Hot 97's Ebro Calls Battle Rap "Boring," SMACK/URL Responds

posted Tuesday July 09 ,2013 at 10:30AM CDT | 32 comments

Hot 97's Ebro Calls Battle Rap

After Hot 97's Program Director has negative remarks about Battle Rap, URL's Norbes invites him to an event. Then, Ebro says he actually likes Battle Rap.

After Hot 97's Program Director Ebro called Battle Rap "boring and for children," SMACK/URL responded with a video asking him to attend their next event. With Norbes as the spokesperson for the brand regarding this topic, the video was released, explaining how Battle Rap has influenced Hip Hop. In the clip, he also discussed the importance of the culture, from URL's perspective. 

Once the video response dropped, Ebro replied, saying he actually likes Battle Rap but wanted to rile up fans and leagues.

The original statement can be seen below.

Following this original tweet, SMACK/URL's Norbes spoke about the comments. In the video for URL which can be seen below, Norbes questions how the culture can be "boring" when so many fans line up outside of their venues. In his clip, Norbes also asks how one can downplay Battle Rap when some of Hip Hop's biggest stars, from Diddy to Drake, have publicly commended the form of rapping.

"I just want you to understand that when you stated what you stated, you upset a lot of fans," Norbes said, speaking directly to Ebro. "Due to the fact that I respect the fact that you are a big part of Hip Hop, I want you to understand what we're doing...I want you to be there to see what these fans love and cherish...If you came through and actually seen it, it might give you a better understanding of what Hip Hop is today."   

URL's response video can be seen below.

After the video was released, Ebro said he actually likes Battle Rap.

SMACK/URL's latest event, NOME 3, took place in New York last month. The first battle from the event, Hollow Da Don versus Tsu Surf, has been in the headlines because Drake and Kevin Durant publicly debated about who won the match-up. The league is currently promoting their next event, the anticipated Summer Madness 3.

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Comments 32 Posts

  • sxxx9
  • COCA
  • Ja Rule
    Battle rap IS boring. I hate seeing all these nobody white kids battling like they doing something important. Then you look to see who's in the crowd and its a bunch of rich white suburban kids from fresno or some shit, with 1 or 2 black uncle toms in the crowd. 99% of battle rapping is wack as f*ck, and none of these idiots will be known outside of it
    • Captain Obvious
      Ja Rule went platinum off rich suburban white kids. Niggaz in the hood ain't coppin shit that's wat the bootleg man at the barber shop is for. Hip hop as soon as it became mainstream went to white America cuz that's where the money at. Get outta 1981 kid it's 2013 there's Australian and Japanese and British rappers. Music is universal anyone can learn to play a guitar not just BB King's children.
  • sxxx9
  • Anonymous
    I used to be into battle rap but then it did kind of get boring. Does that mean I think it is boring in general if you are into it? No. Some people love that shit and its cool. I dont feel the need to speak on it though.
  • Anonymous
    ebro a bitch
  • Adela C. Numbers
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  • xx004
  • xx009
  • Anonymous
    lol i don't even like battle rap leagues either but ebro is fuckn boring and a child. norbes guy at least made a mature point. then he comes back w/ a response like that? pls stop acknowledging his comments as relevant.
  • xx009
  • zxsss9
  • billy larson
    Ebro can eat shit and die.
  • H.Kohr
    Ebro is the definition of a bitch-ass-nigga. He had the nerve to criticize Riff Raff but his so called "Hip-Hop"-station is promoting nothing but mindless, soulless mainstream rap-cliche-bullshit. Fuck Ebro and everybody who loves him!
  • Anonymous
    i guess he never heard of scribble jam
    • Anonymous
      or grizzle mania
  • anon
    Fuk yall talking bout? So yalls rather listen to mainstream then battlerap? Lol have fun with that.
  • Anonymous
    I prefer listening to songs over battle rap
  • Anonymous
    @ Battle rap really is boring and for children. He spoke the undeniable truth. @
    • Anonymous
      yessir, if cats can't flow on beat, all you're watching is WWF without the fake fighting
    EBRO is wack....Hot97 is wack....They need to just start all over.
    • Anonymous
      for real.... and now kfoxx is gone??
  • Anonymous
    ebro has no value in the world of hip-hop...he does anything 4 attention..
  • micheal myers
  • Anonymous
    Because all he likes is playing the same 8 songs all damn day!
    • Anonymous
      Im sure he don't like doin it, its his job to do it tho
  • Anonymous
    riff raff pwned ebro last month
    • nuc
      actually the COMPLETE opposite. haha.
    • Anonymous
      please don't stick up for Riff, he's an entertaining character, but he has the musical value of one of Drizzy's sweaters
  • zxsss4
  • Anonymous
    Ebro's a fuckin loser and shouldn't be anywhere near the top