The 2012 HipHopDX Year End Awards

The 2012 HipHopDX Year End Awards honors Album of the Year, Readers' Choice Album of the Year, and Video of the Year.

Welcome to the 2012 HipHopDX Year End Awards. For more than a decade, this is when we acknowledge the passing year, honor its triumphs and uglier moments, and begin our own celebrations leading up to another exciting year of giving you the best in all things Hip Hop.

From December 17 to December 21, 2012, the editors and staff at HipHopDX will update this every day with new categories and winners. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up, and may all of our readers have a safe and happy holiday season.

This Year's Schedule

Day 1 - Monday Dec 17
Emcee of the Year
Trend We'd Like to See Die
Slept-On Album of the Year

Day 2 - Tuesday Dec 18
Producer of the Year
Tour of the Year
Comeback of the Year

Day 3 - Wednesday Dec 19
Verse of the Year
Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year
Disappointing Album of the Year

Day 4 - Thursday Dec 20
Rising Star of the Year
Story of the Year
Collaboration of the Year

Day 5 - Friday Dec 21
Album of the Year
Readers' Choice Album of the Year
Video of the Year

Emcee Of The Year

Kendrick Lamar

Last year's HipHopDX Album Of The Year winner with Section.80, Kendrick Lamar expanded his repertoire in 2012 with versatility and poise. In addition to his show-stopping good kid, m.A.A.d city major label debut, K-Dot played critical roles assisting artists ranging from Gunplay to Rapsody to Dido on a plethora of projects. Compton's latest displayed many voices, tones and lyrical styles along the way, making an album that attracted multiple generations of Hip Hop fans. Moreover, the 90-plus minute sets for the BET Music Matters Tour shocked fans as an artist whose stageshow required no special effects or standard surprise guests. Kendrick mastered the ceremony in every single way possible, by restoring Hip Hop with a message in the mainstream.

Runners Up

Killer Mike
Mike Bigga made a substantive album with El-P in R.A.P. Music that had fans claiming was not only the best of the veteran's career, but 2012 as whole. Moreover, with a handful of tours, the leader of the Grind Time Rap Gang showed that great albums are even greater when delivered in the flesh.

Ab-Soul brought racial, social and Hip Hop commentary to his tour de force, #controlsystem. Meanwhile, the Carson, California sensation simply flipped the BET Music Matters Tour on its head with performances that truly felt top-billin'.

Trend We'd Like To See Die

Anti-Press Rap Stars

Just 'cause Kanye West "don't do no press, but he get the most press" doesn't mean it's the proper modus operandi for everybody trying to get to that 'Ye level. Everybody with a recorder and a list of questions felt discouraged this year as artists like Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, Nas, J. Cole and Drake largely gave the Hip Hop media the silent treatment. Even Dr. Dre and Andre 3000 seemed more open to interviews than some of the fresh-faced chart sensations of recent years. If Hip Hop truly is a culture, the discourse has to continue.

Runners Up

The Ratchet Movement
...after a year of it, that's the shit we don't like.

Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) without context is hazardous to your health.

Slept-On Album Of The Year

Trophies by Apollo Brown & O.C.

During the last three years, as golden-era alum O.C. has been on hiatus, Detroit's Apollo Brown has become of the most exciting producers in the underground Hip Hop community. Mello Music Group flew O.C. to Michigan and the pair made a modern marvel in Trophies. The soulful album was a return to form for the man who made enduring indie classics in 1994's Word...Life and 1997's Jewelz. Apollo provided a more subdued, but still sample-driven sound than heard on his previous works, and this was a prime backing for a subtle concept album that earned its trophies from us, even if the charts somehow missed the greatness.

Runners Up

Russian Roulette by Alchemist
Al's complete vision and ability to execute a solo album came alive on this mosaic of Cold War sample sources, ruffneck rhymes and careful orchestration. Somehow Decon was the one of the brightest sources for music in 2012, even if this flagship release went under the mainstream radar.

The Idea Of Beautiful by Rapsody
On her studio debut, Kooley High valedictorian Rapsody tackled big issues on gender in Hip Hop, with some assistance from high-profile peers who champion her sound. 9th Wonder's latest protege made a beautiful album, that you can't find next door.

Producer Of The Year


Alchemist has grown remarkably over the past decade, enhancing his sound from left-field, sample-based loops to complex musical confections. This year, "Alan The Chemist" cranked his output up a notch, spreading his genre-bending sound across the Hip Hop landscape. With Action Bronson, the longtime Mobb Deep affiliate and Gangrene member produced some of his darkest fare yet - Rare Chandeliers - and held the reins as mad conductor on the ambitious, sorely underrated Russian Roulette. In addition to his other sharp releases (Vodka & Ayahuasca with Gangrene and No Idols with Domo Genesis), Al is already shaping up to have an even stronger 2013, planning projects with Prodigy, Evidence, Boldy James and Durag Dynasty.

Runners Up

El-Producto pounded the pads on two of the most celebrated albums of 2012 in Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music and his own Cancer 4 Cure.

Harry Fraud
After years in the underground, New York's Harry Fraud supplied A-list acts with mixtape gold, but he lit it up on Curren$y's Cigarette Boats and garnered a lot of props on Rugby Thompson with Smoke DZA.

Tour/Concert Of The Year

Drake's Club Paradise Tour

With songs from 2011's Take Care still soundtracking much of this year, Drake presented his catalog like a vet on his Club Paradise Tour. Ever the showman, the Canadian rapper/singer captivated fans with an immaculately designed gallery of entertainment. Drizzy also brought along a who's who of opening acts on various legs of the extensive run, including J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Waka Flocka Flame, A$AP Rocky, L.E.P. Bogus Boys and French Montana. Club Paradise was a hallmark showing of some of the more important faces of the 2010s in mainstream Hip Hop.

Runners Up

BET Music Matters Tour
Led by Kendrick Lamar, BET's Music Matters Tour was a display of bare-bones lyricism in club venues across North America. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Stalley and Fly Union provided stellar support on a tour that even frequent unannounced guest ScHoolboy Q couldn't miss.

Live From The Underground Tour
Big K.R.I.T.'s first headlining tour of a major magnitude delivered veteran Slim Thug along with rising sensations Big Sant and Tito Lopez, city-to-city.

Comeback Of The Year

Juicy J

Juicy J was ratchet before the term was ever coined. As a founding member of Three 6 Mafia, he’s been making shamefully addictive, yet raunchy tracks like “Slob On My Knob” longer than some of the people reading this have been alive. And having survived every Southern Hip Hop sub-genre from Crunk, Snap to Trap, it was almost some sort of profanity-laced poetic justice that he rounded up three generations of artists from below the Mason-Dixon Line for a remix to 2012’s go to strip club anthem, “Bandz A Make Her Dance.” It’s 2012 and people are just now discovering Juicy J, even though the man inexplicably owns an Academy Award. Pole-dancing is becoming a mainstream fitness exercise, and you’ve probably heard the instrumental to “Bandz A Make Her Dance” at an NBA game. Maybe the Mayans were right about the world ending this year.

Runners Up

Over 15 years removed from "Times Up" and "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers," this D.I.T.C. lyricist linked lovely with Apollo Brown for Trophies, making a fan favorite of 2012.

In addition to his superb production, El-P's signature sarcasm and precise lyricism came alive on Cancer 4 Cure. Well beyond Company Flow and his Def Jux movements, this fiery veteran made 2012 a true end-to-end burner.

non-hip hop album of the year

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

Building his career’s backbone on a stellar free album (Nostalgia, Ultra) and as an auxiliary member of Odd Future, Frank Ocean is one of the few artists to match his hype in 2012. After releasing a controversy-sparking open letter confirming his relationship with another man on July 4th, the butter-toned singer-songwriter dropped his wholesome debut Channel Orange, an album packed with darting melodies, creamy harmonies and top-shelf songwriting. It’s a deeply personalized diary of standalone singles threaded over the course of a near-hour long LP, with romance - both troubled and euphoric - coursing through its veins. Not only did Frank procure life lessons and put them on wax, but he did it gracefully.

Runners Up

Black Radio by Robert Glasper
Glasper brought together an eclectic mix of artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Musiq Soulchild to push the boundaries of both Jazz and Hip Hop. Add in the tributes to Sade and Nirvana and you end up with a high-quality, fusion album that hit almost every demographic without truly crossing over.

Pineapple Now-Laters by BJ The Chicago Kid
Heard in recent years on albums from Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs, BJ carried a Soul message that echoes the greats of the '60s and '70s, with a delivery and production completely in his own time.

verse of the year

"Reagan"  (second verse) by Killer Mike

Truthfully, Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music is loaded with Verse Of The Year-worthy stanzas. But "Reagan" reigns supreme because it exhibits some of the resolute qualities of Hip Hop’s most timeless rhymes. Bigga brought a Public Enemy-type message to this one, dismantling the record of the modern Republican party’s Golden Calf in laymans terms, connecting President Ronald Reagan's legislative legacy to some of society’s worst sins. For example: “But thanks to Reaganomics / Prisons turned to profits / ‘Cause free labor is the cornerstone of US economics / 'Cause slavery was abolished / Unless you are in prison / You think I am bullshitting, then read the 13th Amendment.” You can actually learn from these lyrics. Plus El-P’s beat is magnanimous - and it’s unintentionally hilarious (the second Reagan snippet especially). We just wish Fox News would invite Killer Mike on air a la Lupe Fiasco last year. Where is Bill O’Reilly when you need him?


"New God Flow" by Ghostface Killah
Somehow Ghost's “old school like Redd Foxx” approach made "New God Flow” sound fresher. But what else is expected? He’s had his Jesus piece since ‘94, after all…and his eagle.

"m.A.A.d. City" (third verse) by Kendrick Lamar
As if the first two verses and MC Eiht's appearance didn't make the song, K.Dot delivered a poetic monologue in verse to close one of his title tracks. The "angel on Angel Dust" gives his thesis on what it's like to grow up around street treachery and with the insights to want more.

disappointing album of the year

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj released Pink Friday back in 2010, it was met with mixed reviews. H.B. dropped an album that proved she was transitioning out of Hip Hop before really transitioning in. Still, the lyrical component was present, and the hope was that once Nicki attained a modicum of fame, she might return to the same stairwell to spit the heat she did on The Come Up DVD. That day never happened, and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded further propelled Nicki Minaj into Pop royalty, mainly because of one little track: "Starships.” They’re meant to fly after all, and that’s exactly what Nicki did - right up the hell out of Hip Hop. It was met with heavy sighs from the Rap world (just ask Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg), but the Pop kids OD’d on it. Even though she somewhat returned to Rap roots on the Re-Up, we’ve still lost our pink-wigged Barbie to the Top 40 gods.


Strange Clouds by B.o.B.
Bobby Ray's guitar gently weeps, and so do his early fans. One of Hip Hop's most versatile artists was shockingly predictable on his sophomore outing.

The OF Tape Vol. 2 by Odd Future
As much as we love Odd Future’s boorish rambunctiousness, Cartoon Network forays, and "fuck the industry" approach, is being more compelling off wax than on ever a good thing?

rising star OF THE YEAR

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ served multiple functions within Hip Hop in the year 2012. For the fans of the golden age, Joey and his Pro Era crew adopted traditional Rap formulas with an updated flow, evident on Joey Bada$$’s 1999 mixtape. It was something that Hip Hop hadn’t seen coming - at least not from a teenager who was born around the time the golden era was packing its Timbs away and breaking out the shiny suit. For the new school Hip Hop aficionado, Bada$$ is a reference point - a marker if you will - that represents a time in Hip Hop that most youngsters never experienced. You’ll have the old heads complain that Rap doesn’t sound like it used to, but Joey is delivering that very Rap that fans miss. So to package that in a way that teenagers can embrace is very necessary. His old soul will undoubtedly carry him for years and years to come.


9th Wonder’s wunderkind made a name for herself the old fashion way: by rapping good. Funny how that works, right? Release a quality project filled with dope beats and dope rhymes, and the fans reply with respect. What a novel approach.

Flatbush Zombies
If Joey Bada$$ and last year's winner, Action Bronson, aren't not enough to convince you that Hip Hop’s new New York-era is in full swing, then try a side of Flatbush Zombies. Three words: “Thug Waffles,” anyone?


Mobb Deep Breaks Up, On Twitter

Weeks after Havoc allegedly dissed Prodigy in April, the indefinite hiatus of Mobb Deep still doesn’t make sense. Or does it? Legendary Hip Hop groups rarely have amicable splits. See N.W.A., EPMD, and Little Brother for further examples. You can argue that the only surprise here wasn’t the breakup of Mobb Deep, but the way that it happened. Hav and P provided a brand of Hip Hop that helped give New York its lyrical and sonic identity for the better part of the two decades. Their split played out like lost cutting room floor footage from the movie Mean Girls. Sadly, there’s a good chance some of us will remember the “start of their ending” more for the Twitter beef, subliminal shots, and handful of lame excuses before owning up to the fact that they split. Party’s over; tell the rest of the crew.


Frank Ocean Comes Out, Sort Of
Mysonne aside, Hip Hop’s reaction to Frank Ocean’s open-letter regarding his sexuality was not only a major headline this year, but also surprisingly enlightened.

Tupac Reappears As A Hologram
Meek Mill and Rick Ross spent 2011 screaming about bringing “Tupac Back.” At Coachella 2012, Digital Domain made it happen...hologram-style.

collaboration OF THE YEAR

"Mercy" by Kanye West, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Pusha T

It was more than the semi-chopped and screwed hook. “Mercy” was a call to action. Kanye West had been bragging about G.O.O.D. Music for years, and he finally had his ducks in a row. It was time for 'Ye to present his posse to the planet. This particular track brought Kanye’s bravado, mixed with Big Sean’s Pop sensibility, Pusha T’s slick threats, and 2 Chainz’s irreverence. The result was an all out party where every woman and her ass was invited. Nobody could deny terms like “assquake” and “asstate,” along with musings about thirsty women and Lambos. It was also arguably, 2 Chainz’s breakout verse. “Mercy” was the level of arrogance and ignorance that no one can deny smirking about, and we all have Kanye to thank for it.


"m.A.A.d. City" by Kendrick Lamar featuring MC Eiht
This one had Compton “torch-passing” written all over it. Fortunately for all of our iPods, the legend and the phenom both rose to the occasion.

"Cartoon & Cereal" by Kendrick Lamar featuring Gunplay
From West Coast Gangsta Rap vets to MMG's wild-child, Kendrick was able to vibe on this song that combined some goonery with childhood memories.


good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar

good kid, m.A.A.d city’s universal acclaim wasn’t some overhyped instance of mainstream ball-tickling. It was justified. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 sales chart, it went Gold in less than 2 months, and its anti-alcohol lead single (“Swimming Pools”) improbably surged to #4 on the HipHop/R&B chart. The Good Kid won in a mad industry. With a gaggle of flows overflowing with imagination, a contextual perspective relevant across generations, and an ear for sublime soul and ratchety madness—OutKasticly speaking—Kendrick Lamar creatively represented for a culture overrun by Soundscan addicts. It’s difficult to find people in modern music. It’s usually about the brand, the persona, and the profit. Too many caricatures. Not enough character. G.K.M.C. is now a manual for commercial and critical success while maintaining indie artist credibility, and the Compton Kid did it simply by leaning on what he knows best: Himself. What’s even better? It only took 12 months for K.Dot to make at least one type of history. Section.80 received our top honor in 2011. In 2012, Kendrick does it again, becoming the first artist to win back-to-back HipHopDX Album Of The Year awards.


R.A.P. Music by Killer Mike
2012 may be remembered as the year of the Ratchet, but edu-taining albums went H.A.M. as well. Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music fits nicely in both playlists.

#controlsystem by Ab-Soul
Reason #4080 to listen to Ab-Soul's pristine #controlsystem: Hearing him flip the name of the Illuminati's supposed secret layer into a sultry swoon song ("Bohemian Grove").

readers' choice ALBUM OF THE YEAR

good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar

We simply love when our readers agree with us.


Life Is Good by Nas
Nas' 11th album was an outstanding testament to the evolution in the once rugged rapper's personal and public life.

Trophies by Apollo Brown and O.C.
This Brooklyn-Detroit collaboration was simply "Fantastic."


"Daughters" by Nas

We’ve heard Nas name-drop his daughter, Destiny, since “The World Is Yours” from his 1994 classic, Illmatic. And, thanks to the magic of Instagram, she was re-introduced to our collective consciousness by sharing a pic of a condom collection with the world. In a year where a bunch of topics Nas would have preferred to keep private (skyrocketing alimony payments, tax debt, etc.) were put on Front Street for everyone to see, this youthful indiscretion made for a heartwarming visual. Chris Robinson directed the video first-person style through the eyes of Destiny Jones at various ages. And, what would usually be a parental facepalm—or at least a good cussing out behind closed doors, if we’re keeping it real—turned into a series of moments most fathers can relate to.


"Grown Up" by Danny Brown
Director Greg Brunkalla took a page from Biggie's "Sky's The Limit" video, finding the grade schooler with the most swag to portray young Danny Brown in this coming-of-age single that made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

"Big Beast" by Killer Mike featuring T.I. and Bun B
Vintage car chases, strippers feasting, and axe-weilding O.G.'s made "Big Beast" one of the most compelling NSFW visuals that Hip Hop has ever seen. Big-budget beastin' through the lens of director Thomas C. Bingham.

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  • Anonymous

    SMH no mention of MCA RIP

  • kingdhee

    Illmatic is by far the greatest rap album ever!!! Next is Reasonable Doubt but after that Jay went away from intellectual rap...Nas always gave thought provoking straight dope lyrical verses on damn near everything he was on...his only obstacle his whole career is having that NEW YORK/EAST COAST ear for beats that most East Coast rappers suffer from...If Nas had Jay's ear for beats (or Kanye West in his back pocket) he'd be the undisputed GOAT...NAS LIFE'S GOOD AOTY!!!! NAS STAN 4-LIFE and no internet hip hop site thug gonna change that!!!

  • Anonymous

    seriously how was Life's Good left out of Album of The Year!!!! Come on man!!!!

  • saywhat

    How did Reagan not win Best Video???

  • KC

    I thought I'd at least see Danny!'s Payback or Danny Brown's XXX make the cut.

  • Ace

    Damn you fools are fuckin up, "In the A" off Big Boi's album has got to be the best collab I've heard all year and Luda's verse was straight fire just takin a shit over everyone.



  • Wrong Gangrene member...

    'Til ALC puts drums & b-lines in his shit... - Oh No > Alchemist - Ohnomite/Dr. No's Kali Tornado Funk >>> Russian Roulette

  • Mad Dog

    Hostile Takeover Tour...95 shows, 100



  • denisewest677

    Gianna. if you think Robin`s report is unbelievable, on thursday I got themselves a Infiniti from having earned $6065 this munth and-a little over, 10/k this past month. this is actually my favourite job Ive ever done. I started this 3 months ago and right away made myself minimum $71... per hour. I use the details


    AHHH you anti-Nas K-dot ball-gargling Jay-slurping cornballs need TO HOLLER AT PURDUE AND FIND SOME GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT. Getting emotional like Jay on HOT97 after Ether and indulging in bitter naysaying cause you can't admit that the golden child is still dropping classics 20+ years into it with LIG. What the fuck is Jay doing? Dropping lazy guest verses about coke/cash and albums where the sole artistic vision is provided by Kanye West LOL. And Kendrick? Dude is nice for real no denying that. But Backseat Freestyle and Good Kid are wack for real [god-awful hooks], and real/swimming pools have some pretty lame hooks as well. GKMC is the best the west has seen in years, but LIG has 18 tracks with countless pristine verses, outstanding production, and really only one suspect track [fuck you Swizz]. You guys can cry Kelis, IRS bills, and Hov's net worth all you want. Doesn't change SHIT because it has nothing to do with Nas music. You guys should be singing backup and palm pressing for Jay like those chics in the 'Girls, girls, girls' video. Hit Neiman Marcus and cop some heels or something [cept you couldn't afford em]. Nas on Ross, Nicky features? Big fucking deal... Nicky spits her best verse ever on 'Champions' and Ross is out of his mind on triple beam dreams and accident murderers. THATS BECAUSE YOU BETTER BRING YOUR A+ PLUS GAME WITH NASIR. What is the hell is wrong with Nas putting his name out there for the youngins? I'm sure you bitches have no problem whatsoever with Jay trend hopping to stay relevant since he hasn't dropped a remotely classic album in 10 years but that does not surprise me. And Jesus Piece > GKMC? Ridiculous... 25+ features MEANS THE GUY CAN'T CARRY HIS OWN SHIT. Might as well be the next Khaled mixtape ONE

    • kingdhee

      fact of the matter is 20 years later he's still the GOAT aint nobody fuckin wit him

    • Anonymous

      @Rilla, if he doesn't explain it how should you expect people to understand. Most people don't have an educated opinion due to ignorance not stubbornness so explaining why is the best thing you can do. If they don't accept it afterwards they either are close-minded, stubborn, or considered the facts and still have the same opinion.

    • Chicago Rilla


    • Anonymous

      ^^^^You can call the dude above a dickrider all you want but when you're right you're right. You could say summer is smash is weak, maybe that the production on nasty, the don, and worlds an addiction is a bit lacking. MAYBE you could say that. But the production on the intro, locomotive, a queens story, accident murderers, daughters, reach out, you wouldn't understand, back when, stay, cherry wine, bye baby, trust, where's the love, and black bond is spot on. You are REACHING if you are finding fault with the production on LIG as a whole, so much so that your criticism can be characterized as being based on undeserved hating. Then there are the verses... the first verse on locomotive, the last verse on Queens story, both verses on Daughters, the first verse on reach out, the last verse on Worlds an Addiction, the second verse on You Wouldn't Understand, the second verse on stay, the first verse on Nasty, the first verse on the Don, both verses on Cherry Wine, the last verse on Bye Baby, the third verse on Trust, and the second verse on Wheres the love are just outstanding. Again you are REACHING to find fault there. The above assessments are probably more critical of LIG than what is warranted. People fail to realize that there is a unique standard of criticism that is applied to Nas and basically no other rapper. With Nas, every song has to be great to even consider calling the album a classic. The album has to have no greater than 2-3 suspect tracks for the album to be called great. And if there are 4 or more suspect tracks, the album ranges from mediocre to average to poor regardless of the quality of the other tracks. Probably have Jay's flawed '1 hot album every 10 yrs' claim to thank for that. LIG basically DOES have 17 out of 18 tracks that are nice. The consensus basically has been unanimous. It's either album of the year or one of the top three at least. It's a classic in all likelihood, and with the criteria applied to Nas, it's pretty strange that he manages to still have a discography that contains 4-5 certified classics. GKMC is a REAL album reflecting an artist who put the work in to understand why 90s classics are the best albums rap has ever seen. Kendrick deserves his props. But that doesn't mean his album is classic or is better than LIG. It can be comfortably said that Backseat Freestyle is pretty terrible and that many of the hooks are suspect [Real and Good Kid e.g.]. The production on Good Kid and Sherane is questionable as well. Being generous, Kendrick pulls off 9 of 12 tracks with few if any legitimate complaints. That is tremendous, but 75% good tracks still doesn't touch the 90%+ good tracks on LIG. And honestly, GKMC doesn't have a track that could touch A Queens Story, Where's the Love, or Locomotive. Gotta call it like it is And fyi... dudes 'girls, girls, girls' rip above is pretty fucking funny lol

    • You sir are a dick rider

      You sound like you give nas head and allow him to nut in your every night bruh. You need some serious help. Life is good was fucking weak. Jay > Nas in all ways.


    im liking what i see from DX this year, but honestly.......2chainz had a poorer album than Nicki minaj. Kendrick Lamar is now the best west coast rapper, dethroning the Game's 7 yeaer run. I think Life is Good was better than KIller Mike's album tho

    • kingdhee

      I thought Life is Good was the AOTY with GKMC runner-up!!! Im a Nas Stan so maybe I'm biased but its my opinion

    • Anonymous

      Nah 2chainz joint was pretty hot, he just doesn't give a fuck about lyrics or any meaning in his song. But dude is mad creative has good production and occasionally good flow. Don't put him down just cuz he has no subject matter.

  • Anonymous

    couldnt listen to Russian Roulette

  • Anonymous


  • Jay Z

    Nas needs to quit rapping man. That dude straight sucks. He aint winning shit this year. Life is good was so fucking lame but all you nas stans out here acting like that was the best album of the year. LMFAO. YOU STANS CRACK ME UP. gkmc, jesus piece, trouble man, dices > life is good. Nas fell off man, expect that shit.

  • James

    Nas is washed up and wack. He only has a couple of good albums any way. Everybody needs to get off his dick. Nigga busy acting a fool in nicki minaj's music videos and rapping about fake drug sales with Officr Rick Ross. That nigga needs to pay his fucking taxes and disappear off the face of this planet.



  • raidfuljohnson

  • Fish

    Trends I'd like to see die - faggots like Frank Ocean polluting hip hop. No more faggots please.

  • Fado

    Life is Good was an excellent album but conceptually and creatively it wasn't on the same level as GKMC. GKMC deserved to win.

    • Chicago Rilla


    • TONY

      Shut your stupid ass up. No it wasnt. Get the fuck off of Nas's dick. That album was fucking weak son. GKMC wiped the floor with that nigga.



    • Chicago Rilla

      if you don't like Nas stop listening to rap



    • Tbones

      That idiot up top geting all emotional and mushy cos Nas still killing it after 20 yrs. How does doing a collabo and being in a video with Nicky negate his great body or work. Like Nas said, a caterpillar cant relate to what an eagle envisions.

    • Anonymous


    • Fado

      Man calm down its not that serious your own a hiphop website...Nas collaborating with Rick Ross doesn't negate the fact hes still a legend and Life is Good was one of the best albums this year. Who cares if he was in a Nicki Minaj video? Does that make his music sound worse too your ears? Does he make music that sounds like Nicki Minaj?....

  • Really?

    I'm as big a K.Dot fan as anybody, but HHDX you guys are riding his dick tho. Yes, he's a damn good artist but you all bring him up so much, it's starting to seem like a crush. But my major problem with this list is how you guys could ignore Andre 3000's verse on Sorry. Not even a mention?? You all played yaselves with that one

  • FrogTrigger

    Dissapointing album of the year should have been Undisputed but verse of the year shouldve gone to Nas's verse on Hip Hop

  • So Icy Boi!

    keneth lamear is trash.

  • M.U. THA DON

    Let it be known I keep the crom I never die alone / My foes know I'm in my own zone/So many stories untold/ I only got one home/ My heart so cold, the blood in my vein froze/ I'm concrete I stand out like that only black rose/ The poems that I compose consist of many lost souls/ Living in a black hole got my attack mode on/ I feel the anger absorbing thru my skin & bones/ My mind beyond gone/ M.U. THA DON "I stand on my own two" "No Turning Back" LP Track 13

  • M.U. THA DON

    I'm looking for the hit-man that wanna murder me for 5 racks/ Now I can get him killed with my fully loaded 9 strap/ Cold World No Love That's how I feel about my enemy/ Instantly He can get shot while I'm drinking Hennessy/ I ain't forgot about my street connects UP in the "D"/ After I kill him & his crew I'm CLAIMING victory/ Before I die the whole world will remember me/ Ima die from old age holding my gun diligently/ M.U. THA DON No Turning Back" LP Random Killing TRACK 12

  • idk

    So hiphopdx never heard Form Follows Function?

  • fuck

    overrated of the year: kendrick lamar

  • Anonymous

    KENDRICK LAMAR DX Interscope is paying HIPHOPDX much money to promote Kendrick. Most overhyped album and artist of 2012

  • Dub

    DX needs to get off Kendricks dick. Last two years in a row they've had him winning the major categories, like really? Cmon

  • 101

    Nothing for Vinnie Paz, La Coka, Ap ect. damn Dx ya'll some busters for that keep puttin out faggoty ass non lyrical swagger rap bullshit ya'll dont deserve to have Hip-Hop in your site name...

    • shut up cracka

      Vinnie paz is a lame ass honky that needs to quit rapping. The dude is old and washed up. get off his dick you lame ass hip hop purist fuck boy.

  • BlueArmor

    Wow, Good Kid is so overrated, love Kendrick (pause) but album of the year ??? Life Is Good should be album of the year...Nas delivered a great piece of work. This is a popular pick, like Get Rich Or Die Tryin. Section 80 is waay doper than gkmd...



  • hitEMup11

    HipHopDX needs to do a 'Troll of the Year' award lmao because their site attracts so many trolls. Who would be the nominees?

  • Warren Peace

    Biggest fail of the year: no album from Jay Electronica...for the third year running.

  • GoldenEra91

    Disappointing album of the year: Slaughterhouse - Welcome To Our House. It's unfortunate that Eminem had to pay HHDX for that 4.5 review. In no way is that SH album in the same class as GKMC or Control System. This is coming from a fan that fucked with SH before they sold out to get those Eminem fans but flopped hard because the real fans saw through their bullshit.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Agreed, that was a VERY painful album to listen to, and this is comin from someone who rocked with each member individually before they even formed SH. Sigel's This Time had the same effect, actually gave me a newfound appreciation for The Reason, and I didn't think that'd EVER be possible...smdh

  • Anonymous

    Alchemist is the most played out producer in the world, he was better when he took his time instead of foring 30 albums a year of throwaway beats he made in 5 minutes. I'm so bored with that dude I actually skip his tracks when I see his name on a tracklist.

  • poppa large

    album of the year was Sean Price-Mic Tyson not that watered down maad city trash. Kendrick should get the award for most over exposed, hyped, over rated! Good kid maad city is a weak album, i only like 4 songs on it.


    -Emcee of the Year: HOPSIN -Trend We'd Like To See Die: Nas, Kanye West, Eminem & Jay-Z's rap careers -Slept-On Album of the Year: Jarren Benton- Freebasing with Kevin Bacon -Producer of the Year: DJ Hoppa -Tour of the Year: FV Tour -Comeback of the Year: Hopsin (Nobody believed in him during his Ruthless Years, thought he was a gimmick rapper but he's back now) -Verse of the Year: Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 -Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year: Justin Bieber- Believe (Hey the kid got talent, and Hopsin approves of him). -Diasppointing Album of the Year: Nas's Life Is Good -Rising Star of the Year: Dizzy Wright -Story of the Year: Hopsin's Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 set new YT records and changed people's lives -Collaboration of the Year: Independent Living by Dizzy Wright, SwizZz & Hopsin -Album of the Year: Hopsin- Knock Madness (I know it didn't come out but Kendrick Lamar sucks) -Reader's Choice Album of the Year: See Above -Video of the Year: Hopsin- Ill Mind of Hopsin 5

    • MalcolmLittle

      I dig Hopsin too and especially Ill Mind 5, but DAMN my nigga...that whole post is makin me uncomfortable. (in my Riley Freeman voice)

    • Anonymous

      this might be teh definition of dick riding

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I'm a big Hopsin & Funk Volume fan too but that's the literal definition of dick riding. Damn that's gay

    • Anonymous

      lol ''Real-Hip-Hop'' yeah people dont get recognition for doing one good solo song in a year, good only on Youtube, no album no nothing, Knock-Madness isnt out yet, this is a hopsin dick-ride

  • V

    Not enough Nas & Andre 3000....sleeping on legends

  • I don't understand

    Joey badass, lupe fiasco and j cole all sound the same. lets keep it 100.

  • LOL

    Kendrick Lamar gets all the praise because he the new artist who has a good album and a creative concept, FOH if you think it's better than Nas album.

    • ss

      Its not, but if I wrote this, I would prefer Kendrick getting recognition, Nas doesnt NEED ANY RECOGNITION ANYMORE, fuck awards, we know hes the best, Kendrick needs help because he is good and if he didnt get any recognition then he would be stuck like Slaughterhouse, Ill be happy if his second (commercially released) album even matches his first because its not going to be better

  • TYG

    I like how the Emcees of the year had the albums of the year haha

  • Man

    how did Andres verse from 16 ain't enough not get on here?.

  • Anonymous

    -Emcee of the Year: Ja Rule -Trend We'd Like To See Die: 50 Cent dickriding -Slept-On Album of the Year: Ja Rule-PIL2 (mad niggas slept on this masterpiece) -Producer of the Year: 7 Aurelius (his beats on PIL2 > any other beat this year) -Tour of the Year: Ja Rule's prison tour -Comeback of the Year: Ja Rule (8 yrs since RULE and comes back with a gem) -Verse of the Year: Ja Rule-Real Life Fantasy (whole song) -Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year: Kalenna Harper-Chamber of Diaries (from Diddy's Dirty Money group and appeared on PIL2) -Diasppointing Album of the Year: Slaughterhouse-Welcome to Our House (album sucked and their also signed to the white boy's label) -Rising Star of the Year: Joey Bada$$ (RULE approves of a young rising MC from NY) -Story of the Year: Ja Rule going to prison (fans cried and haters hated) -Collaboration of the Year: Ja Rule & Anita Louise-Real Life Fantasy -Album of the Year: Ja Rule-PIL2 -Reader's Choice Album of the Year: Ja Rule-PIL2 (fuck Kendrick dickriders) -Video of the Year: Ja Rule-Real Life Fantasy RULE! It's Murda!!!

    • MalcolmLittle

      Nigga you Googled that shit, quit playin. LOL

    • Anonymous

      @ Anon who replied, yes I'm a Ja Rule fan, and Ja hates Em so I have every right to hate that white boy. And everyone cares and knows that Ja released the masterpiece called PIL2 this year, even your bitch ass. @ Dx, yes Ja Rule released an album this year. It's called PIL2 and it's the best album this year. Go check it out. @ Black, Fuck Fame (Intro), Parachute, Superstar, Black Vodka, Drown, Never Had Time, Strange Days, To the Top, Pray 4 the Day, Believe and Spun a Web. I own the album nigga. RULE! It's Murda!!!

    • BLACK


    • Dx

      Ja Rule made an album this year ? o_0

    • Anonymous

      If had to guess your a Ja Rule dickrider and with that comes hating on Shady Records. Nobody even remembers or cares that Ja made an album this year!!

  • check

    Joey Bada$$ is like a breath of fresh air.I've nvr heard of any young new artist(idk his age so this maybe wrong)who raps about the truth behind black history & problems & also our present,past & future corrupt government. Few ppl are knowledgable about the ongoing corruption in politics.It's one thing to say u believe our government is corrupt but another thing to actually be able to explain why. He tries his best to explain why & I respect that..We need more "political rap" & less "trap rap" in my opinion. The balance in mainstream rap music is obviously really bad nowadays. Props to Joey for speaking the truth!!

  • yeaaahh

    Shaking my head at you fools for calling Strange Clouds disappointing. That album is dope. Stop expecting B.o.B to come out with some boom bap type hip-hop album because he's not that type of artist. One of the best albums of the year.

    • TylerTexas

      I actually agree with dude, jus cause Bob doesn't make boom bap doesn't means its bad, I'm an eclectic dude so I listen to all types of genres. So for a pop rap album it was pretty dope

    • BLACK


  • Ricky Rozay

    GFID was album of the yr! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • g

    Monochrome Skies- Epidemic (ALBUM OF THE YEAR)

  • M.U. THA DON

    M.U. THA DON No Turning Back LP

  • Chris S

    Collaboration of the Year: Cherry Wine - NaS feat. Amy Winehouse All of the other songs and rankings are subject to opinion, but I really think Cherry Wine has to be on that list.

  • RC

    I really have to disagree with DX on this one, Good Kid, m.A.A.d City was dope album but I honestly believe pound for pound, beat for beat, rhyme for rhyme Life Is Good was far superior. I really think it got regulated because it discussed mature subject matter & appealed to an older demographic. Plus DX & other sites just love to dick-ride the new guy.

    • BlueArmor

      Wow so Poetic Justice is stronger than Queens Story or Daughters ?? Nas deserves that Grammy...

    • Anonymous

      Anon sounds like a hater. Summer on smash was terrible, but the rest of the album was good. My personal opinion is Cancer 4 Cure was better than both of them, but anyway. GKMC was a super loose and unoriginal concept, so you shouldn't praise it for that. LiG and GKMC are pretty even, but what makes GK stand out more is dat it doesn't really have any wholly bad songs. Some parts of the song are bad (i.e. Don't kill my vibe lyrics, Real hook) but no whole song is bad and for a 13 track project that's kinda impressive. So I think it's slightly over LiG.

    • wu wear

      I agreed with everything you said except that GKMC was dope

    • The MG

      Agree with Chicago Rilla. I too think LIG and GKMC are tied for album of the year. I can't pick one over the other.

    • keegs

      co-sign chicago rilla's comment.

    • Chicago Rilla

      Naw, the beats are even, the albums are dead even, Nas is clearly the better lyricist,Kendrick no slouch, I bought both these albums and listen to both extensively. people tend to lean toward kendrick because he's newer

    • Anonymous

      NaS stans are the worst stans I've ever seen. Life is Good is not better lyrically, it has no concept, it has weaker beats, and it had 3 terrible tracks (U DONT UNDERSTAND, REACH OUT, SUMMER ON SMASH.) That's like 25% of the standard edition which is what reviews/awards go by... Life is Good also did absolutely nothing new. GKMC was very innovative (for this time, considering just about everything has been done.)

  • Anonymous

    daughters video of the year is a joke

  • Anonymous

    how isn't goldie, wassup, or purple kisses video of the year

  • Heffe Christ

    Mixtape of the year Fabolous- The Soul Tape 2

  • Heffe Christ

    Album of the year G.O.O.D Music "Cruel Summer"

  • cinavenom

    1. Wu-Block 2. Sean Price - Mic Tyson 3. Gangrene - Vodka & Ayuasca 4. Roc Marciano - Reloaded 5. O.C. & Apollo Brown - Trophies

  • Joe

    I'm not sure who dickrides Kendrick Lamar more, HopHopDX, or Rap Genius.

    • BLACK


    • Gangely

      So now liking an album is dickriding? Honestly, ppl all over been playing this non-stop since it dropped. Kendrick earned his spot with some real Hip-Hop. Are there other good albums, yes, but here's a fan favorite, with sales to back it up, that sounds amazing, co-signed by Dre even after being a fan favorite before signing. Quit b*itching.

  • Anonymous

    Lol Fuck Hip-Hop Dx Smh

  • Chicago Rilla

    IDK TO ME "LIFE IS GOOD" WAS BETTER slightly,Action Bronson" two mixtapes(rare chandeliers & blue chips are up there too, too bad they're mixtapes but both are album quality)

    • poppa large

      ahh,a real list, real rap. except sean price got the #1 spot and chino xl's ricanstruction is in top 5 of 2012. fuck nas and kendrick- industry fuckin playin it safe pussy shit.

  • Anonymous

    no mention of "The Heist" by Macklemore n Ryan Lewis??

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    My top 10 albums this year. Kendrick Lamar GKMC Frank Ocean Channel orange Mayday Take me to your leader Nas life is good Killer Mik R.A.P. Music Lupe fiasc Food & liquor 2 Ab-soul Control system EL-P Cancer for cure Sean price Mic tyson Game Jesus piece

  • Anonymous

    Next year Kendrick Lamar comes out with nothing - HIphopDX gives him five awards.

  • gsonii

    I don't agree with many of these things. Nothing about Kendrick is that good he is just getting the huge media push and still can't do anything major with it.

    • Gangly

      Kendrick was dope to a lot of ppl before Dre, now with Dre even more ppl like his music. If you have a system (not earbuds) then you already know his album sounds amazing. If you don't like Kendrick's album - cool, it's called taste - have your own, but there's no denying he took over musically (sound quality, fans, sales, push, etc...).

    • boss

      he was getting these rewards before he was signed to dre so you are wrong.

  • amirhossssein

    top 35 albums of the year Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, M.A.A.D City 1 Killer Mike R.A.P. Music 2 Brother Ali Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color 3 4 Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 Ab-Soul Control System 5 Apollo Brown & O.C. Trophies 6 El-P Cancer for Cure 7 Mayday! Take Me To Your Leader 8 Death Grips The Money Store 9 Lecrae Gravity 10 Nas Life Is Good 11 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis The Heist 12 Aesop Rock Skelethon 13 The Alchemist Russian Roulette 14 Big K.R.I.T. Live from the Underground 15 The Coup Sorry to Bother You 16 Roc Marciano Reloaded 17 Sean Price Mic Tyson 18 Slaughterhouse Welcome to: Our House 19 Blu & Exile Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them 20 Madchild Dope Sick 21 Rapsody The Idea of Beautiful 22 Oddisee People Hear What They See 23 P.O.S We Don't Even Live Here 24 Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch Wu Block 25 Big Boi Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors 26 Schoolboy Q Habits & Contradictions 27 Freddie Gibbs Baby Face Killa 28 Curren$y The Stoned Immaculate 29 Saigon The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses 30 Public Enemy Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp 31 Danny! Payback 32 Xzibit Napalm 33 RZA The Man With The Iron Fists 34 8Ball Life's Quest 35

    • Chicago Rilla

      1. Nas- Life is Good 2. Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid in a M.A.D. City 3. Action Bronson- Blue Chips 4. Blu & Exile- Give me Flowers while I can smell them 5. Action Bronson & Alchemist- Rare Chandeliers 6. Sean Price- Mic Tyson 7. Big K.R.I.T- 4Eva N A Day 8. Skyzoo- Theo Vs. JJ (Reality Vs. Dreams) 9. O.C. & Apollo Brown- Trophies 10. Skyzoo- A Dream Deferred 11. Freeway- Diamond in the Ruff 12. Murs & 9th Wonder- The Final Adventure 13. Stalley- Savage Journey to the American Dream 14. Wu-Tang/D-Block- Wu-Block 15. Lupe Fiasco- Food & Liquor 2 16. Big K.R.I.T.- Live from the Underground 17. Ross Ross- God Forgives I Don't 18. Fabolous- The Soul Tape 2 19. Roc Marciano- Reloaded 20. Brother Ali- Mourning in America Dreaming In Color 21. Killer Mike R.A.P. Music 22. The Game- Jesus Piece 23. Big Boi- Viscous Lies & Dangerous Rumors 24. The Game- Jesus Piece 25. Ab-Soul- Control System 26. Smoke Dza- Rugby Thompson 27. Curren$y- The Stoned Immaculate 28. Freddie Gibbs- Babyface Killa 29. Buckshout & 9th wonder- The Solution 30. Saigon- The Greatest Story Never told 2 31. Beanie Sigel- This Time 32. Reks- Straight No Chaser 33. G.O.O.D. Music- Cruel Summer 34. Slum Village- Dirty Slums 35. Big Sean- Detroit Haven't listen to Joey Badass's mixtape yet, heard it was excellent.

    • hellyes

      yeah this is a pretty good list. only thing i would change is put jesus piece on there around 10-15

    • anonymous1

      Great list..agree with lots of the choices gonna check the ones I haven't heard yet..props

    • Heffe Christ

      Dope list, but no Cruel Summer?

    • IDK

      I think I have to give you props for taking the time to listen to all of those albums and ranking them lol

    • Anonymous

      thts actually a really good list. Props for including Maydays album

    • Anonymous

      wow props man i almost totally agree with your list, very weird. except you obviously need to relisten to saigon tgnt2 again it deserves top 10

  • Anonymous


  • After 20 years of garbage, Hiphop is back

    Haters get over it. Hiphopdx is so anti-Drake man. Drake killed it and you mothafuckin know it. It pains you but its the truth so quit overlooking the obvious: Stay Schemin, Pop That, Fuckin Problems, Amen, No Lie....Killed every track. Rick Ross "Rich Forever" was a great album,lengendary really....Kendrick Lamar destroyed it. Nas destroyed it. Both had some of the best albums of the year. Biggest disappointment album of the year was the "cruel summer" LP. It was Kanye's first average album. (No true head was expecting Nicki Minaj to drop anything other than pop-rap).



  • Hip Hop Instrumentals

    Agreed. Hip Hop with NaS and Face one of the best songs released this year.

  • SDK

    Uh! I only love her if her eyes brown Play this shit while you play around with my crown King H-O y'all should know by now If you don't know UH! Millions on the wall in all my rooms Niggas couldn't fuck with my daughter's room Niggas couldn't walk in my daughter's socks Bank see bitches Basciat I ran through that buck fifty Live Nation funded me They workin on another deal they talkin TWO HUNDRED FIFTY!!! I'm holdin out for three Two seventy five and I just might agree Ex d boy used to park my beamer Now look at me I could park in my own arena I only love her if her weave knew I'm still a hood nigga what you want me to do Been hoppin out the B.M. with your BM Takin her places you can't go with your per diem Screamin carpe diem until I'm a dead poet Robin Williams shit, I deserve a Golden Globe bitch! I take a Ace in the meanwhile You ain't gotta keep this Khaled it's just a freestyle Fuck rap money I made more off crates Fuck show money I spent that on drapes Close the curtains fuck boy out my face! I whip the coke let the lawyer beat the case Murder was the case that they gave me I killed the Hermes store somebody save me Stuntin to the Max, like, wavy OH SHIT!!!! Oh! Stuntin to the Max I'm so wavy Used to shop in TJ Maxx back in '83 JAY KILLED THE BEAT

    • nah

      it's "banksy", not "bank see". and "basquiat", no c.

    • BLACK



      YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME... 'niggas couldn't fuck with my daughters' room'...'screaming carpe diem until I'm a dead poet I deserve a Golden Globe'...'play this shit while you play around with my crown'... nice mid-rhyme cornball ad-libs Jay 'I'm so wavy' like Game didn't diss you with those exact words lol... Of all the hot verses dropped this year you pick that garbage... 'VROOOM LOUD WHEN I'M COMING THROUGH DAMNNNN'... You get that? I got that Jay wow... can't believe you guys act like Jay is still dropping heat... hasn't dropped a decent CD in 10 fucking years but right he is still the greatest

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar Sing about me, I'm dying of thirst- Song of the year, Kendrick Lamar album of the year, artist of the year, period.

  • mea

    Nas verse from Worlds An Addiction about the doctor who has his wife cheating on him is insane. Verse of the year in my opinion. imagery is insane, completely captures So many vices, habits, mine of course, bad chicks My response to any advice on what is the essentials of life I'm just rebellious, not selfish, Guess we all share different definitions of what wealth is I need the best things in life that's women, that's cars Cigars in Venice, bottle on ice, that's priceless The other night, just in the emergency room A patient said she needs to see a doctor soon Doctor busy operating on a lady who's sedated He can barely concentrate, cause he's newly separated His estranged wife likes entertaining her acquaintance In the house they were married in, mad people waiting Some young, some old, heads and stomachs aching Filling out an application, cause they all need medication But the doctor need love or a quick vacation, calling up his travel agent Same time, premeditating murdering his ex wife Life, savage ain't it Some need Xanax, just to maintain it We all need faith cause the world keep changing Let go of the illusion, start some restraining

  • SDK

    Esco, dress code, it changes Harrods in England Back to the star spangled labels in my closet hanging Counting wonder in the tundra Cant humble the disgruntled when I come through, confront ya Let nothing slide, sly remarks You must wanna die but you frontin', why? When we all know you pumpkin pie When we in the bus we fly better shit than Emirates To Dubai, to the Chi Im a crucial conflict Heaven sent, cause a storm, typhoon flood you out You are what a thug about Im a fuckin juggernaut Never sleep, never tire, keep a freak I tie up Who dont speak, she quiet So I can think, conspire On my feets a ?, and sometimes sneakers Wear ties at the Setai Miami Time-pieces are from Zurich Its like Im allergic To Nonoxynol 9 Give it to you raw so you can feel it

  • Anonymous

    yall might not like it, but that dont like remix was waaay better than mercy. On mercy, the only verse that really stood out was big sean, all the others were just decent. on that dont like, EVERYBODY KILLED DAT. even chief keef did pretty alright on that. n kanye murkd dat shit waaay hotter than mercy. plus they got jadakiss on dat. 2chainz was a part of mercy therefore disqualifying it from being nominated for anything cause he is garbage and garbage rappers only win VMA's

    • Anonymous

      fuckin h8ed mercy. Some ppl like it but like u said, lyrically it was wack outside of maybe Big Sean's verse but dats like choosing the lesser of wat 4 evils?..I'd rather listen to the I dont like remix 100 times b4 Mercy & dats jus cuz the hook catchy. Nothing about Mercy is special outside of the big named featured artists. That should win the award for maybe highest grossing track of the year but nvr best collaboration...Does any1 judge lyricism anymore or is just radio spins?

  • youngen

    The new era has begun

  • AJ

    Where's J.Cole? Kendrick is gettin the kind of hype Cole should have gotten when he entered the game, but didnt, and now he's bein overshadowed by K.L. Maybe that will change when he drops Born Sinner..

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick and Gunplay? I thought Nas and Scarface was a much better collab

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry but having decent lyrics can not make up for having absolutely no musical talent. Joey Bada$$ literally talks on all the beats he doesn't even rap.

  • TaZzZ

    Why does Freddie Gibbs no get the shine he deserves, especially on DX? I have over 200 of his songs in my library and they are all crack. He's one of the most consistent, dope mothafuckas I've heard in my life. Does anyone get this? Guys an animal... Anyone...

    • Anonymous

      I'm yet to really listen to the dude much, but the verse he had on the Iron Fists soundtrack was one of my favourites on that album.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointing album of the year, where is DMX? Of the top of your head tell me one bar you remember from that album, okay I raise the bar, tell me one song title you remember from that album. Dont worry, I'll wait.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with this

    • casper21

      totally co-sign. 'Already' shouldnt have even been on the album, his camp leaked that online back in like '09. I'm a die hard X fan for the past 13 years, and this was just beyond disappointing, I wish he hadn't even bothered to release an album. Just kept touring off his catalogue. Hip hop dx didn't even review his album to my knowledge, I might be wrong there, but I don't think I am. I mean does this panel even consider the legend that he is, to put out something this bad after 6 years, and the last album was horrible too...

    • Confused Listener

      DMX - "Already".

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign, I even forgot dude had an album dis year, that's how disappointing it is.

  • Big C

    Not one Nas mention? Not his collab with Amy, not any of his verses, not even his tour with Lauryn fuckin Hill? I love KRIT but he should have a disappointing album mention. I dont know who should have one producer of the year, but Alchemist just doesn't feel right

    • casper21

      KRIT mention for disappointing album, really? Its an opinion sure, but damn, even Scarface and Bun B and shit were giving him his props. Hell I'd even give him verse of the year mention for Rich Dad Poor Dad.

  • Anonymous

    joey bada$$ is the man, he brought some nice sound from 90's to present day

  • wu wear

    Sorry but Hip Hop by DJ Khaled ft Nas and Scarface was the verse/song/everything of the year

  • Jonny Tha Best

    "m.A.A.d. City should of beat out No Mercy....No Mercy lags greatness with Big Seas and 2 Chainz on the track

  • yadude

    Meek Millz for most disapointing album!

  • viski

    Where the fuck is Meek Mill on any of this?

  • the Grza

    Gunplay and Kendrick as a runner up for collab of the year? Seriously?? There has to be a 100 collabs this year better than that one. Either that, or everything that came out this year was mediocre. The joint with MC Eiht should be nowhere near this. Looks like DX is preppin' for a clean sweep for Kendrick tomorrow. Album of the year, readers choice album of the year and Swimming Pools as video of the year. smh.

  • TiiDo

    Andre 3000's verse on 'Sixteen' should be verse of the year, followed by the 2nd verse on 'Sing About Me' by Kendrick Lamar. And what about Nas' 2nd verse on 'Stay'? Collabo of the year? Why not try Congregation by Talib Kweli, Ab-Soul, & Black Thought? Rising star? Ab-Soul deserves a mention surely. Not happy with this list DX.

  • adam

    how can Nicki and BoB be disappointing albums? don't act like you know it wasn't gonna be a pop album. Let's go for something real like Slaughterhouse's album no one cared about. GOOD music's let-down or the dated sounds of Wu-Block.

  • Anonymous

    "hip hop" scarface and nas >

  • Anonymous

    wow niggas on kendrick's dick. i mean he's dope and all, but damn

  • saif

    Hip Hop by nas and scarface anyone ? that was so epicc

  • Anonymous

    Triple Beam Dreams - Nas verse of the year

  • Anonymous

    Comeback of the year Juicy J? What the fuck, what about DMX?

    • casper21

      X's album was shamefully terrible, that's why he doesn't get mentioned for a comeback, he hasn't come back yet, we're still waiting for something decent.

    • Anonymous

      Oh ye I didn't though it that way

    • boss

      dmx didnt have one hit, how is that a comeback? only thing he did worth mentioning was say he was going to hit drake and sing rudolph the red nosed reindeer. that aint no comeback son.

    • JRich

      Lol X sold like 30k records. It was pretty good, but not really comeback worthy. But Juicy J is signed to Wiz Khalifa and had one of the biggest hits of the year. Dude hasn't been this relevant since like 05, so they got that one right.

  • TYG

    Verse of the year surprised me! Killer Mike is dope and has great lyrics but i didnt think HipHopDX would pick that as the best! Im glad they recognized greatness!

  • hiphopfan

    Nas album was very good, live show in Denver was dope as fuck! Andre 3000 verse on T.I. track "Sorry" is very ridiculous, know it just dropped but should've been considered.

  • DA DON

    LIFE IS GOOD...album of da year no disrespect to KDOT!!!

  • shh

    EVEN "THE ALMIGHTY NAS"....(21 century) DJ $21....*smile PAID "homage" to TUPAC AMARU SHAKER I REPEAT NAS did a TUPAC TRIBUTE with that being said THUG LIFE is the greatest "HIP HOP" album ever 2PAC in 2012..has become a "CAT-A-GORY"....*smile....I LUV HIP HOP...DO U?....*tears

  • David

    Nas- hip hop = verse of the year

  • Ray

    Good shit recognizing Ghostface Killah on New God Flow he raped everybody on that shit...

  • FV Turned Up!


  • WUH


  • KY

    being a slaughterhouse fan their album was this year's disappointment for me...

  • Anonymous

    Killer Mike?? seriously?? every single verse Tech N9ne drops is tighter than him, verse of the year my ass

    • Anonymous

      Tech N9ne is the biggest joke in the rap game. That dude cannot write a verse that makes sense. He's beyond wack.

    • Anonymous

      "Then I'm right back, listening to Doors records while I get groupie whores naked/If it's a blood and gore message, in a movie I'll sure catch it/ My brain's a vorplex it, got many levels, your message/ Make a nigga want to ignore that shit, y'all pissy poor, that's it" Killer Mike bodied!

    • TaZzZ

      I'm the biggest Technician on the planet, but this was a really disappointing year for Tech and the Strange team. Signing Rittz is the best thing he did all year. Waitin on that Mannibalector to bring em back, but you can't take that away from Killer Mike, Tech had not one memorable verse this year...

    • carAnthony

      Tech N9ne is good as well, but Killa Mike is pure lyricist!

    • TYG

      Tech N9ne is good but Killer Mike is way better lyrically in my opinion!

    • Anonymous

      Listen to it kid. It's not just about rhyming quickly, lyrically Reagan was incredible.

  • Anonymous

    HIT-BOY should've been producer of the year. Alchemist is a BEAST but he didn't have a beat that everybody know. Andre 3000 Sixteen verse was the BEST

  • corey

    2050 tour shoulda been atleast nominated for tour of the year.. 2chainz shoulda been runner up for comeback.. the weeknd trilogy for album not hip hop should of had some recognition. slept on murs and 9th wonder the final adventure?

  • Anonymous

    verse of the years belongs to Drake - "STAY schemin" or "pop that" (haters be hating) Album of year - "Rich Forever" did deserve a mention. IMO it will go down as a classic. Best shit Rick Ross ever dropped funny how you dis Odd future as off wax talent and then, simultaneously give your best accolade to Frank Ocean.

  • Anonymous

    niggas need to stop overrating alot of shit. I fucks with Kendrick but its to much dick riding on this kid. With that said Kendrick do your thing. Also Section 80 is way better then GKMC. I mean way better in everyway. Lyrics, Production and topics. I hate to say it but GKMC is a bit overrated. Still a good album.

  • Mr.Jim

    Verse of the year should be hip-hop hopefully it will get collabo instead also I think album of the year is a toss-up between life is good, gkmc, and f&L2, these are the only three albums I can think of the top of my head from 2012 I would listen to again

  • mack

    Although the media makes the distinction between mainstream and underground albums, I don't. Music is music. Sometimes it seems only major label albums can compete in the album of the year category with a legit shot of getting top honors. Calling an album slept on is like acknowledging its greatness but not wanting to go out on the limb and put it up there with the mainstream titles. Give the fans some credit. Good is good and bad is bad. This year, the best album is OC and Apollo Brown Trophies hands down. Great lyrics, great beats, great concept, great combat. Life is Good i would put at #2, and Ab Soul Control System at #3.

  • ark

    Damn, Lupe fans love to ride his dick.

  • poop33

    Shouldn't Tityboi 2 Chainz get comeback of the year?

  • comachonvargas

    Yes DX I understand that your existence depends on some new rappers sustaining themselves in the game so you need to give props whenever possible so they can keep their visibility... but you can't deny a rapper who has been in it for 20+ yrs, 20 million sold, and 4 certified classics who dropped the album of the year and the best verse of the year Best Album is LIG... how many songs have you heard better than locomotive, daughters, queens story, reach out, stay, or wheres the love on a single album? DX is clearly honoring the'only nigga sade dated the most hated Nas nigga' status Best verse; Nas on Hip hop You seriously going to act like Reagan was the best verse? Sly fox is just as good as that shit and both Sixteen and Nas verse on the Carter 4 Intro are better than Reagan You guys seriously need to lay off the Kendrick lamar cumguzzling... GKMC is solid but a classic? Not likely... ESPECIALLY SINCE ITS ONLY BEEN OUT A COUPLE MONTHS

  • REAL

    Day 1 Emcee of the Year-LUPE FIASCO Trend We'd Like to See Die-YOLO Slept-On Album of the Year-FOOD & LIQUOR 2 (135,000 SOLD????) Day 2 - Producer of the Year-HARRY FRAUD Tour of the Year-NAS Comeback of the Year-GHOSTFACE & SHEEK LOUCH (WU BLOCK) Day 3 Verse of the Year-ANY VERSE ON BITCH BAD Non-Hip Hop Album of the Year-RITA ORA Disappointing Album of the Year-B.O.B. Day 4 Rising Star of the Year-KENDRICK LAMAR Story of the Year-DIAMANTIS KOKORAS Collaboration of the Year-LEAVING THE DOCK (CURREN$Y & HARRY FRAUD) Day 5 Album of the Year-LUPE FIASCOS FOOD & LIQUOR 2:TGARA (P1) Reader's Choice Album of the Year-GOOD KID M.A.A.D CITY Video of the Year-BITCH BAD

    • TaZzZ

      I like this but a few issues... Comeback Sheek & Ghost??? They never left, Ghost been one of the illest for 2 decades Kendrick isn't a rising star, he's been established for years Collab- Love that Track but a producer and a rapper isn't a collabo, or every song would qualify That's a little much for Lupe, great year and album for him but he doesn't deserve all that, kendrick had a better year no doubt. He's been everywhere this year

    • mm

      this is indeed real

  • bizzalls

    Definitely should have had 2 Chainz for dissapointing album. But then again, I understand why they didn't because everyone knew it would suck. Nobody had high expectations for his wack muthafuckin ass.

  • Anonymous

    Why isn't Killer Mike being shunned for his racist comment about how because Obama is black all black people should vote for him or they are betraying their race?? Dissapointing album of the year: Slaughterhouse - Welcome to Our House. Was a decent album, nothing more. Verse of the year should've went to Kendrick Lamar.

  • Anonymous

    how you going to not even mention Nas' verse on "Hip Hop", this verse was by far the best verse of the year.

  • carAnthony

    Huge agree on day 3, not hugest, but huge!

  • d

    Props to Killer Mike, he could of got runner up with his second verse on Butane as well to be honest. But I do agree that Reagan deserved top spot - rewound that verse so many times it's crazy.

  • Johannesburg

    Kendrick Lamar Emcee of the year for real for real,you guys are bunch of sensationalists.

    • shh



    What the fuck did Alchemist do this year?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Producer of the Year: Hit-Boy nigga. The only nigga out now besides Kanye West that makes hits without southern drums. Runners-up: Apollo Brown and Harry Fraud. And if Sounwave (Digi+Phonics) would have put out more shit he would def be on my list. He dope as fuck. Tour shit: idk whatever Comeback: O.C. would be number 1 for anyone. But I'm biased and Juicy J definitely needs to be on there too. Runners-up: so Juicy J and (I can't believe HHDX forgot this shit) The RZA. Man with the Iron Fist OST was crazy. He really came back with style. This is the first album he made since like 08?

  • Thenewns

    Big up's too A-L-C putting it down this year put out good some fire albums this year straight haters in here most of you toys can't even make a song get outta here with that bullshitt haha...CA LA ALL DAY!!

  • landon816

    Cant even take y'all seriously, How the fuck is the biggest tour in hip-hop history not the tour of the year!? TECH N9NE's HOSTILE TAKEOVER TOUR!!!! ^S^

  • classick_nobull

    im sorry but id much rather listen to production from Clams Casino or I.D Labs or Cardo or Sledgren or P on the Boards or spaceghostpurrp or even T-Minus then alchemist right now...i havent got into rare chandeliers yet but i doubt it touches the production from any of the people i named

    • bizzalls

      I agree...Alchemist is startin to fall the fuck off and he's always been one of my favorites! Russian Roulette sucked nuts!

  • FAP 93

    Trophies was dope as fuck, I was pumping that last night, but Oddisee should get some slept on shine also. People Hear ... is bananas



  • Nutty

    I like the lists so far. Never gon agree 100, but no complaints at this point. Loved that Apollo Brown & OC album. Alchemist is ill. El-P is sick. And tho I wouldn't go, I'm sure Drake does his thing on stage if you're into that sort of thing - definitely one of the biggest, so I can live with that. Thumbs up!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    "20 years in the game and Im still winning" Juicy J

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry, how did the Hostile Takeover 2012 tour not make tour of the year? The longest rap tour in history doesn't even make the top 3? smh

    • Assassin221

      Saw Tech N9ne briefly at Rock the Bells a few years back, I'm not even a huge fan but that dude was killing it, had the face paint and his crew up there doing synchronized dance moves and shit. But maybe they figured Tech N9ne got enough shine in 2011 to last a couple years.

    • Pegasus Flow

      Tech N9ne is a beast, dont be a bitch Anon2

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      It's because Tech N9ne is wack and no one cares

    • Anonymous

      Yeah its cuz Tech doesnt get that 12 year old girl money like Drake does. They should change the name of this website to smfh I didnt even know faggot Drake even had a tour. This sites on some bullshit

  • nah

    smh, r kelly should get an award for telling the truth:

  • ss

    verse of the year, andre 3000 "sixteen"

  • Anonymous

    lol at alchemist being producer of da year. dx is funny

  • Anonymous

    AS much as I love Alchemist, he is far from the producer of the year..Apollo Brown has had a great year.

  • SDK



    2 Chainz needs to die, and so does the term "dickrider". If i hear that shit one more time I'm gonna flip the fuck out. Just because someone likes a rapper or feels their music, they're a "dickrider." That's the most annoying fuckin shit ever. BUnch of faggots who say that shit.


    Alchemist producer of the year? Fuck no! That dude is gettin worse and worse and worse! His Russian Roulette album was straight up trash!! And that shit he did with Action Bronson only had like 3 good beats on it. Alchemist is becoming wack, and it's sad. He was 10 times better in the 90's and early '00's. Let's hope he makes me a believer again in 2013 with the Prodigy album and whatever else he's working on, because right now, he sucks dick.

  • bizzalls

    I dont give a shit what anybody says, Harry Fraud is fuckin WACK!! Tell me ONE ILL beat that dude has made! Also, how you gonna have "Fraud" in your name? WTF?

    • classick_nobull

      harry fraud has the problem of not switchen up the drum patterns on his beats but most beats i heard so far were dope...bird on a wire beat is classic, the beat he gave to wiz an 50 cent was classic, a few of the curren$y ones were sick

    • BLACK


  • TaZzZ

    Agree with the all except the tour and maybe Producer, Apollo really killed it this year so did Harry Fraud. Otherwise I'm fine with the choices. Would have taken OC over Juicy J but thats just preference, Juicy had a bigger year I guess...

  • G.O.A.T.


  • You Know

    BET Music Matters should have got best tour. Saw it in Chicago n probably one of the best rap concerts I seen. Stalley was good, Ab was better, Kendrick was great. And Jay Rock wasnt bad neither. To make it even better, Lupe and Twista came out as well. Dont get better.

  • Jonny The Best

    Tech N9ne's Hostile Takeover Tour was the best tour of the year but it is safe to say it was the most slept of, regardless of record it holds

    • TaZzZ

      I know bullshit, especially considering how bad DX is on Tech's nuts... Not his best tour but Tech has best stage show ever so what do you expect

  • Rogelio

    I can't fathom a tour of the year award with no mention of Tech N9ne's Hostile Takeover Tour. 95 stops in over 100 days with Stevie Stone, Mayday, Prozak, Machine Gun Kelly and the finale with Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko was 5 hours of non-stop fire!!

  • BafflerMeal

    Apollo Brown deserved to be at least third. Him, El-P and Alchemist were the top three producers.

  • Broward County

    I'm an old head, who came into the game when Sugarhill Gang and Flash and the Furious Five were craccin'. Listening to "Good Kid, MA.A.d City" was like taking a trip bac in time to the late '80's, or early '90's. It was surprising and refreshing to hear someone create a WHOLE album, as opposed to a slapped-together collection of filler tracks filled with guest features. That said, it's good to see that the young people are on Kendrick's side as well. I really believe GKMC is a classic. Probably one of the Top 20 albums I've ever heard- and that's a lot of albums!

    • lol

      only 6 replayabale tracks???? i cant play 1 of those songs apart xd u gotta play the whole album its 1 awesome song xd,

    • classick_nobull

      come on dude your givin broward a bad name...kendricks album had like 5-6 replayable tracks, shit was not classic...i can name 30-40 albums in the 90s alone that are better, i cant imagine if i counted all the classic albums i heard from the 80s,90s,and 00's....

    • che

      agreed, man. best album of the year for sure.

  • atomic

    I sure hope Aesop Rock/Skelethon gets some recognition before this thing is done. Came out 6 months ago and I still cant get it out of my player for more than a day.

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  • vanessaleblanc

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  • Dwes79

    I also think Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson's Album should be revisited...And, Dom Kennedy's Yellow Album (though, a mixtape) impressed me tremendously...

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't Hit-boy on fire? I might be mixing up last year's songs like Niggas in Paris, Clique, Goldie, Higher... maybe it's outputting entire albums rather than hit songs. (thinking out loud)

    • Dwes79

      No your not mixing it up...Hit-boys album didn't really impress me though it had good beats, but, it matters only to the listeners perception of what is appeasing to one's ear...So, while it didn't set-off any radars for me to jump all over the album, it probably was a good album to some/most listeners.

  • Orr971

    Only thing that matters: ALCHEMIST is best producer of the year!!!!! For me he is the best of all times but still!

    • Dwes79

      Granted, he definitely gets merit, though, apollo brown is definitely coming up fast...But, overall he's growing in range and that's a positive, although, Russian Roulette and Rare Chandeliers left me disappointed...

  • marci beaucoup

    where is roc marciano...???

  • Dwes79

    I agree with everything except producer of the year and El-P...I agree that Al's production has become interesting to say the least, but, his production is equivalent to almost 'busting a nut'...Irritating to say the least. El-P was nothing to write about...Kendrick easily won 'Emcee of the year', although, I am a Nas-favorite...I agree on Apollo's OC; that was a slept on album...Absolutely, don't think its necessary to judge a rapper on how the press treats him; could care less. Overall, I agree that goodkid madcity was probably the best album of the year and although, I don't agree on the runner-up being Russian Roulette, I do agree on Rapsody's album; I was shocked from start to finish with her album. For Nas fan's I felt the same way about his album that I felt about Al's Russian Roulette, though, I liked Nas's album a hell-of-a-lot better.

  • cinavenom

    I also think Frank Dukes needs a mention for producer of the year.

  • Anonymous

    I think the interview part was stupid. Who would want to do interviews with people who like capitalizing off of negativity and want to bait artist to start drama? I say good job to these artist, shit.

  • Wizz

    And where the fuck is as well Saigon?

  • Wizz

    Where's the House Gang???

  • zamieo

    Nas did TWELVE features this year. Not 30 or 35. KENDRICK, though, did THIRTYSEVEN features. He also had the album of the year. He also had a hit single. None of Nas' singles even charted. Kendrick also outsold Nas, easily, as a rookie in the game. Look, Nas is one of the greatest of all times and he had a good year, but don't front. The numbers and accomplishments Kendrick did speaks for themselves. No one did as much as Kendrick this year, NO ONE.

    • classick_nobull

      seriously? nas album was way better then kendricks, it was even KENDRICKS favorite album of the year lol i heard 2 songs on the radio from kendrick as well as ALOT of cosigns from dre,snoop,game,etc...of course dude is gonna sell more,he was marketed more...if nas had 2 songs on the radio and every nigga in the rap game was talkin bout him the numbers wuda been the opposite between the two,believe that....

    • Dwes79

      Meaning, that while a lot of albums were honorable mention, the rapper doesn't fit the beat and it can be said about the beat not fitting the rapper, but, Kendrick's Album is in two-step...As far as, people getting mad because a 2-chains album or one of these beat only albums didn't get album of the year on this site; it has it's own lane...In my book, it's ratchet album of the year or strip-club album of the year..HAHA

    • Dwes79

      Yoo, stop the hating...The kid came with substance and the beat-to-match...Some beats don't match the lyricism and vis-a-versa...As far as, ratchet music; it has it's own lane, but, will never get album of the year in my book.

    • yoo

      Good Kid, mAAd City sucked dick "bitch don't kill my vibe" shit was weak as fuck. Dude's a talented lyracist but that album was my no means album of the year. and honestly Kendrick's overrated by you skinny jean diamond hat wearing motherfuckers

    • Anonymous

      Who cares if he did 37 features. Lil Wayne does like 50. You just end up over exposing yourself eventually. He is a great artist no doubt. And he def produced along with Nas album of the year (which I think they should actually share) but I dont give a flying fuck if he outsold Nas or did 37 features, you actually went out of your way to count them?



  • ShambaMenelek

    MC of the Year, Nas.. Not only LIG but he did like 30 features this year and they were amazing. I guess u wanna give the young blood shine. Slept On Album of The Year , Trophies Appolo Brown & OC No fucking doubt. Its def Top ten album of the year. Even I slept on it. Trend Dissapear .. I dont Know about Wayne and J Cole but Nas did a Million Interviews this year. Dont know where U been. He might not have done one with you but can U blame him with some of the slanderous Articles about him that have been on this site? Google My Name Bitches!

  • youngsta

    "emcee of the year: kendrick lamar" yes! no sign of nas, any slaughterhouse member, e-40 or any other old ass nigga that gets dickrode to death by hip hop purists. and nice seeing ab-soul as a runner-up. don't know who killer mike is, so i'll ignore that. so yeah, eat a dick haters.

    • cinavenom

      Ghostface is the MC of the year every year.

    • Anonymous

      Def Jux is defunct man el-p using fat possum and williams street recordings and shit now. he folded that label to focus on music more. i say we been reaping the benefits. all those cats landed on their feet anyway besides cage it seems. haha

    • BradZuk

      Killer mike been in the game since stankonia, when big boi introduced him to the world. Since then hes been a very solid, southern, political rapper. Despite his politics, his highlight is ADIDAS (all day i dream about sex). More recently, hes jumped out the southern boat, and hopped on def jux. El-P (legendary indie producer and rapper whose 2012 album was dope in its own right) produced all of Killer Mikes album, RAP Music, and it def deserves a listen. Fairly political, fairly angry, very southern, and realllllly dope.

    • Anonymous

      but yall been dickridng nas since way before his last album

    • Anonymous

      @ youngsta I guess your homie Kendrick is a Nas dickrider cuz he said Nas put out the best album this year. good music is good music regardless of age. go dickride that.

    • ShinbrigGoku

      Bro you're missing out, Killer Mike's "R.A.P Music," is at least in the top 5 of album of the year

  • ScottSengbush

    slept on: Dark Time Sunshine- Anx and yes to the Mayday nod, that album crept up on me and blew my mind

  • Anonymous

    We all know Nas was the emcee of 2012 it's not even close. Duke did over 35 features and every single one was - lyrically amazing - on topic - smooth Lets see if your favorite rapper can do that 20 years into their career. FOH nas wins

    • Anonymous

      Agreed but to be honest i think i rather see one of these new guys or one of these up and coming guys get some awards. Especially Kendrick Lamar. Dude is nice with his shit.

  • Spliffst4rr

    Mixtape of the year better end up being A Loose Quarter. By far was the best tape of the year.

    • IDK

      Personally, I really dig Trademark da Skydiver's "Flamingo Barnes" and Freddie Gibbs' "Baby Face Killa". But then I hardly listen to mixtapes, so consider my statement as biased lol

    • cinavenom

      Meyhem Lauren's Respect the Fly Shit was the mixtape of the year for me hands down.

    • Rain

      Oh and also I thought LIL'B Godsfather mixtape was better than Joe buddens tape too. That tape is the best mixtape he ever made!

    • Rain

      I like Joe Budden but he's making the same mood musik over and over again. I think Action Bronson Rare Chandeliers Mixtape was amazing and I wasn't even a huge fan until I heard it.

    • TellDaTruth

      Better than "On The House"? I agree it is a great mixtape, but "Babyface Killa" by Freddie Gibbs is legit too, or what about "Detroit" by Big Sean...I love the HouseGang so I can't say I disagree with you, but to say it is by far the best seems like a bit of an overstatement

  • JRich

    Take Me To Your Leader by MAYDAY! was the most slept on album of the year imo. And honestly I find Rapsody boring as fuck, her lyrics are cool but her songs themselves are usually enough to make me doze off

  • fredo kesiee

    i think ab-soul control system is far better than gkmc... kendrick gettin all this attention cus of the hype.. killer mike album dope too. there was a lot of album doper than gkmc.. anyways congrats k dot. ab-soul ur next to win errthing

    • BradZuk

      This coming from a black hippy nut: I couldnt disagree more. Soul was actually the first TDE member i got into, with Longterm 2. Longterm mentality blew my mind. And Control System was nearly perfect. Schoolboy is dope too, and the only one Ive seen live. Habits and Contradictions is definitely the most enjoyable listen from a chill and enjoy music standpoint. But Both Section.80 and GKMC are CLASSIC. They are universally listenable, impeccable from start to finish, and coherent, intelligent Albums. They are lyrically brilliant, but also beautifully listenable. In many ways they are some of the most impressive albums ive heard in a long time. And I listen to a lot of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      100% agree with you. Everyone I know who listened to it from start to finish basically said "hey, this album isn't bad.". I know this is a hip hop site but frank oceans album had a lot of "meh" songs. Should of cut it down

  • E

    Nailed it with emcee and slept-on album of the year so far. Trophies was amazing, and no one is touching K-Dot. Off to a good start...

  • Malone

    Oh My.. the climactic moment in our history.. . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Hiphopdx enough with Kendrick dickriding this year

  • Humz

    I think HHDX are just hurt that they didn't get interviews with these artists this year. Plus, Nas has done SO many interviews this year...

  • Anonymous

    I agree w/some others posts on MC's doing interviews. All these reporters do is turn the Artists word against them so there is almost no poind of doin interviews...I dnt think HHDX does that tho so i guess this site deserves more interviews

    • BradZuk

      DX is notorious for sensationalist headlines. They tend to be thorough enough in the actual articles, but the headlines leads and story choices are blatantly sensationalist and irritatingly boring.

  • Malone

    Lo and behold he cometh from the grave... . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Rain

    Man, Killer Mike album was just as good as Kendrick's album if not better. So many people slept on that album!

  • Jay

    Dawgz....Bronson should be a runner up for emcee of the year....2 of the best projects all year....he'll get his respect soon enough.


      I can't stand Action Bronson, the fake Ghostface. That dude's monotone flow is the most annoying shit ever AND what has he ever said that was hot? I can't think of one line he said that was nice. Dude is wack.

  • lisawebster7

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  • Anonymous

    props hip hop dx , finally some good picks , couldn't agree more

  • Dannetta Chitty

    Justin Bieber

  • saint

    MC of the Year: yeah I agree, it's obviously Kendrick Lamar. He put out album of the year and killed everybody on the features. Runners-up: I wouldn't put Killer Mike or Ab-Soul on it because they only had their album (they were both great tho) and no notable guest appearances. That's why I'd put 2Chainz on the list, he had a successful album and was on everybodys shit. My other runner-up would be Hodgy Beats of OFWGKTA. He had a great year, stepped his lyrical game up and had a heavy role in three projects (Untitled EP, OF Tape Vol. 2 & Mellowhype Numbers). Trend I'd like to see die: giveafuckaboutthisshit Slept-On album of the Year: Trophies. Definitely Trophies. I'm biased tho, cause OC is like my favorite emcee ever and I've wanted to hear him back in form for years now. This year it happened. Album was dope as fuck. Runners-up: It's really a mixtape but fuck it: Flatbush Zombies - D.R.U.G.S. The emcees have crazy mic presence and Erick Arc Elliot KILLED IT, BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE AND KILLED IT AGAIN on the production. MelloMusicGroup takes another spot on the list. Oddisee - People Hear What They See. Oddisee has been one of my favorite produders for a while now but on this album he took it to another level both productionwise and lyrically. It got great reviews everywhere and still nobody knows about it. It's some dope-intelligent-meaningful-thougt-provoking-but-still-not-bitchass-retro-sounding-hipster-friendly-real-hip-hop-shit to bump with the headphones or listen to at home.

  • 2012 year End awards goes to..

    The Most Hyped artist of the year by far... goes to... Kendrick Lamar.

    • Johnson and 96th

      Obviously, if you're being co-signed by Jay-Z or Dre, they're going to pull the strings and push the buttons that get you heard. That said, J.Cole is overrated, cause he has no presence, no charisma, no back story, and hack bars. Kendrick Lamar, on the other hand, is a master of the metaphor (Swimming Pools), a storyteller deluxe (Sing About Me, Black Boy Fly), and an all-around engaging entertainer.

    • kesiee fredo

      i second that.. too much hype just like j cole

    • Anonymous

      its great, but still overrated

    • Anonymous

      mad overrated really did you hear section 80. The most over hyped has to be 2 chainz

    • 6_OOKL

      InDeeD Kendrick is good but maaaad overrated!

  • rick

    That Rapsody album is FUCKIN' NICE!!! I sugest yo pick that up. Some of the best 9th Wonder and Khrysis production Ive heard in a while.

  • BafflerMeal

    Producer of the year has either gotta be The Alchemist or Apollo Brown, if/when they do that. Apollo produced two great albums and Al did greatness with his instrumental album, solo album, Gangrene, Domo Genesis and Action Bronson.

  • really?

    trends you want to see die is people ignoring your request for interviews? Theres 20 other rediculous trends right now and you chose the one thing that no one but you internet journalist fucks give two shits about. Unless you work for sites like HHDX then nobody can relate to this garbage.

  • Stro

    There's a reason that "...artists like Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, Nas, J. Cole and Drake largely gave the Hip Hop media the silent treatment", DX Staff. And it's a fairly obvious reason.

  • Anonymous

    who could blame a rapper for not wanting to talk to the press, all you people do is take things out of context and sensationalize half truth's.

  • 7even22

    Trends We'd Like To See Die: - HIPHOPDX stealing articles from other sites; - HIPHOPDX giving so much attention to bullshitrappers like: Wayne, Ross, 2Chainz, 50 cent, Game etc. - HIPHOPDX reviews with a lot of writing mistakes (its Sai giddy and not Sai Diddy)and chosing the side of rappers because they got paid by rappers; - Skinnyjeans and rappers wearing skirts like Kanye west and using eyeshadow like 50 Cent - R N B reviews and R N B songs on HIPHOPDX - Promoting faggots



  • triPAUD

    lol with this "Press" I don't blame them for not talking to your manipulative asses. Its cause you twist the truth, deal with it.

  • CJ

    Maybe I'm a bit biased as a 90's hip-hop fan. But I completely disagree with K.Dot being the emcee of the year. There where a lot of rappers coming out with albums this year that where way better than him. I only ever liked one song of that dude (Hiii Power), the rest is just mediocre, mainstream tracks, that are I generally find quite boring. I'm not really fammilliar with Killer Mike and Ab-Soul, so I can't say anyting about those guys.

    • L

      I'm familiar with these albums listened to every one so I can pass a judgement GKMC is not unanimous to bethe best album this year sold the most that's no question but Nas life is good Killer mike rap music Ab soul control system OC and apollo brown definitely could have album of the year too to me 2012 year for hip hop kendrick's album to me is good but not great like everybody make it that's my opinion some songs like swimming pools backseat freestyle are already tedious to me the thing is alot of people don't search for good music so when something like kendrick come out from a major label that's different from dudes who already dropped a classic like jay kanye nas they hype it up that's my observation they got the slept on right because they slept on it themselves giving it a 4 when at least they should of gotten a 4 1/2

    • Anonymous

      most of the biggest artists in history have had hype accompany their talent

    • TaZzZ

      If your not familiar with the three emcee's they have up, then how can you pass a judgment on it? Go listen to GKMC, RAP Music and Controlsystem and get back to me...

    • triPAUD

      I agree, he's dope, but his current greatness is inflated w/ hype.

  • Anonymous

    i wouldnt wanna do interviews either if the people doing them just ask the same questions over and over

  • Anonymous

    The only reason these artists don't do press is because the press always twists around everything they say to make profit. "Hip hop discourse" loses its value when an artists gives a 30 minute interview, and the thing the media focuses on is when an artist says something like "I don't like the Chris Brown Drake beef" and it gets twisted into "(Insert Rapper here) says RnB artists should stay in their own lane" or something like that. You are all to blame for hip hop artists shying away from the media. It is much easier to speak directly to fans through twitter and more importantly through their music- thats all the fans care about anyway. You're just sad you're losing your job, but it's your own damn fault to begin with. That being said - YOLO should definitely win that category, and if Ratchet music is so annoying why do you promote it on your website so much.

  • DONZ

    How about seeing the trend of rappers promoting illegal drug use in their songs. Poppin Mollies and sippin' lean sounds good in a song when he art imitates life we all indirectly become victims .... but then I guess we'd have noting else to rap about.

  • Nezzle

    Hold the front page: Hip-hop journalists don't like rappers who don't like journalists shock! Seriously, people not willing to give you an interview may have annoyed you, but do think the average fan really cares? That's such a self-involved thing to decry. As long as I hear good music, I couldn't care less whether an artist talks to the press. I don't know why I'm so surprised at how obnoxious that is, to be honest. No wonder people hate the press. Anyway, good picks for the most slept-on albums, although I feel Ab-Soul may be a little undeserving of a spot in the top three MC's of the year (not to say I'm not a fan, I just think that Roc Marciano or Freddie Gibbs might have been a better call). But that 'Trend We'd Like To See Die' is just obnoxious. Your job is something that so many people would love to do, and yet you just bitch and moan that J.Cole won't answer his phone to you. Jesus wept.

  • nuc

    Killer Mike made an unreal HipHop album! Beats kill GKMC, as does substance,,, but hype runs hiphop in 2012... so giving it to K dot works. not my pick, but the fact kilelr mike is in there is good with me