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  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    5Xs!! This nigga is just funny to me!! This my lil nigga.. He do it 4 da shawties doe!! To be real with yall doe, At the end of the day he got mo chedda than u lames!!

  • Bite Me

    thsi guy is retarded

  • ElReyDeSantiago

    hahahaha The kings Island commercial that played before this had better rhymes and none of those lines rhyme! Nigga you know you need to stop.

  • abbagiggz11

    dis nigga shit...

  • robb323

    why do people even bother to come on these videos and rate it 1star honestly what were you expecting?

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    soulja toy?!! i thout diz guy wuz dead. ah well. jay-z! wuld crush diz human toothpik wit hiz pinky. soulja toy rapz like he'z retarted, mumblin' shit dat don't make no sense and yellin' da hook 1000 timez. fuck outta here, u gay waste of sperm. ull never b az rich and lyrical az jay-z! jay! haz mo talent in hiz eyelash than ull have in ur entire lifetime. jay!'z track friend or foe of RD killz anythin' soulja toy haz made or will make. go play in traffic, soulja toy! jay-z! iz da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERZ, FUCK HANDDDYYYYYYYYYYY, FUCK STANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY, AND FUCK ALL HANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY'Z OTHA DICKRIDAZ! IT'Z MANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP IN DIZ BITCH! REMEMBER DA NAME!

  • luck775

    i would raher watch the UFC liddell and franklin ad before the video 500 times then to listen to 22 sec of this garbarge!!

    • dj_noname

      when has soldier boy made a hit??? everything hes done is garbage

    • sucka

      hahahah...i hate those fuckin commercials jesus hes right this song wasnt good at all soulja boi will make a hit then put some weak ass shit like this

  • Indiemuzik

    How much acid do you have to drop to dribble this type of shit?