TiRon - Ketchup

DJ Low Key mixes TiRon's latest mixtape, put together for people to "catch up" on his music! Featuring Tunji (Inverse), Blu, Pacific Division, Ayomari, Buff1 & Miguel.

Still Never Happy, Go Ronnie, The High, My Wingman & Me f. Ayomari, Throwing My Money, She (Snippet) f. Pacific Division, 3 Drink Minimum f. Ayomari, So Called Twenties f. Ayomari, Go f. Miguel, Def '82 f. Buff1 & Ayomari, Yea You Crazy f. Mibbs (Pacific Division), Paper f. Pacific Division, Sydney f. Ayomari, Quitter f. Tunji & Ayomari, Shine On, All the Kings f. Blu


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