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Good game from the Roc's top engineer.

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  • Smerz

    This is the realest video on the net right now.

  • AD

    Guru was great. He hit the nail on the head.

  • instrocious

    Great VIdeo - dude is dropping pure knowledge

  • feradz

    We need to take control and preseve our own shit. Mainstreem..why do people still think thats whats popin. The underground don't follow the mainstream, the mainstream is supposed to follow the underground. These upty bousheoir types want to control the minds of these young people and keep the world in a complete mess while they take advantage of the unlearned

  • Deejay Metafour

    Facts. Listen to the knowledge this man is dropping, forget about insignificant shit like his name. He is dropping real science. A lot of aspiring artists still think they need a deal with a major label to be official. Going independent is the best route but involves hard work and your own team and some start-up capitol. Still a better option than signing your life away at the dotted line.


    @BVbvbvbv, Bauce, dhova313, Anonymous: After all that knowledge he spilled, all you have to comment is about the nigga's name?! Why, because you think you the fuckin most dedicated GURU fan?! You idiots, GURU was alive for years and years while Young Guru was working in the industry and he ain't have no problems with that nigga's name, never mentioned anything about him in any of his ryhmes or interviews, so who the fuck are you to get offended? The name GURU originates from the Hindu name for teacher, "Guruji", Keith flipped it into Gifted Unlimted Ryhmes Universal but always acknowledged its original meaning as teacher. So the name is irrelevant... What is relevant is the reality Young Guru is trying to bring forth and I 100% agree with everything he is saying. By the way, he's not an MC.

  • Bvbvbvbv

    Young Guru ? What the fuck is that name ? Fuck him, he can't be an MC on his own so he uses his father's stage name to get recognition.

    • Bowski

      See and your'e probably a young mutherfucker, cos GROWN HIP HOP HEADS know that Young Guru is not a rapper but a producer/music engineer. I tried to hold back on your young and dumb rantings, but people like you are the reason why I cant build musically with people under 30. Next time do your research before you come on here saying bullshit trying to discard the relevance of Young Guru's gem. There's a time to talk and a time to listen youngin!!!

  • Bauce

    Nigga change yo fuckin name. R.I.P. Guru

  • luv 4 music

    Nas signed a 4 album deal with Def Jam and what young Guru states make sense. Why sign a 360 deal? All you are doing is giving these powerful companies more power to control you. Lupe and Nas are to smart to do that. Def Jam does not want Lost Tapes to count towards Nas' contract because they know this gives him room to walk and they want another full album before his contract ends...understandable! Nas has already put out 2 full albums and a Greatest Hits that counted towards his contract and Lost Tapes would be the final if they counted it!