Bad Azz Says Attack On Ray J Was Payback For Getting Jumped By Suge Knight

posted Friday March 22 ,2013 at 04:30PM CDT | 51 comments

Bad Azz Says Attack On Ray J Was Payback For Getting Jumped By Suge Knight

Bad Azz calls into New York City's Power 105.1 to speak on his fight with Ray J at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

At Los Angeles’ Club Nokia last night (March 21st), a verbal confrontation between Ray J and the alleged niece of Suge Knight quickly turned into a physical altercation between the singer and West Coast artist Bad Azz.

Bad Azz addressed the scuffle on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and it turns out his attack on Ray J stemmed from an irate “fuck you and Suge Knight” text message the R&B songster showed Knight years ago that resulted in Bad Azz being jumped.

“I probably seen him twice since about ’05 when he got me jumped by Suge Knight,” said Bad Azz. “A little while before that me and Ray J used to be friends…He was really cool with Suge. Really showed Suge my message. And me and Suge had been cool. We talked before that. So I guess that kinda pissed him off. When he saw me at the club in Vegas talking to Kurupt, I’m thinking me and Suge peaches and cream…Took me to the side and him and his homies put they hands on me.”

The Long Beach rapper went on to detail the specifics of the fight, which he referred to as “light work.”

“I seen him taking pictures and smiling so I kinda sat back. I knew he didn’t see me. I didn’t have nobody with me at the time but my little date…So I ran outside, got my uncle who was with me, who I knew gonna squad with me, didn't tell not one other person on Earth. He didn't get jumped. It wasn't nothing like that,” Bad Azz explained in a video posted on “I told my uncle that was with me, I said 'Unc, next time I see Ray J pass me I'm taking off. Light work.’ Soon as he walked by me, I threw a couple to the head. I respect him this one bit because he tried to fight back a little bit. But it wasn't nothing. His homies helped him.”

Ray J has yet to comment on either of last night’s incidents.

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  • Anonymous
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  • Art Brooks
    Should change your name to Weak Azz. If U been waiting all that time for payback, then fukken do the damn thing.
  • e444444z0
  • X Drop BOMBS Like Nagasaki
    Ma dude BAD AZZ!!! All you kiddies who comparing this legend to a NY Faggot ASAP, stick dicks in all your holes. FAGGOTS. Ma dude Bad Azz been out for a minute, straight underrated. If u ain't know who he be, you not even post to be in this article. And I'm a young dude too, much respect for Mr. BAD. Been a fan from day one. Big Bad Long Beach up in this Bee-I-Itch!!! Check out these bad azz cuts....straight classic shit... -LBC Crew - Beware of my crew -Bad Azz feat. Snoop - We Be Putting It Down -Bad Azz feat. Snoop - Wrong Idea -Bad Azz Ghetto Star -Bad Azz feat. Ice Cube - Streetz Illustrated -Bad Azz feat. Snoop, Kurupt - Money 2 Fold Bad azz for real. But he ain't been in the game in a minute tho. Made songs with 2pac and Nate, shit speaks for itself. Haters, give me ya momma number, cuz imma fuck that bitch and give her a son she could actually be proud of...dueces
  • xx04aa
  • z000xx04
  • Emanon
    Bad Azz look like RG III like mug lol
  • Anonymous
    Bad Azz ain't a legend. He got some features but never blew up. His best songs I remember- We Be Puttin It Down Beware of My Crew with LBC Crew Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto All the rest are West Coast underground gangsta shit DPG usually
  • mike
    bad azz - we be puttin it down DOGGPOUNDGANGSTACRIPS
  • west coastn
    BADAZZ - WRONG IDEA If you dont know who Badazz is u must be new. OH WELL
    • Anonymous
      that's a classic track and im from the bronx
  • 70000014000x
  • Anonymous
    Im 25 I listened to those classic albums but I still dont know who the fuck this nigga is... sorry
    • Anonymous
      listen to the tupac song Krazy
  • Anonymous
    This nigga looks just like RG3 its crazy.
  • Anonymous
    Ray J has a horrible voice too. I remember seeing him at one of the Beat Summer Jam shows when he was getting backed by Neptunes beats. The crowd was cringing at how garbage he was on stage.
  • xjmooo
  • Use your brain...better watch it
    The only verse Bad Azz had, that was worth listening to, was on the song called "Krazy" on Tupac's Makaveli album.
  • c00000007000091
  • 03zzz
  • 0900e
  • Anonymous
    If you never heard of Bad Azz (did songs with Pac, Snoop etc) then shoot yourself and stop listening to hip hop. follow at noles506
    • Anonymous
      i actually agree with you. all these so-called rap fans who don't know who bad azz is (don`'t even have to be familiar with his music or the guy himself, but you HAD to have at least heard of him) must have been born at the end of the 90's or aomething.
    • ^^These bitches here...
      Fuck your follow and your bullshit. Thinking yall are some holier than thou saints.
    • Anonymous
      Bullshit? It's bullshit you don't know who a rapper is who was on CLASSIC RECORDS.. go listen to future or something.
  • Anonymous
    monkey behavior
  • Hip Hop Says
    This Rapper was on 2Pac's Machaveli album.
  • 0z00
  • Fuck Anything West Of NYC
    Who the fuck is this ninjas?!?!?
    • Anonymous
      so he really did have that affiliation poppn on the west. ray j funny
  • Anonymous
    You're talking about holding grudges? How many times do we read you clowns talking about old ass rap beefs like you were in the fight yourself and still licking your wounds? Y'all are talking about Detox on the other news article! Bunch of hypocrites.
  • KFC
    baz azz is bad azz!!!
  • Anonymous
    this nigga was also on 2001 - Dr Dre, right ?
  • Chris Newberry
    So, lemme get this straight, you been holding onto this since '05, and with all your anger boiling inside you, you snuffed the kid out, but not only did he eat your punch, but last thing seen is Ray J being pulled off of your ass? Wow, this nation has grown into a bunch of soft ass herbs! I ain't commentin on anymore of this nonsesnse. Gettin too damn old for it! That's just weak
  • Anonymous
    Damn is he ASAP Rocky from the future?
  • Anonymous
    "I'm guessing your about 14?" You're chastising the dude for not knowing who this bum rapper is? lol He's a scrub. A never was.
  • Anonymous
    LOL, Bad Azz held that grudge for 8 years since that shit happened, when he was swinging on Ray J dude probably didnt even remember why he was mad at him..... I like that train of thought, fuck all that "Turn the other cheek, forgive and forget" bullshit, get revenge anyway you can.......even if it takes 8 years lol
  • Blocka
    Damn joey badass went from making dope ass oldschool underground sh!t to whooping rnb niggas asses lmao....
    • Anonymous
      Joey Badass and Bad Azz are 2 different artists. LOL! I swear, some cats just comment to comment. Do the knowledge. Bad Azz been in the game a while.
  • Anonymous
    The fuck is Bad Azz?!?
    • LBC
      I'm guessing your about 14? Snoop Dogg - Doggfather album. He features on Goldrush and Blueberry. He is also on the Daz Dillinger - Revenge, Retaliation and Get Back album. His debut album word on tha streets has some good tracks on it. we putting it down feat Snoop was the single off the album.
    • Jean-Luc Picard
      ^^I love how idiots always inquire about somebody's age just because they don't know who a certain rapper is. Get over yourself dumbass.
    • LBC
      Pipe down Jean-Luc. Away and have a baguette you French faggot.
    • Anonymous
      If they ask about your age when you don't know a certain rapper is to give the benefit of the doubt because that's a good excuse for not know who Bad azz is without being a clueless loser.
  • GAY J
  • Anonymous
    Ray J ain't hidin, especially after putting a dent in Fab's head.
    • Anonymous
      He ain't hiding, but he doesn't have a career neither. A dent in Fab's head? You must be a groupie hoe huh? Hahaha fuck outta here!
  • Lil Farrakhan
    Black on Black violence is so wrong. Black People do better!
    • Anonymous
      NIGGA! YOU on the wrong website...This is hip hop......... ignorance at its finest...Take your non pork eating ass out of here.