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  • Fujian

    P.O.R.N. has the hardest name to google ever. Which is a pity considering how good he is. Vote roots for more P.O.R.N. haha

  • nickelnine

    I say it alot and Ima say it again. Thought is top 5 DOA. The Roots are not just one of the best hip hop bands of all time. They're one of the best bands period. Fuck it I said it. And I stand by that statement.


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  • adrienne23

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  • blessed1

    Haven't heard a more powerful track in I don't know how long. Just finished previewing the album and am blown away. Did not expect that much from this group, mainly because I had my expectations so high anyways

  • Mik Thomas

    The roots quite possibly might be the greatest group in hip hop (well at least one of the longest crews to stay together) Nice performance! Album is going to be pure fire! IF you are tired of myspace/cpu rappers and actually want to hear some hip hop then click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1AfyMKQJYA

  • Up North

    The Song, and the album are out of this world. Radio Daze is so dope. Flawless body of work.

  • Jonan

    The Roots are such a great band, I really appreciate all the work they have done. I love this song, really looking forward to their new album.

  • adrienne23

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  • MightyMike27

    Best Rapper Alive. No Contest. Fuck That. Best Rapper Of All Time. My favorite rappers are Lupe, Em and Common but I admit... Black Thought is the greatest. The Roots? Genius.. WOW. THIS IS INSANE. THE ROOTS.. BLACK THOUGHT.. GOOD Hip Hop on Prime Time television. Pop Culture. Taking Over. People who dislike Rap and Hip Hop are finally seeing some good Hip Hop Music. Probably will create many many many fans, not just of The Roots but of Good Hip Hop.

  • bswift77

    The Roots are so much bigger than hip hop. They are an established band who are established musicians. They straight had an orchestra with them. The legendary 5th Dynasty Crew!!!! Go Cop How I got over on Tuesday!!!!!!

  • str82dapoint

    Dear God... this track is amazing... thank you for bringing The Roots into Hip Hop and allowing them to bless us with their talent. Unbelievable performance. But then again it's The Roots and they are represented by the best rapper alive, Black Thought!


    Who else is doing it like this? I love The Roots because they are great musicians. Questlove is a genius and Black Thought is a lyrical master. I am pumped they got Blu and Phonte on the album. I have all the Roots albums and I can't wait for Tuesday to pick this one up as well. I'm also purchasing Recovery on Monday! MUSIC!

  • Indiemuzik

    God I love these guys! I'm getting this in the next couple of days along with Recovery and Season of the Assassin.

  • 12willy

    This song is amazing.

  • j day

    One Things for sure, As long as The Roots keep pumpin' out albums I'm gonna keep buyin' them.

  • C-Arson

    don't give a fuck 5555555555's

  • BORN IN 86


    • escofan88

      Im not going to get into one of these childish comment battles for the lames like yourself that has a problem with my opinion. Yes Im born in 88. Hell no I don't listen to drake or J Cole. But I am a fan of the Roots since the Tipping Point. And a real fan of hip hop, which The Roots symbolize and are one of the only true hip hop groups representing that true sound. I've listened to all there albums and my credentials is this reply that is being sent back to you with no grammar errors lol. It seems like your into that young money group due to your ignorance in talking without knowing. Grown folk. Peace.

  • escofan88

    Great song. But unfortunately the album just did not cut it for me. To many and I mean to many appearances by the same artist and I wish it was more black thought on there by himself like this track. Which is a grand song.

  • ASEE

    Everyone's gotta pick up the new record. I think it's one of their top three albums, and anyone who knows the Roots knows that that's saying a lot! The album is really powerful (like this track) and is almost a concept album thematically. People gotta BUY the shit too. Why you think they chose to play on Late Night with Fallon? I'll tell you: because they're a large band (7+ members split the profits) who rarely have popular songs and hit albums. The hip hop community loves the fuck outta them, but the mainstream don't buy enough of their records. Their last two records were incredible, but they got hardly any airplay. I know all this "buy the record" shit is getting played out. But this is so much more important than people think. Every time you buy a record you cast a vote, and people who don't buy records have no right to criticize the popular music of the day because they're contributing more to it than they think.

    • kush nap

      niggas should cop all their albums. BUTTT... these niggas caking, hard, and been caking, hard. being the number 1 live band in hip hop pays the bills my nigga. touring aint easy though, which is why they on the jimmy fallon show, getting NBC money, caking in one spot, without running themself ragged on the road. they drop albums to drop albums, its not about sales, first week returns. the roots discography is bulletproof, all their albums are dope. every album they ever dropped, is dope. 9 bangin albums. they gonna keep it goin whether niggas cop it or not, but if you got the money, listen to the nigga im responding to, and pay them back by copping the album. black thought one of the best emcees alive, consistent, underrated, legend. fallons a lame, but i give him points for giving the roots a look.

    • damju666

      Totally agree with you Asee!!!! Go buy the record and support good music

  • Money First

    Can't wait to pick up the album!

  • P-Body

    Great song. Cant wait for that new joint next week!