The Right To Remain Silent: The Best Way To Stay Out Of Jail

One law student and Prodigy from Mobb Deep break down what happens after an arrest, and how your future may depend on it.

Former New York City Department of Correction Commissioner Martin Horn gave a speech to City Hall in 2008 about juveniles in the justice system. This is what he had to say about the adolescents on Rikers Island.


  • Allen Benge

    Two good examples, while fictional in one case and historic in the other, come from movies. In My cousin Vinnie, when the sheriff mentions to the kid why did he kill the clerk, the kid says, incredulously, "I killed him?' or some such, and Bingo! the Sheriff had his confession. Tom Horn, a cattle 'detective' was accused of a murder, and was gotten to talking while a hidden stenographer took down what he said. The conversation was misquoted and taken out of context, but Tom was hanged.

  • Chris Thomas

    @ Cith: Sorry for the long delay. You did the right thing. My guess is if you said nothing, they'd want to fuck with you until you did.

  • RuffDraft

    Wether you commited the crime or not fact is it is not the cops job to find who really did it. It is there job to get as much information as possible and get a easy case. Even if they know deep down you didn't do it but you say something that makes you sound guilty they will use that. They just want convictions. They don't care if you are actually innocent.