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With over three years of work put into this anticipated project, Immortal Technique's protege, Diabolic is out to convince new and old listeners that the flame is still burning with Liar & A Thief.

When Long Island emcee Diabolic broke into the Rap scene with a hidden verse on Immortal Technique’s 2001 album Revolutionary Volume 1, it was evident that his explosive, uncut rhyme style would be something underground circles could salivate over. However, despite his obvious prowess on the microphone, empty offers from labels over the years left him no choice but to steer clear from commitment until the perfect opportunity arose; then came along Viper Records, who gave Diabolic full control of his debut album. Now, with over three years of work put into this anticipated project, Diabolic is out to convince new and old listeners that the flame is still burning with Liar & A Thief.

The album starts off with a grandiose bang on “Stand By,” a track that serves as a precursor for what’s in store. As would be expected, Immortal Technique makes an appearance on Diabolic’s album through the track “Frontline.” Trading bars, the two rappers perform lyrical execution on a dark, haunting beat. With other notable artists such as Vinnie Paz and Canibus gracing Liar & A Thief with their presence, the strongest tracks undoubtedly come when Diabolic raps dolo. Consider “Reasons,” a record that finds Diabolic stressing his own personal vendettas. Calling out the identity of today’s industry, he rhymes, “Maybe I’m mad cause labels use food stamps to pay me / But I can’t be the only one who would rather hear Boot Camp than Jay-Z / So yeah I’m underground and my fans are backpackers / But at least my fans don’t buy mixtapes full of wack rappers.” Likewise, on his first single “I Don’t Wanna Rhyme,” Diabolic channels his anger into violent depictions that would make the average Hip Hop fan shutter.

Aware that going independent would limit his spending budget, Diabolic found a diamond in the rough with up-and-coming producer Engineer. The Vancouver, British Columbia native is present from beginning to end, and his production skills compliment Diabolic’s enraged, often self-destructive lyricism better than one could expect. “Order & Chaos” featuring Ill Bill takes the listener on an assassin’s journey, and Engineer’s beat acts as a perfect audio supplement to the vivid story being told. The same can be said for “Behind Bars,” to which Diabolic and Engineer’s collaboration draws comparisons to a late-'90s Slim Shady.  

Diabolic’s deepest flaw throughout Liar & A Thief is his inability to break away from subjects concerning violence, substance abuse, and political dissolution. It comes to the point that tracks seemingly blur together because the message is the same. Sure, maybe Jedi Mind Tricks and R.A. The Rugged Man practice similar tactics, but at least the listener can distinguish each of their tracks to a corresponding significance. Also, it doesn’t help that his collaboration with Canibus on “In Common” is lukewarm at best, as well as the fact that “Truth Part 2” is nowhere near the first part’s standards.

Regardless of what a person might assume they would hear from an emcee who promises he’ll “slash your throat for a pack of smokes if my ass was broke,” Liar & A Thief has a place on record store shelves. True, it may not gain radio spins at your local station, but at least there’s some truth in Diabolic’s tragic revelations. And who knows, maybe you’ll hear a little bit of yourself in his words.



  • arne

    It's a great and sick album now a days it's hard to find real rap but this is real.

  • Fan93827388

    September 16, 2014 motherfuckers.

  • CEEJ

    Diabolic you need to be on the cover of XXL smashin the 2014 freshmen.. Dope album

  • Daft

    And I'd definitely give it at least a 9 out of 10

  • Daft

    Incredibly underrated album if you ask me.

  • Ginny

    I jam this shit up going downtown

  • V Christ

    This is some real shit. Great tracks on here

  • Adam

    This album is straight up fire.

  • tical

    great effort for a debut

  • VizionMC

    Rough, rugged, and raw - with thundering beats and ominous lyrics. This is powerful hard hitting NY rap.

  • NeurotiK

    "Diabolic’s deepest flaw throughout Liar & A Thief is his inability to break away from subjects concerning violence, substance abuse, and political dissolution. It comes to the point that tracks seemingly blur together because the message is the same." what the hell do u expect him to rap about!!! Money and bitches or sum shit??? Get that statement the f##k outa here...

  • HipHopUG.com

    Check out Diabolic on HipHopUG.com http://www.hiphopug.com/diabolic.html

  • DaRealest

    Fuck A hater. The best rappers are EMinem, Diabolic, Immortal Technique, and Papoose

  • DaRealest

    he's Fuckin ill. HE reminds me of eminem on infinite.

  • R

    You just have to hear it your self. My words can't do it justice. Cop this shit, NOW!

  • diabolic dick taste good yeah i said it

    fuck i hate the situation with hip hop today why are you all so blind this guy is pure talent get it in youre fuckin head. 5 stars even you compare to all the underground albums that is coming out today. fuck you all. the music industry is a joke. gobble my genitals. wankers

  • immortal technique

    easly 5/5 i don't care , it's indipendent and for what it is , it's better than most of bullshit albums we hear this days!

  • Jake D

    "HIP HOP" DX loses a TON of credability with this GOD AWFUL review....It should be AT WORST a 4 out of 5, but I give it a 4.5 (would be a 5 if he had Rza, 9th Wonder, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Black Milk, Primo, Dre, Just Blaze, Alchemist, Stoupe or some dudes like that sprinkiled in there, but understandably he can't afford them at this point in his career) Bar for Bar, punchline for punchline along with swagger (mixed in with about 5 deeper tracks) this is EASILY a top 10 LYRICAL album of the last 5 years! Diabolic, One Be Lo, ELZHI, Crooked I, Juice, Louis Logic all shit on your favorite rapper...PS I love Em, Jada, and NAS best in terms of mainstream emcees

  • Chali 2na !

    Edwin Ortiz you are not that good at RATING albums. This album is so fucking sick, diabolic is a lyrical beast!

  • always crying

    Nothing but white trash. The dude is a a full blown homo. stop rapping your 40 and white not going anywhere

  • jtd

    Put my starts up HIP HOP DX jesus! This cat should be at 4.5 but you're blocking a ton of 5's. Why? It's already a joke you have dudes like Gucci and other trash rappers with better album reviews than him, but for god's sake at least allow your readers ratings to be posted. 5/5 EASILY!

  • jtd

    Are ppl deaf. This is EASILY the best album of 2010 bar for bar along with flow/tone/hunger. Bolic is unbelievably ill with his multi's punches and even mixes in some deeper songs like Reasons, Truth Part 2, 12 Shots, Behind Bars. Song with ILL Bill (Order and Chaos) is fire. Great great album. Honestly who ever wrote this review for DX should be fired yesterday. It's not bolic's fault that canibus spit a lazy verse minus one or two bars b-c bolic MURDERS his verse on that. Fire

  • Mat Lloyd

    Siiiick album, one of the best I've heard from a real independent artist in ages!!! Got turned on to it via Ice-T on Twitter!!! So good. MCL

  • Mat Lloyd

    Siiiick album, one of the best I've heard from a real independent artist in ages!!! Got turned on to it via Ice-T on Twitter!!! So good. MCL

  • jtd

    Is Hip Hop DX serious? This reviewer needs to be fired yesterday. Easily the best album so far of 2010. Bolic's multi syallabic rhymes, punchlines/metaphors, flow/cadence, "make you press rewind and say are you kidding me moments", hunger, charisma, sense of humor, mixed in with 4 dope personal songs (12 Shots, Reasons, Behind Bars, Truth part 2) makes this album incredible. “Packin’ up more angel dust than the attic in heaven / That’s why I’m pissed off like havin’ a bladder infection with broken catheters left in my dick while I have an erection” (and this is only about 25% of the verse that is Kool G Rap esque..."Line Pun from a the back of an Acura Legend"....) UGHH.com has every underground CD imaginable with REAL hip hop heads reviewing it from all over the world and it's at 4.7 (out of 5) with 110 reviews (most on the site for underground dude that's come out in the last year and best rating on the site in that time) This is a GREAT in depth review of the album http://abovegroundmagazine.com/reviews/04/13/diabolic-a-liar-and-a-thief/

  • This guy is a phenom

    Let's be honest, this guy tops just about every artist out these days other than the guys that he collabs with. His multi's are ridiculous and his creativity is almost unparalleled. he's still coming into his own, but even so, he out shines anything else that's been produced in years. I wish Paz was still as angry and raw as diabolic is. and wtf happened to jus allah? but that's besides the point, i'm just glad to see that underground hip hop is sitll raw and angry, i've been waiting for some good shit to drop since fuckin Nam. straight up 5.

  • Indiemuzik

    @NKR Prison rape chain: NKR (Lil Wayne's biggest fan) Lil Wayne (getting raped in his shank wounds) Person convicted for minor misdemeanor La Eme/AB/BGF member

  • Blitzkrieg2010

    ew. I'm only rating this to screw up the rating.

  • NKR

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This sucks.

  • zuzpeqt

    Real dope hiphop, go get it

  • Indiemuzik

    This is me attempting to boost this albums rating because HHDX sucks at displaying ratings, as you can tell by the blank comments.

  • Dr. Deadbeat

    The joint with Ill Bill is nuts... Alotta haters gone on that delotta. For Real, We all need to support quality product such as this, La Coka Nostra's official release "A Brand You Can Trust", that Wu-Massacre etc. etc. & STOP feeding the machine. FUCK POP-HOP, but @ the same time We just have to recalibrate are classification system. If you are some concious shit these days these babies & teens runnin around in the street are gonna lump you in a category as being on sum 90's shit or your on sum East Coast shit (I'm from Orange County/ Riverside/ Los Angeles California) because you have a message & actual tight rhymes the youth of today is quick to disregard you. So We're are The Old School now & These kidz with skinny jeans or Emo styles are The New School. & even though We may not pay as close attention as We should to their scene I notice alot of youngins hating on their elders, & it has gotten to a point where it is "blatant" ignorance... There's room for everyone on this highway, but like U-God once said "Stay in yer Lane, Stay in yer Lane! If you're not My Main! Man RZA! Stay in yer Lane!" Peace Bless The Proto-Type of The Design Proto-Type D aka Dr. Deadbeat

  • ELjunkie

    Tapping more than a Jehovah’s Witness knocking at your door!!! thats Ill! The album is sick, reall hip hop.. He took his time, its quality music, and its not a cereal box rapper! i give this album 4.5!!!

  • megahz

    great album, great lyricist!

  • megahz

    great album, great lyricist!

  • DaDoc

    if you like Immortal technique, Mr. Lif, Jedi Mind Tricks or Ill Bill then you'll like this also check out dude called GRIME from Tucson AZ Next to the Wu Massacre I say this is the best hip-hop album of the year ( i dont listen to any commercial (basura = garbage) so dont be like what about that or what about this) Real Hip-Hop Stand UP! & will the real slim shady please take your seat

  • Jump On It

    I gave this cd a 1 because it blows........and it sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me!

    • always crying

      Your right it is all bull shit. I played ball with this fagot and everytime he struck (which was often) he cried like a little bitch it was really sad to watch. now he wants to try and rap about shit he has never even seen or been any part of. Hes is honestly nothing but a wack ass wanna be gangsta. I really think its sad that he has to rap about other peoples shit that he knows shit about. thats what he based this whole wack ass album on. NOTHING BUT A BROKE ASS 35 YEAR OLD LOSER. GET OUT YOUR MOMS HOUSE ALREADY.

  • Wueric4lifept2

    tight!!!! HEAVY FUCKING ROTATION RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hiphopscout


  • juu

    some of you got too much hate in ya'll hearts. diabolic is probably the best white rapper next to eminem and rugged man. lyrically he's better than a lot of white rappers who spit crazy shit like vinne paz and ill bill. instead of hatin' white and latin rappers who actually make real hip hop, and talk about important shit in their music, hate the black rappers who make all this bullshit music on the radio, we need more people like dead prez!

  • kush nap

    diabolic is wack. sorry but he is. i dont believe anything he spits. immortal technique can make me believe bush is worse than hitler in a record, but diabolic is like a wigger reading fast facts off the net in rhyme form. diabolic gets burned by every guest verse, on his debut solo. it took years to drop now you know why. hes butt.

    • Weight101

      you're obviously a faggot who didnt listen to anything on here...he roasted Paz and Canibus easily...Tech hung with him by recycling his best verse in years and ill bill was on a story record do your homework hater.

    • unbelievable

      i dont think youd say anything like that to his face because your a homo online racist....fuckin faggot this album is ill as fuck

    • diabolic is bullshit, I agree...

      Honestly, I do think diabolic is a wigger who needs to get slapped out and just ease up on the adrenaline raps....they dont sell when they are coming from a wigger who thinks he is planet asia meets gza....this guy fuckin sucks truth be told...get that little brother album!

  • kon203

    i disagree with the hiphopdx rating, this album is definitely 4 to 4.5



  • Liar !

    What the hell is wrong with hiphopdx ??? I gave the album a 5 star rating btw but you faggots won't even let us rate ?? GEEZ Fuck you all

  • Liar !

    This review is awful .. the album in my opinion deserves a 4.5 rating . But anyway what do you expect from a site that gives faggots like Gucci 3.5 ???

  • FreeDog

    Whats wrong with this site?? This album by far is dope. This is hiphop in its purest form. What more do yall want. Support real hiphop Folks

  • out of body X

    HipHop DX removes all 5 star ratings on diabolic songs. whenever i try to rate his song or video it doesnt work.

  • Indiemuzik

    This site is suppressing the 5* ratings....wtf

  • curbstompa

    Diabolic is a fucking ILL RAPPER. dude doesn't punchlines, he knocks bars the fuck out. this CD is DOPE, a must have (if not, definitely a must hear) for any true hip hop head who respects lyrics, u know who u are. album sampler-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAcYwsn4cUc

  • gloriaas

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  • 8shockey8

    A must buy!!!....Don't sleep on this!!!

  • unbelievable

    i dont know what people want these days but this kid murders every rhyme on this record.

  • M-Eighty

    I made sure to cop this record the day it came out and it is a definite must have. Big ups D! M-Eighty

  • Deebo Detroit

    not a bad effort but i would have to agree with the reviewer, but the shit raw as hell 4*

  • chronwell

    Please for one time...Let him be hisself so he can shine in his own mind (c) GEICO

  • Pragmatik

    I can understand not liking this album, but I don't get where all this 'wiger' talk is coming from. I thought that kinda died with Eminem.

  • Pragmatik

    I can understand not liking this album, but I don't get where all this 'wiger' talk is coming from. I thought that kinda died with Eminem.


    drake is wack, this guy is bettter then drake but he is too much with the pack of cig line, I didnt like that at all

  • decent

    I think he has intelligence but the songs get repetive at times

  • whateva dude

    decent but raw

  • this album is flop

    this guy is just another whiteboy pharoahe monch wanna-be on some too hardcore that makes people and girls turned off, this guys album is a straight fuckin frisbee, sorry diabolic u fuckin wigger

    • Weight101

      wow...hating ass faggots...id like to see you say all this to this kids face i guarantee he would knock your bitch ass out

    • JOHN DOE

      Wigger?????? I didn't know kids still used that word. You're a fuckin faggot kid. You know nothing about real hip hop chump. You're a nobody and your opinion means nothing in the hip hop world. You probably still listen to young money huh???? HAHAHAHAHA PUSSY!!!!!!!! Garbage ass pop music!!!

    • Deebo Detroit

      lol how come if a white person raps he's a wigger? id gladly buy this album over tons of niggas albums, plus he's cosigned by immortal technique who is top 5/ so fuck what you think dog

    • this guys album is alright

      he aint a wigger, he is just doing his thing and trying to hold it down, I give his album a 3.5 but he can be hardcore at times, he should calm down the hardcore shit for real, but hes no wigger, he is just a rapper doing his thing


    This is what underground hip hop should be! it sets the bar high! go grab a copy, listen to the songs. then come tell me i was wrong... point is i wont here nothing from you, because u will be in aww over the rawness he spits!

  • BK's Finest

    A good effort..


    I'm definitely gonna coppin this tomorrow.

  • joe-lfc

    i thought the lyricism and the production was on point throughout, but as the review says, it does get a bit repetitive but imo it was a 4/5. diabolics got loads of potential though so i'll keep looking out whenever he drops. just listen to his verse on immortal techniques "payback" where he outshines both him & ras kass

  • C.

    "Reasons" is the first joint i like. I like dark tracks but there is too much of a good thing & that seems to plague the album some what. Only small thing... he sounds a bit like Apathy, not like he is trying to though & i think any listener can tell that. The single is def. a dope track. "I Don't Wanna Rhyme"

  • Gerry H

    I honestly think this album is raw and bone cutting hard. The dark poetry of Diabolic emerges from introspective discontents and dissolution about music industry, life, politics, to name a few. This isn't the cliched bragging self-glorifying lyrics of mainstream rap today.

  • kush nap

    son is pretty dope. massive wigger though. this CD filled to the tip with wiggerisms. he doesnt really have much of an identity on the mic either, he drops battle raps, but no real personality or feeling in his records. originality is key, and diabolic isnt doing anything you havent heard before. he gets blown out the water by most guest spots which isnt a good look. all in all a solid album i woulnt mind bumping.

    • JOHN DOE

      Wigger??????? You're a fuckin idiot kid. He doesn't even say "nigga" in his music like most lame "non black" dudes do from NY. Quit bitching pussy!!!

  • Assassin221

    I remember this dude on Tech's album, he was ill. Wouldn't mind checking this out.

  • Indiemuzik

    Awsome album and on top of that it had a great line up of guests (Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill and Kool G rap). Also don't believe the 3 star rating because they gave Krizz Kaliko's "Genius" album the same score (both should be a 4-4.5/5).

  • r4c

    Definitely one of the illest releases of 2010

  • Use Your Illusion

    I always figured there was a reason Akir put out a bunch of albums before this guy.

  • Pragmatik

    So if someone has a theme or an underlying philosophy then that means his album is deprived of value or quality? I think in this day n age, an album like this deserves something better than 3/5. What does it matter if a collabo song doesn't live up to its hype?