Kendrick Lamar Says He's A Mixture Of Kurupt, Tupac & Ice Cube

posted Monday January 28 ,2013 at 08:30PM CST | 111 comments

Kendrick Lamar Says He's A Mixture Of Kurupt, Tupac & Ice Cube

Kendrick Lamar explains how Kurupt, Tupac and Ice Cube have impacted his music.

It's hardly a secret that Kendrick Lamar maintains a deep appreciation for '90s era West coast Hip Hop. Now, in an interview with "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show," Kendrick names the three West Coast icons to whom he sounds the most similar.

When asked which emcees he sees as most influential, Kendrick explained that he envisions himself a mixture of Kurupt, Tupac and Ice Cube. He explained that the comparisons come as a result of growing up on the music of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and others.

"I'm probably more West Coast influenced," he said. "[I'm] a little bit Kurupt, 'Pac, and some content of [Ice] Cube…I think it's really just the West Coast influence, truthfully. I come up under Dre and under Snoop. Just listening to them over the years, it's really just that melodic feel that I could never escape."

Kendrick also discussed what he believes would be Tupac Shakur's response to his music if the late rapper were still alive today. K. Dot said that he thinks Pac would respect his music and appreciate its socially grounded message.

"I think [Tupac] would thank me for keeping just the legacy alive of speaking on something that's real - not only to him, but to what I feel that everybody needs to be listening to," he said.

Kendrick's history with Tupac goes beyond fan-dom, as the Compton upstart recalled seeing the slain emcee while filming the video for "California Love."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous
    Kendrick lamar is DOPE! King of the west coast
  • Anonymous
    Next article will say "Kendrick Lamar explains why fucking Dr. Dre is so spiritual".
  • Pro Era
    Joey Bada$$ is the best lyrical MC right now. He`s got the top single on hip hop dx right now.
  • zeero
    I have lsitened to pac since I'm young but kendrick is really better, the best rapper by far
    • the weeze
      LiL Wayne is the best rapper. Better than pac. Kendrick copy Waynes style.
    • dirty dirty
      Wayne got mo platinum singles best to eva do it
  • k flop
    Gkmc doesn't sound like anything like a westcoast album. The influences I hear in his album are lil Wayne and drake, over beats that sound like from the south. He even has the lil Wayne whine when he raps. First it was nas and now cube, and kurupt, whos he gonna be next in the nineties? Maybe O.j. or bill Clinton. Just face the facts that you made an album for hipsters and skinny jean fans and your album would have been forgotten if it wasnt for the lame fake interviews you bring to the table. Stop listening to interscope and jimmy and just be yourself.
    • derek
      you fail dude go eat a dick
  • easy
    willing to bet the people who say kendrick is better then pac dont even own a pac album. if you listen to any pac album front to back and still say this shoot yourself, he's not even in my top m.c.'s mac dre flowed harder then get outta here with that best of all time bullshit
  • Anonymous
    He's iight. Best from the tight pants generation.
  • HK
    every fuckin time. some people... I swear cannot comprehend English, and by people I mean some of you. take something they hear from a nigga and spin it 270 degrees to make it sound like some bullshit how do you niggas go from Kendrick: I got a bit of Pac, Kurupt and content from Ice Cube/influences to "HE'S COMPARING HIMSELF TO THE GREAT TUPAC! ICE CUBE AND KURUPT, HE CAN'T TOUCH THOSE LEGENDS" you motherfuckers do this every time, spin somethin around like this. Kendrick never said he's as great as Tupac. Kendrick never said he could stand toe-to-toe in the booth with Kurupt. you niggas need to differentiate CONTENT and INFLUENCE.. with LEGACIES AND REPUTATION, which is the main thing Kendrick Lamar and Tupac/Ice Cube/Kurupt are on opposite ends for. But those emcees IMPACTED and INFLUENCED him. words from the article above you. fuck.
    • Indeed
      Co-sign. He isn't even saying one time he's better than them, he just says he was influenced by them.
  • HenryG
    best rappper ever
  • Anonymous
    Hes a great rapper but if he really said this he has to be on acid or something.
  • Anonymous
    "the source is right, kendrick changed the rap game" How? lol I'm sure in time he'll be certified, but right now he's basically a few notches above J. Cole.
  • Elinus
    I personally think hes one of the best rappers out now. But he was asked the question so he answered it. No harm, no foul. I agree we need to lay off all the love hes getting and the hating as well. Let him be and let him make more music.
  • maour
    Of course he changed the game, The source is right. Kendrick > pac & big combined
  • lolipo
    He's really the best rapper right now
  • Anonymous
    Next article - Kendrick Lamar takes a shit. The dickriding is wow
    • Anonymous
      here we go again with this..
    • anon
      yea lets get back to the media promoting/dickriding wayne and young money,mmg instead..
  • the Chef
    So glad that kendrick saved hip hop
  • kilazzz
    The source is right, Kendrick is better than anybody else
  • Anonymous
    I am a fan of Kendrick and that but HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha.
  • xaV
    Of course he is better than tupac, rofl cake ppl from hip hop dx are kids... I have bene listening to odlschool hgip hop for ages but kendrick is on another level
  • ophi
    +1 for the source Kendrick is the best, we should be proud to be of his generation
  • Anonymous
    I got 2pac's heart Biggie's lyrics and with a bit of Jigga's arrogance - Ras Kass
  • Anonymous
    Tommorow's headline Kendrick says he's a mix of Chuck D, with a little sprinkle of Kool and the Gang. STFU you newbie ass clown.
  • alphs
    thank you the source, the world already knows kendrick is the best. 1) kendrick the rest : tupac, big, eminem, nas etc
  • 614grind
    He just picked 3 street cats...none of which would ever claim to be a Good Kid in a MAAD city. Pac, Cube, nor Korrupt would ever need The Game to stick up for them. I love what Kendrick is doing but just keep writing and prove you have staying power. Stop with the comparisons to legends.
  • bizq
    the source is right, kendrick changed the rap game Thx Kind Kendrick Lamar
  • zeerax
    The best rapper alive takes another win: The Source: Prince Kendrick Lamar changed the game.
  • Marbela Machine
    F*ck you Mr. wack ass K.DOt! You can't e even finger nail of pac or cube! Go n hang out with gaga. And f*ck you people who thinks he's a good lyricist. Are you deaf or atleast can't read the lyrics? But if you are a 2chainz fan, it makes sense to think him as a good lyricist. Tell me something real! I've neva heard from Pac, Yo, I'm like Daddy Kane or Rakim. If you are bragging about yourself, you r a worthless f*ck! Bishop Lamont is way to better than him. But dre wasted his time for nothing! He didn't support him. He has no any album prod by dre. just couple of album. From short dawg ent, Ab-soul, Jay Rock and DB are good MCs. That's it!
    • Anonymous
      It's obvious you're either trolling or retarded. Everything you said is a bunch of BS.
  • Anonymous
    Pretencious Nigga.
  • thekillah
    WTF Never compare yourself with such legends like Pac Cube and Kurupt you fucking bastard FUCK you kendrick lamar
  • Anonymous
    "^i hate niggas like you...stop overating that fuckin average ass album...6-7 songs were good, not even great, how da fuck does it get compared to a classic like aquemini? this album got no replay value from me, maybe a few songs like maad city,art of peer pressure, bitch dont kill my vibe,recipe an swimming pools thats it...and i dont even play any of them any more, i can still play aquemini front to back on repeat for a few blunt sessions" nobody has to cater to your opinion nigga. I still got 1/4 of GKMC in heavy rotation(good kid, BDKMV, Backseat, Sing About me), most of the rest I get a decent earful every now and then and yeah some are unlistenable but nigga that's you! if you don't like the LP move the fuck on and that goes the same for anybody who thinks Kendrick is overrated. congratulations for imparting your super wisdom but instead of cryin about it, how bout trying to focus on what YOU LIKE.
    • Anonymous
      who you talking to tho
  • Anonymous
    shut the fuck up! Why does everyone want to be like Pac? How about being like KRS, GURU, PUN, G Rap....TRUE MC's.
    • Anonymous
      finally it was about time
  • Anonymous
    nah nigga u dont sound like them
  • Anonymous
    Icy Boi os trolling now under the name BOY!!
  • LoveLife&Music
    y'all niggas need to quit with that idolizing this nigga grown men looking up to another nigga it's damn shame go take care of your kids
  • Anonymous
    he is good...but no Biggie and Pac...all u young retards need to research shit...go listen to some Big and Pac and see the difference dumb fucks
  • Anonymous
    no he's not no he is not
  • Anonymous
    Man Shut the hell up about this kendrick dude! he's nice but not the greatest like niggas try to make him out to be... comon man y'all niggas really something else these days.
  • krili
    Kendrick lamar is definitely better than pac and biggie, it's a living legend.