According to a familiar cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your favorite celebrities—including rappers—are doing less and less press, but luckily their thumbs and smartphones still work. Instagram has provided a way for them to document their lives and/or thoroughly embarrass themselves for our collective enjoyment. The beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to join Instagram, as most rappers are perfectly fine leaving their feeds open for public viewing. And if you’d rather avoid the IG life altogether, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s pictures and videos and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, Nicki Minaj shut down Instagram by flexing her considerable assets for the cover artwork of her new single, “Anaconda” and Murs joined the festivities at Comic-Con 2014 in his Adventure Time leggings. Check the rest of the week’s top Instagram posts below.

Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Artwork (And Memes) Dominate Instagram

Earlier this spring, Kobe Bryant caught serious backlash from some NBA fans and a contingent of the black community when—in a March 31 issue of The New Yorker—he said, “Don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.” Current and former athletes such as NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown and NBA All Star Dwyane Wade responded. After miffed fans caught wind of the remarks, Bryant somewhat reversed course. Recently Bryant, Jim Jones and a contingent of others met Martin’s family and donned special edition “Crenshaw” shirts in memory of the slain Florida teen. Some things are bigger than sports.

Floyd Mayweather Keeps it Classy

If you forgot how heated a game of basketball can get when Fat Joe is involved, perhaps you need to go reacquaint yourself with his hit single, “Lean Back.” As a matter of fact, “he don’t even wanna speak about The Rucker” or the shenanigans that allegedly popped off between his squad and a team backed by Jay Z. From The Rucker on to the Jordan Brand-sponsored Tri-State Classic, Fat Joe only rolls with the pros, and now that all star forward Carmelo Anthony has re-upped with Joe’s hometown New York Knicks for five years at a generous rate of roughly $22 million per season, let the balling resume. Melo is down with Jordan Brand (and apparently the Nation of the Gods and Earths if anything is to be implied by his chain), so it’s a match made in streetball heaven for Joey Crack. Plus he can just say that huge Terror Squad chain really stands for Tri-State. Win-win.

ScHoolboy Q Demonstrates MC Means “Move the Crowd”

The Donmega has a new EDM-flavored single featuring 2 Chainz and erstwhile LMFAO member Redfoo. Rest assured, when he talks about making the ass drop, he’s referring to a female’s backside and not his drop top. The segment of Ice Cube aficionados he refers to as his “hardcore fans” apparently got mad and forgot about 2000’s “Put Your Back Into It,” which also advocated the raising and lowering of the female derriere. So Ice Cube recorded a quick Instagram video to basically let them know this track wasn’t for them, saying, “When you see your girl dance to this shit, you’ll love me again.” And if not, like Cube said, “It’s only one single.”


Chris Brown Catches DJ Khaled Losing His Pants

Back when Sean Combs was still Puffy (the first time) and a young Aaliyah Dana Haughton was coming into her own, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott was running terrestrial Top 40 radio with an iron, manicured fist. She set was was at the time a Billboard magazine record with 12 Top 10 singles. And if Combs claimed he invented the remix, Elliott was there lending her trademark, “Hehehehe, how” laugh to Bad Boy remixes for MC Lyte’s “Cold Rock A Party” and Gina Thompson’s “That Thing You Do” among others. Hip Hop will always miss Aaliyah, so it was dope to see Combs take everyone back to happier but equally successful times with his Throwback Thursday pic. RIP Baby Girl.

Blue Ivy Carter Rocks Rough & Stuff With Her Afro Puffs

Don’t doubt for one second that Murs is about that comic life. Lupe Fiasco may name drop Tetsuo: The Iron Man and RZA will run down comics from Rom The Space Knight to Galvatron, but Murs is doing Comic-Con 2014. In Adventure Time leggings. The rapper, husband, father of two and father of two dropped the comic book and its associated soundtrack Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl in 2013. This year, he’s speaking Comic-Con’s Hip-Hop and Comics Panel with Beastie Boys contributing member Mixmaster Mike. Why? Because Murs is that dude, and Comic-Con is the only place where a rapper blends right in with the nerds, half-naked women in Aeon Flux costumes and 36-year-old Jedi Knights.


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