Get Your Mind Right: Underground Vs. Mainstream

A look at what Soundscan doesn't want you to know, advertising and the things that make talented emcees superstars.

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  • LYVE613

    Very good information

  • John Smith

    Zappa, has a lot to say about 'milly vanilli-ism' as well, music does. The "Fake list of who sold what" for example, Nielsen et al aren't very good metrics, for quality, they're quantative, decent piece, just because something sells doesn't make it good or bad. But does, potentially, change how an artist's work is viewed or considered, Zappa's definition seems to hold: "the mainstrem is found for you and shown to you, you have to find the underground" he regarded this as the main difference. Nowadays the internet has people just making for the sake of it, Black Knights and a great number of decent artists exist, still both 'commercial' and 'making a living'. Then there's the whole sell-out thing, making a living is one thing, selling Reebok is another, personally.

  • gwizz

    YouTube Gordon Gilmore. .......... CT unsigned artist looking for exposure

  • best rapper alive best rapper alive!

  • Caimbus

    I tried having this conversation with my wife. I asked her if she heard of EPMD or K.R.S. One. She said no. They were underground is what I told her.She said that the only reason they were is because they couldn't make it big. She doesn't get it. Neither the person who wrote this aritcle

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all that soundscan shit. What does that prove. Plain an simple about what makes an artist mainstream. If your in the studio trying to make records w/ the intent for them to get on the radio then your a mainstream artist. Mos Def isn't doing that. 50 cent is. Simple son. That A&R telling you to sound like this or say that taking creative control away from you and u do it then ur mainstream.