Anonymous
    loooool. all that tought talk. Rappers so soft man. all of them. Aint no real gangsters in rap at all. They all fake.. ALL OF THEM. NO REAL GANGSTER WOULD BE A RAPPER,NO REAL GANGSTER WOULD SNITCH ON THEMSELVES OR OTHERS ON A TRACK... ....WELL YOUR FAVOURITE RAPPERS DO....
  • John Blaze
    Ya'll Notice How Jeulz Disappeared Again After JoJo Dropped That Diss Right....Now This Shit. "Born To Lose, Build To Win" Is Officially On The Same Shelf Wayne Put They "I Can't Feel My Face" Album On Back In 09....
  • team blackout
    we gone j5 on dem niggas!