Gucci Mane Disses A$AP Ferg Over "Trap Lord" Mixtape, Ferg Responds

posted Wednesday February 13 ,2013 at 10:17PM CST | 53 comments

Gucci Mane Disses A$AP Ferg Over

Gucci Mane takes issue with A$AP Ferg's mixtape title.

Whether Gucci Mane is genuinely upset or making a calculated move, Gucci Mane has elected to pair the release of his Trap God 2 mixtape with a little good old-fashioned beef.

Taking to Twitter, Gucci sent shots at A$AP Ferg, who has titled his upcoming mixtapeTrap Lord.

Ferg quickly responded, making light of the situation:

Gucci has found himself in the center of a number of controversies in recent months, ranging from beefs with T.I. and Young Jeezy to words tossed in Nicki Minaj and French Montana's direction.

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Comments 53 Posts

  • Damon
    Gucci would kill Ferg anyday, anyway, in sales, in music, in a fight, anything, anyday, anyway. #Gucci
  • Anonymous
    yo as much as i love ferg, gucci is the real shit
  • Anonymous
    this nigga gucci weak anyways
  • Vince
    Boi the TRAPLORD is your mum.
  • Anonymous
    i dont like gucci, but before you call someone wash up you gotta be some first. fuck asap they gay as fuck. they shop at the woman's department. faggot ass asap rocky
  • ice
    fuck outta here. that's not a 'diss' and this shit isn't a 'beef'. I was expecting a whack ass diss track, instead I encountered some Twitter shit..smh what happened to the days of actually dissing someone you don't like on a track?
  • Art Brooks
    Gucci should tatt over that ice cream cone with a big-ass ATL tatt
  • Niggmetal
    Is Gucci Mane da guy with da ice cream on da face??? If so, he so gansta, so gangsta he don't care if dat tatt looks like a penis and a problematic scrotum.... Keep it gangsta with dem ice creams holmes!!!
    • Anonymous
      your boyfriend must have one fucked up looking dick if you think that icecream cone resembles a penis and scrotum
  • $crap
    am i da only one dat finds Gucci's tweet hilarious af it just sounds like something a nigga in special ed would say
  • Romero
    Why is Gucci even trying to talkin about being the owner of the name TRAP- its silly and really a turn off to men who used to be a fan of his. How stupid he thinks the general audience is to not be able to differentiate the difference between him and another guy with similar titles? Obviously Gucci has slow self esteem and doesn't think his project will garner attention because he already showing he has small dick syndrome if he targeting someone for using a universal alphabet to make a word that just happen not to be copyrighted,patented and owned by him. Be secure! this girl ass beef just turned people off
  • Anonymous
    how is a lord above a god?
  • Big Bang harlem in the building
    I fucks with Asap Rocky and some of them Asap niggas. They went in on that mixtape LiveLoveAsap which was probably the best mixtape of 2011. And LongLiveAsap album is a great album. But this AsapFerg nigga is fucking trash and im pissed cause out of all the other ASAP niggas, somehow Asap Ferg gets signed and comes out with a Mixtape. I swear those other ASAP niggas i heard is nice. This Ferg nigga is trash. Like he is the worst rapper i have ever heard. And thats saying alot now. On another note Asapferg made the album cut. The other Asap niggas who were killing it on the Mixtape didn't get a song on the Album.
    • Anonymous
      he didnt even really make the album cut though he was on a bonus track from the deluxe edition with that junkie bumplay
    • jay
      shouldve been nast with the deal
    so gay, like me. now we're off to club manhole.
  • Fish
    Gucci had a shot at Yo Gotti for nothin more than releasin a mixtape on 10/17/2012. ASAP Fag should have known better! BSM1017!!!
  • AyoRet
    Only Diggy can settle this beef.
  • Anonymous
    Gucci will slaughter this nigga
  • Anonymous
    Gucci needs to chill, Gucci brand didn't trip about his name or did they? twitter beefin is like blowin air twat queafin nothing street about it, nothing hip hop about it, definitely not a grown man thing.
    • Anonymous
      just wait until ferg runs into brick squad in "the streets", nigga wont be tweeting tough shit then
    • Anonymous
      The whole asap mob dosent have shit on bricksquad in real life.... face to face, asap mob is just kids i would love to see that confrontation happen. ASAP mob is too busy doing fashion and brcksquad is too busy being irrelevant tho.
    • Anonymous
      ASAP Mob aren't all like Rocky, they roll deep too
    • Anonymous
      we'll see
    • Big Bang Theory
      Finally some geek nerd shit. All i been seeing lately was a bunch of gay shit but here is the nerd geek shit. Niggas online talking about beef situations.
  • Anonymous
    Gicci man is a the definition of a true Dumb hoe ass niggER!!
  • Hip Hop please
    Don't even know "this" A$AP kid But being dissed by a retarded "rapper" shouldn't be a problem
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ That is aLl
  • True2Hiphop
    Both are wack lyrically so who really cares about these trap stars.
  • Anonymous
    these lil asap dudes dont want it with big gucci. wtf do these harlem kids know about a trap anyway? they stay jocking the south
    • Anonymous
      What exactly is a "trap" and what it makes it different from other drug-dealing environments in other parts of the country?
  • Anonymous
    Called this one as soon as he announced the mixtape. Ferg is wack, Gucci is wack, there's not much to mention. And so fucking what if Gucci murked a BMF member. Like Lloyd Banks said "Even shook niggas dump in fear" BIG DEAL!
  • Natasha
    What is tis world coming too smh...y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well
  • Bom919
    Gucci is mad as hell at the fact he aint hot no more. The man cannot make a hit, especially not a decent mixtape. I didnt even know Trap God 2 was coming out at all until I saw this article and apparently it already dropped. I dont fuck with Gucci at all anymore, it sucks bc he was the shit in 09 and 10. He was everywhere back then but now he's just a crazy, attention craving, has been who cant handle the fact he fell off. His own damn fault, and if he thinks dissing Yo Gotti, T.I., Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Nas, and even reigniting his beef with Jeezy would help, he's more tar tar then we originally thought. And difference between Trap God and Trap Lord is a lot of ppl are actually looking forward to Trap Lord, myself included Ferg's decent. Gucci just fall back in to that whole you were in during the Wilt Chamberlin tapes, they were hot but he wasn't yet. End rant
    • Anonymous
      when has this illiterate house nigger ever made good music?
  • Vins
    I know yall hatin on Ferg. It's ok. Yall just wait till he drop TRAP LORD. Then when he gets bigger all these haters gonna love him. And don't tell me I'm wrong, cause the same thing happend with so many artist lately.
  • Anonymous
    Not a fan of either but A$AP Ferg should apologize to Gucci Mane these young kids can't go around acting like this or they will get hurt
  • Anonymous
    ASAP mob cant fuck with any real rapper.... ferg shoulda stayed quiet and not said shit. now his career might end cuz hes too hot headed.... all bark and no bite, just like everyone else now days
    • Anonymous
      And Gucci man ant? He killed a guy on accident and now youe riding his dick right?
    • Fuck Dictionary Rap
      Your pussy ass wouldn't kill a roach on accident so what you saying?
    • Fuck Garbage Trap Music
      ^^^^^Quiet down bitch. Stop gettin gangsta on the internet like you wit it like that. FOH with that shit
  • Anonymous
    • YESSIR
    • Coolin
      Anonymous, you must be scared since you don't post a name. That's girly, girly boy. Gucci will fuck your girl and laugh in your face while doing so. Keep hating suckas. Getting rich.
  • Anonymous
    gucci iz a southern legend but his shit recently iz even worse than his usual shit, Ferg can b nice on a beat when he wantz to
    • Cage
      Legend?? Hahahahhah legend at what? Cause it damn sure ain't at rappin his bars are trash
    • dj nemesis
      recent shit is bad? trap god is in the top 5 of gucci mane mixtapes