Tony Touch Details The Beatnuts' Production On "Piece Maker 3"

Tony Touch explains his decision to use old affiliates Psycho Les & JuJu to produce nearly half of his Top 200 debut, "Piece Maker 3 (Return Of The 50 MC's)."

In addition to seven studio albums, the Queens, New York duo of The Beatnuts are accomplished producers. JuJu and Psycho Les have produced tracks, together and individually, for the likes of Skillz ("The Nod Factor"), Ghostface Killah ("One"), and most recently Vinnie Paz ("Cheesesteaks").

In a new interview with mixtape veteran, producer and radio personality Tony Touch, the Brooklyn, New Yorker revealed that The Beatnuts were an active ingredient to his Top 200 debut release this month, Piece Maker 3 (Return Of The 50 MC's).

"I’ve been working with [The Beatnuts] for well over 15 years," Tony told, in a new interview. "They’re great friends of mine. We do a lot of touring together and we have a pretty extensive catalog of collaborations we’ve done in the past." Psycho Les appeared alongside longtime affiliate Greg Nice on 2000's original Piece Maker album. This work followed Touch's feature on 1999's Beatnuts LP, A Musical Massacre. "Basically when it came time to do this album and I knew I was going to approach it on a '50 MC' scale I knew I needed a lot of beats." The Beatnuts contributed nearly half of the LP's production, with 11 of the 25 tracks made by Les and JuJu. Tony declared, "Those guys are incredibly talented, their catalog is crazy, and they still to this day have a library of beats that are unused. So it all just made sense to go that route."

Released on Sony Red, Tony Touch's Piece Maker 3 also features appearances by Eminem, Redman, Kool G Rap, and Thirstin Howl III.

Now working with The Alkaholiks as LikNuts, The Beatnuts last released Milk Me in 2004 on Penalty Records.

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  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Beatnuts been killing it for years, beats are fire on PM3, Liknuts cut was ill, hope they drop more soon


      Oh for real i never knew the nuts did that beat for One, thats one of my fave ghost songs ever

    • DJ85

      For real, their albums were dope. They made sick beats. Even for others like Ghostface "one", dope ass beat

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