Immortal Technique Addresses Race's Role In The Zimmerman Trial

Immortal Technique provides comparisons to the OJ Simpson trial, as well as a recent Florida case that illuminates race's role in law.

Twitter exploded with responses from emcees after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter in shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

One emcee that provided a measured, extensive response was Immortal Technique, who began his discussion by drawing comparisons between the ZImmerman case and the OJ Simpson acquittal, specifically for the sharp racial divides it caused.

Tech then questioned what would have happened if Zimmerman and Martin's roles had been reversed.

In his discussion, Immortal Technique revealed that he would never advocate violence as a response to the verdict, and that he kept an open mind during the trial. But, again, the questions about role-switching remained.

Immortal Technique then made a sobering comparison between the Zimmerman case and that of Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 after a judge rejected her stand your ground defense for firing a warning shot into the ceiling.

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  • Doocy

    As much as this dude reads I would hope he could've read both sides of the Marissa Alexander case. But, nope. Dude latched onto a meme he saw and used it as justification to attack a certain law. Search for Rico Gray to see the second side to that story.

  • Anonymous

    "On one page he knows everything about Rick Ross and his label and life and money, then he knows 50 Cent and his label and personal life and thoughts, then knows everything about law like he was there in Sanford on this page, while he knows about Kendrick Lamar's future" I know. It's a gift.

  • Drake

    I noticed the trial was on Court TV, but watched Soul Plane on BET instead. Does that make me a bad entertainer?

  • Anonymous

    im disappointed in immortal technique and brother ali's opinion you would think with both of them being great lyrists and the smarter out of hip hop artists they wouldn't fall for this race riot media hype but nope. hook, line and sinker what about Oscar grant? what about the 12000 black people that have died since trayvon martin? by black hands. what about the little white baby that was shot in the face for 20 dollars by two black kids?? the media and the Obama administration is creating the race problem in this case ignorance is the only thing I see

    • Anonymous

      I feel you. No one said shit about that white baby that was shoot in the face by two blacks for 20 bucks. Get the fuck out of here people. If its a black kid yall trip not the other way around. Deal with it! If you guys treated all cses like this including white, mexican, and black not just black maybe people would take you more seriously. Of course everyone feels bad that Trayvon got killed. There is no denying that but there are injustices in the system all the time, Weather for blacks or whites so stop pointing fingers at colors and start pointing them at the system that has been put in place.

    • vfenomeno

      So hold up, because other blacks killed other blacks then zimmerman should go free? is that what you're alluding to? 2nd, those blacks who killed other blacks were for the most part tried convicted and incarcerated which is why jail cells are overwhelmingly filled with blacks. So please let immortal technique keep speaking the truth and keep your mouth closed until you've done adequate research to back up your inaccurate statements..Thank you

  • Anonymous

    "What if the dead guy's story is more believable than the alive ones?" The dead guy's story wasn't believable because his bird brain friend, in all her uneducated glory, botched whatever angelic image the prosecution was trying to display to the jury.

    • Anonymous

      On one page he knows everything about Rick Ross and his label and life and money, then he knows 50 Cent and his label and personal life and thoughts, then knows everything about law like he was there in Sanford on this page, while he knows about Kendrick Lamar's future. And he actually thinks there's nothing wrong with that type of mentality.

  • Benny Dub Floridas law states a person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another..." It sounds to me like Trayvon was asserting his right to "Stand His Ground." What would he say if he were alive to tell? Did he see the gun Zimmerman was carrying? Did he REASONABLY BELIEVE he needed to defend himself? "Reasonably believe" means it is what Trayvon Martin thought, not what Zimmerman did. Too bad he is DEAD. Otherwise he might be able to tell his side of the story. All Zimmerman had to do was STAY IN THE DAMN CAR!!!!!! Guns don't kill people. Stupid mother#@kers with guns kill people.

    • Anonymous

      Any rational human would have ran home to escape a possible attacker.

    • Benny Dub

      Another troll posting "Anonymous"... Read you dumb f#@k! By law, he DID NOT have to walk away. It doesn't matter what YOU think or think you know. The mindset of the individual at the time of the event (I.e. what he REASONABLY BELIEVED) is what matters. I even gave you a link to read and you still don't know what you are talking about... Trayvon had every right to stand his ground and defend himself if he felt he needed to. Zimmerman created a situation, got his ass kicked and shot a minor in the process. My education doesn't really matter in this conversation but I bet I can run circles around your remedial ass. What matters is that a 17 year old kid is dead and you are trolling...get a a book and shut the f@#k up when grown folks are talkin!

    • Anonymous

      All Trayvon had to do was walk away instead of assaulting him. You one sided dudes need an education.

  • ARO

    Rap Fan I completely agree the stupid american public is distracted by one court case while all of our freedoms are bein slowly taken away frm us. Thts why we will never be able to stand up colectively and demand REAL change. The Media affects our perception of everything in order to get all of us hyped up on some retarded shit. FUCK ZIMMERMAN n FUCK TRAYVON there both retarded. One for pursuing n killing a lil kid n tha other one for not running away frm a stranger if you know damn well you dnt got no weapons except a can of Arizona. #realtalk

  • GOD

    RIP trevyon , WW3 is already happening

    • Anonymous

      If you didn't know Trayvon then don't give one of those lame RIP shoutout's. Makes you look like a bandwagon jumper and a follower.

  • Drake runs rap

    blag blah blah

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the media! Zimmerman aint white so whats up with that?

  • Anonymous

    I'm gonna start off by saying Zimmerman is NOT white and is a spanish man. Everyone is talking about how the media made this a race thing only by the reports detailing Trayvon as a "thug". That's only half true. The very first reports were "white man shoots innocent black child" with pictures of a 12 year old Trayvon who was actually almost 18. They both were in the wrong, Zimmerman shouldn't have followed him and Trayvon shouldn't have attacked him after he asked Zimmerman if there was a problem and Zimmerman replied "no" (which was recorded when Zimmerman was on the phone with the 911 operator). The Sanford police were going to drop the case because there was not enough evidence to prosecute but the state picked it up so this could be twisted into a racial thing and made national. Now I'm hearing that Obama is getting involved and filed federal charges on Zimmerman so he can be tried again in a different court. This shows me our nations leader doesn't believe in our justice system of innocent until proven guilty and the fact of the matter is there is not enough and never will be enough evidence to convict Zimmerman. This is an attempt to keep this country divided by racism so the nation never unites because if it did we could overthrow this corrupt ass government that thinks they can control us and violate our rights that was established by our founding fathers.

    • Anonymous

      I meant to say that there's not enough evidence to prove it was 2nd degree murder or just mainly self defense which means you cannot convict someone with murder without the evidence to support your case. I also believe if new evidence that is undeniable facts is brought up then by all means try Zimmerman in a different court so justice can be served. Obama shouldn't have filed federal charges without having new evidence that could help his case. A smart judge will throw out that case (which is a media stunt) if no new evidence has been brought to this case.

    • Anonymous

      You're just mad cuz I made a legit point. If it were turned around this would be not be considered a hate crime and blown out of proportion. No one knows what happened in the tussle between Zimmerman and Martin because there's not enough evidence to prove it wasn't 2nd degree murder. You cannot be convicted based on circumstantial evidence only facts, and the fact is there's not enough enough factual evidence to convict (for example Casey Anthony).

    • Anonymous

      All 3 of you are fucking idiots that don't know what they're talking about.

    • Truth

      So true Obama is a media puppet like the majority of black people these days instead of thinking for themselves. Obama is a horrible president the verdict was justified the law system isn't flawed its just the views of the black race that are flawed. I bet if this was a black guy who shot treyvon abosulutely no1 would give a fuck it would just be another black on black crime that is forgotton.

    • hit the nail on the head

      this guy hit the nail right on the head, anything that speaks otherwise is incorrect. and tell immortal technique to shut up he talk too much on twitter i aint see him at the trayvon rally this ngga in africa feeding kids out there which is good but what about the kids deprived in america? ya bish

  • Manny

    What about if u would had painted zimmerman as a hispanic would we had cared more??? He is half peruvian and so are u immortal

  • anon

    If someone walks up to you and asks where you're from/what u doing, you can say "who the f*** are you?" "i dont gotta answer to you" "quit harassing me", then walk off. You DONT have the right to attack the guy. That's how it's ALWAYS been; Ex: bully makes fun of you in school or guy starts talking s*** to you at a bar/club = YOU BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND WALK AWAY (you don't have a right to start throwing punches). ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.

  • anon

    I wonder how many of the people complaining actually watched the trial from start to finish; they'd see that this case should have never gone to trial to begin with. The evidence was extremely weak, and at times, worked in the defense's favor. The prosecution was on its back foot for most of the trial. GZ was only arrested and brought to trial after the media bias and sensationalism, in order to placate the masses.

  • Anonymous

    tech needs to stop snorting!

  • N/A

    Obama is half white/half black and became president making him black. Zimmerman is half white/half latino and shoots an unarmed black kid, making him white. Whatever.

    • anon

      Obama's black cuz his skins black, just like Tiger's black. Nothing technical. GZ on the other hand...idk what the f*** ppl were thinking w/ that. He don't even look white lol

    • Anonymous

      ja rule the only real black nigga in this game

  • Anonymous

    blame the law. if the woman would of shot him it would of been different youre not afraid fpr your life if you fire warning shots according to the law. blame the system not the ones that use the loopholes. simply put dont hate the player hate the game

  • 614grind

    If you believe Zimmerman's account of what happened, you're retarded.

    • ^^^

      What if the dead guy's story is more believable than the alive ones?

    • Anonymous

      If you believe a dead guy's account of what happened then you're even more retarded.

    • Anonymous

      annon, stand your gound is not gun control its the right to protect yourself if you feel your life is in danger.. more like the right to kill for authority, if you are a police officer or have the right to carry.. dont go name calling if you use immoral techique as your only source of info.. this case lasted a year and everything i said is real fact and was mentioned



  • magmatic123

    immortal techique looks like zimmerman! i think this case was intentially designed to go against the stand your ground law... its very real for the boy but money is what everyone will make off this ill prepared case... his father a freemason? didnt even react the way one would if their son died.. i think its a new way to separate hispanic and black people by making the new face of racism hispanic vs black

    • anon

      You're a moron. You lack any sort of critical thought. You think the case was designed to control guns?? Yeah, well they did a good job of that. Look at all the guns they are controlling...Watch another YouTube video, conspiracy nut riding imbecile.

  • Nick T

    i wonder what 2pac would say if he was alive....

  • Anonymous

    if it was self defense, then alright...but they got into a fight, his pussy ass should be able to take a kid half his size and age, not pull no gun..what a bitch, whatever, have fun living the rest of your life as a recluse, and being compared to O.J...punk bitch

    • Anonymous

      Unless you got evidence to back that up, shut up. Trayvon is unable to take on someone Zimmerman's size.

    • Anonymous

      Size has nothing to do with it. Trayvon was involved in fight club, so with his size advantage, it's not hard to believe he took Zimmerman down fast.

  • Kramer

    wow hes racist. Why is it so hard to understand self defense? If Zimmerman even THOUGHT Trayvon was gunna kill him, Zimmerman has the right to react the way he did. Get over it.

    • Anonymous

      But, how in the fuck can he claim self-defense in a matter he totally initiated, if he was so AFRAID, he would NOT have left his vehicle, all he had to do if he was THAT concerned was keep him in sights until the authorities arrived. If I'm Trayvon and an armed individual approaches me without provocation, then I would likely feel like MY life is in danger and do what I needed to protect myself, Self defense was a very weak claim in this matter and should not have held, he should have been easily convicted, the fact that the prosecution couldn't make this clear makes me wonder if they were on the take.

    • khordkutta

      If zimmerman doesnt get out of the car, Trayvon is probably not dead. No way in hell if Zimmerman is Black do the police believe his story and he is treated much differently by them initially.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think it had to much to do with race. I think he was to afraid and to much of a bitch to catch a beat down so he had to pull a gun on a kid and shoot him and if you ask me a person who smokes weed eating skittles and drinking soda is not trying to look for confrontation he just try to enjoy his life and enjoy his high.

  • Joey

    Immortal Technique forgot to mention that Zimmerman is latino, same as him.

    • imho

      that means we should all start calling obama white black ppl use race for their own benefit. if its good hes black if a person shows a sign of anything wrong hes the opposite ppl just waitin for obama 2 get impeached then its ahh nah he was half white lmao

    • Anonymous

      We'll round up and call him hispanic

    • Anonymous

      His father white his mother from Peru

  • Jasper

    Jordan Davis, 17, of Jacksonville, Fla., was gunned down in a parking lot. Davis and his friends were parked at a gas station, the music was loud, and the kids were just being kids. Davis was in the backseat, when Michael Dunn, a 45-year-old man demanded they turn down the music. When the kids did not comply, Dunn pulled out his concealed gun and shot into the car eight times. Davis was hit twice.

    • Anonymous

      Dunn was aiming for the radio which was blaring French Montana.

    • lolll

      somehwere in the world a 19 year old black boy shot a 1 year old white hispanic baby in the face killing her bec the latino mother didnt have money. same as zimmerman

  • imho

    isnt zimmerman I.T's people though? lol as in spanish

  • Brian

    Racism is still alive to a degree. IT is ignorant and thats not his fault. He is all for black power yet this case has nothing to do with that. It all comes down to MONEY!! You have money, you get good attorneys. The lady was probably "blessed" with a recent graduate to defend her. If she had money i.e. Donte Stallworth, Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, Leonard Little, Plaxico Burress, etc. she would've gone home. The biggest mess up that the black community did was make this into a racial thing. Once that happened, racists fucks donated money to Zimmerman and he was awarded the best defense attorneys that were available for minimal cost, if not free. Black Americans have this idea that they are the sole targets of racism and that completely incorrect. If someone is deemed a terrorist in the USA (just because theyre arab, no real reason needed) they lose all civil liberties in an instance. Gays are still not accepted in our culture and mainly in black culture (if youre tired of being mistreated, why still mistreat others trying to do what you have already done. If MLK and/or X were gay, I am sure all of the black community would be supporters). If you look too hispanic in the Southwestern US you will be ID'd on the spot and if you have no credentials on you, you know because you lost it or you left at the house or whatever the reason, you will be detained until you could prove you are legally allowed to be in the US. In the end, the black community are still butt-hurt from slavery yet slaves began way before blacks from Africa. There were slaves of all races and nationalities long before. Sad that it always comes down to that. Above all I seriously doubt this had anything to do with race if our President is Black and have Black CEO's running fortune 500 companies and other strong dedicated black leaders of businesses and government officials. Its all about MONEY, not race. Sorry guys but Zimmerman was not proven guilty, therefore he is innocent (innocent before proven guilty). MONEY TALKS

  • Phil

    For all of the individuals in this feed who talk more than they listen, give yourself a break. Sure, Tech comes across as an intelligent individual, and I honestly believe he is. But he has literally overlooked THE WHOLE PUNCHLINE OF THIS CASE. This case was not about determining whether or not zimmerman killed trayvon. The purpose of the case was to establish whether or not zimmerman had the right to use lethal force in order to defend himself. So all of the individuals on here running around saying "so and so murders someone and he gets away with murder", let it not confuse you why you continually feel like the system has beaten you. You don't have the most fundamental understanding of the system. You dont even have the most fundamental understanding of what reasonable doubt is other than a title of a jay-z album. You don't have the foggiest idea, nor do you care about the black on black genocide occurring everyday in cities like chicago. You don't care about the fact that 70 people were shot on the july 4th extended weekend in Chicago. It doesn't phase you. The only time you get angry is if the "perpetrator" is white or other non-black. You have allowed yourselves to literally have your minds tied up by white liberal news media which does its very best to continually make you feel like a victim. You have mentally digested this to the point that you embody this idea down to your very core. The death of trayvon is terrible, but you know what? It is LITERALLY happening every single day in this country, and its typically a black individual on the other side of that gun. So before you start acting like some sort of worldly renegade who has some incredible wealth of knowledge, understand your hypocrisy. Blaming a system never got anyone out of the projects, it did however put many people in the projects. Blaming others never put a penny in your pocket and it never will.

    • JMG

      I am not sure why people who were ok with the verdict use OTHER crimes involving Black people to make their point. If that was the case, where was the "Casey Anthony is not a problem when ____________ kill kids every day and get away with it"! Why? Because race makes you try and create counterpoints to make it seem like race isn't a factor. But from the very beginning of the situation, Trayvon fit a description based on his clothes and his RACE! From there, that assumption created the rest of the story...just to find out that this kid may have very well fit a stereotype, but he too was doing now wrong. So what changed the way the World viewed the case? Maybe it was when information came out about the shooter and the victim. One was "doing his duty" and the other was a "thug kid on a path to no good". From that, you have a racially divided nation. Because so many "do gooders" believe these "thugs" deserve what they get, and that is it. That kid was left with the biggest injustice of them all...death without ever being able to tell his side of the story. So NONE OF US KNOWS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED THAT NIGHT. We just know that race made it more important to us depending on what side of the fence you are on. And if these types of situations did not happen, then there would be no reason for outcry. But it did and it was predicated on this being a Black kid. So...we can sit here and take sides, but regardless, being Black lead to a kid being killed. If you are Black or have children or care about Black people, this verdict should bother you in some way. That is really it....

  • Anonymous

  • Andre

    Check out this rapper from Alabama!

  • Corbin Dallas

    Realest shit he said was that "Trayvon was dead and couldnt tell his side so it was about who you believed. And you believe this guy ? " Peep game, every other MC in the game feels that nigga was guilty. It aint just technique, and some dumb ass said he was going easy on dude because he was part latino. immortal technique has done more for Africans than you or anyone in your family ever did homie. I seen him in LA talking to 1000's of Mexicans about the racism in Latino people. Never seen an artist do that ever. He's right........ deal with it

  • Anonymous

    "Wow I'm sorry but Technique gets lauded for being this insightful guy and he came off super ignorant in a lot of those comments." Says some angry white guy who is afraid to talk about race. Technique told the truth, I haven't heard ANYONE on here, the angry mobs of ignorant privileged kids give ANY credible response. To the role reversal to the fact that racism did create a rift in society. I swear every single conservative minded kid or angry white guy who's ever debated him got steamrolled. Still no real response to the role reversal or the other case where the person received 20 years for firing into a wall? WAIT. Someone said that role reversal wouldn't produce a hypocritical result. Role reversal, would actually be a Fat black guy chasing a light skinned half hispanic half white guy who identifies with being white. You didn't see Zimmerman give any Spanish language media coverage just FOX Just Sean Hannity, plead his case to white America. And to the malibus most wanted kids on message boards who pretend to be black. I read all the comments, no one landed a glove Assassin21, those comments were such a joke. Racism is real, you're just a coward and are afraid to discuss it. Talking about racism is racism? How about you kids who sweep it under the rug and roll your eyes every time a brutha gets killed, but you all up applauding the music when we pimp ourselves and kill one another, you're a fraud dude. jesus you people need help RIP Trayvon. Ya'll demonized a kid for smoking weed, half of you weirdos are on oxy and molly, don't excuse you gettin' shot. His comments were spot on smh

    • Assassin221

      "Technique told the truth, I haven't heard ANYONE on here, the angry mobs of ignorant privileged kids give ANY credible response. To the role reversal..." Check this article. I haven't studied this other case in depth but going off the info in here, it sounds like there was a situation in 2009 that pretty much was role reversal, and nobody gave a fuck. So I'm not really sure what your point was, or what Tech's original point was for that matter. Love to hear your thoughts, though. "Still no real response to the role reversal or the other case where the person received 20 years for firing into a wall?" That's not exactly role reversal, actually a different situation altogether. And I haven't researched that one either, but there actually is an Anonymous response to that one which mentions that that woman went out to her car to get a gun and then went back inside and fired it. If that's the case, that pretty much disqualifies any claim to self-defense. But the only fact you'll be considering about is what the woman's skin tone was. "Assassin21, those comments were such a joke. Racism is real, you're just a coward and are afraid to discuss it." I rechecked my post and never said anything about racism not being real, and I'm pretty sure I'm discussing race right now. What I did say, and stand by, is that in cases like this people get so fucking blinded by the color of everyone's skin they pretty much ignore all the facts and evidence. You know, all that shit our legal system is supposed to by based on. You talk about how you haven't seen any "privileged white kids," i.e. anyone who doesn't automatically subscribe to your way of thinking, give any credible responses. I've noticed the opposite. Everyone who's upset about the verdict is mostly just venting anger. And there's plenty to be angry about, no mistake about that. A 17-year-old black kid lost his life who should still be here. The whole thing is fucked up. But I don't see anybody poking holes in the defense's case, criticizing witness testimony, or crying that the "stand your ground" law is wrong. People throw around the word "injustice" but with no explanation of why the verdict is unjust. If they have one, I honestly want to hear it, I'm an open-minded guy and always ready to be educated. Won't bother and respond to the other stuff you said because it doesn't apply to me, I don't watch FOX News and never said anything to demonize Trayvon.


    The verdict wasnt about race. Its about no evidence to prove either side's story & that always has to be NOT GUILTY or we would all be locked up just someone says we did something & we look guilty. Now - the reason for the shooting & the reason to rush this to trial both maybe had something to do with race. But hey, if u can do crimes & not leave evidence then you go free. Nothing new & if it wasnt that way then we would all be in lot of trouble.

    • chris

      dont worry i know. tl;dr. feeble.

    • chris

      well said. the thing is that we know he did it. that was a fact. if he could not defend himself against a minor with no priors (which zimmerman had) no weapon (as zim did) and regardless of what some random white man says, there were literally no accounts of trayvon having "martial arts skills," which you can believe would have been brought up. in this case, the verdict was right under the law. the law is poorly worded. in this case, what is known in the courts as the "totality of circumstances" should have been acknowledged. meaning, a kid is dead, no weapon, youre both around the same size, with the deceased being younger and smaller. zimmerman instigated anything that happened going forward and this kid was buying something from a store. that is literally all that needs to be known or would be known if it was a white child and no white person can tell us different. that's not to say that all white people are racist, but rather they do not understand that they do not understand why it has become a race case. all young black people i've talked to or seen have been for trayvon, because 99% of us have a similar story where a person of a different race assumed we were doing something wrong. you have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even zimmerman. it's just hard to do when we know he started it, however good his intentions, and we know the shooter. it is not an obvious race shooting, but a subconscious one by a coward which in turn divided peoples opinion with one white friend i have claiming trayvon was a "thug" for having pictures smoking weed and waving his friends guns...the same things this particular friend does, he even has tats on his chest that say something along the lines of "aint no grave can hold me down" and a life/death tat complete with skulls etc...but he's white so he gets a pass right? survival of the most scared these days. that is all.

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  • Cynthia J. Lancaster

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  • Anonymous

    Wow I'm sorry but Technique gets lauded for being this insightful guy and he came off super ignorant in a lot of those comments.

  • Rap Fan

    Ask yourself this, when one news item gets so much mainstream coverage like this trial, what are they trying to hide? This case should not have been as big as it was but its turned out that way to distract the general population from two more important news stories. The NSA/Snowden fiasco is on the back burner now and people would rather riot and complain about this trial over the government hacking and spying on your personal calls and emails. The other news story on the back burner is the Bradley Manning news story. Bradley Manning was the one who helped leak information to Wikileaks and is currently on trial. Both these news stories have become nonexistent and the media is trying to fuel a race riot, when this never about race to begin with. Wake up and see the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Treyvon martin has been in the news especially here in central florida for well over a year...get a job.

  • dan

    i co-sign this message..

  • Anonymous

    "Racism has created a world where people of color experience an entirely different reality than white people" Racism didn't create anything. It get's passed around the world because of ignorant people (yourself included) who use race to defend every bad decision you ever make.

  • Anonymous

    Mortal Moron here trying to think this through as if he's an expert on anything that happened. Using race to condemn someone (in this case Zimmerman) proves how ignorant and uneducated you're. The OJ case was a completely different set of circumstances. Zimmerman wasn't even initially arrested, so why is it a surprise he got off? The evidence was put out. Witnesses were called, and they found the man not guilty. Move on.

  • Anonymous

    You niggas acting like Zimmerman could never be a racist just because he has SOME Hispanic roots. Y'all really need to get out of your houses and learn some shit about the world y'all live in.

  • Fuck Harlem

    LOL at this bitch nigga writing a novel on twitter and dissing his own fans

  • AlphaBlack

    Fuck whites period.

  • Anonymous

    if it was role reversal trayvon would be hispanic

  • So Icy Boi!

    diz stupid nigga wrote an essay on Twitter? real niggaz dont use Twitter or Facebook. long live Weezy. YMCMB for life. swag

    • derone

      ^no redemption for yo stupid ass, fuck outta here

    • So Icy Boi!

      RIP to da kid tho. sorry if I was disrespectful. swag

    • Fossie

      Kill yourself ICYTROLL

    • Verbs

      ^it can get more real than immortal technique. For the record, So Icy Boi is extremely ignorant and simple minded, even if he really is just trolling - it is a sign of great immaturity. And calling my generation "gay" is not accurate either. There are many, many intellectually thinking young people within my generation but sadly, few chose to misrepresent us. They become the standard by which the generalization of generational descriptions is based off. So Icy Boi, no one but you knows why you continue to troll or why you feel the need to, especially on this sort of page. Zimmerman being found not guilty is an extremely serious matter for some people so recognize that and try to post serious information or opinions to contribute to an intellectual conversation on this topic. To the people who responded - don't get so worked up. Just respond appropriately if your going to.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck fuck ass bitch, and go kill yourself faggot. Ignorant motherfucker, you're the reason hip hop and society are shitty, you fucking bitch made follower.

  • Anonymous

    Tech needs to learn what murder is. The reason why the lady received 20 years(by FL law) is that she left the house and went to her car to retrieve a firearm. She then went back into the house and indiscriminately fired the gun towards her ex husband and his 2 sons.Tech needs to research instead of taking a politically biased synopsis of the trial. check out FL's 10-20-life law.

    • Anonymous

      Her kids were not there, it wasn't even her house. SHE FIRED A GUN WITHOUT AIMING TOWARDS 2 KIDS! Are you fuckin illiterate? Read some articles about the case before you make some dumbass statement like that. Even if those 2 boys were hers (they weren't) would she still have indiscriminately fired it? HELL NO!

    • ETK

      "She then went back into the house and indiscriminately fired the gun towards her ex husband and his 2 sons" Are you illiterate, nigga? You can't read between the lines??? She went back because her children were inside.

  • So dumb

    I don't understand how everything truly believes he should be guilty. One of the first lessons in criminal law are the BARMM crimes (Burglary Arson, Rape, Murder, Mayhem) all have definitions and if part of the definition isn't met than it isn't the crime. The prosecution with the burdon of proof didn't prove intent, and gave REASONABLE DOUBT to the jurors. The prosecutions' witnesses were un-credible (Rachel Jeantel) who lied about her name, relationship, age, and looked terrible in front of a jury by being combative to the attorneys. It just wasn't going to happen based on the scope of the law. You will never find a law student who isn't absolutely biased that believes this was a murder case. The media and civil rights lawyers pressured the state to go for murder, when clearly this was a manslaughter case. Unfortunately the pressure from the black community created the circumstance that he was able to get off by over charging him. I sat here watching this case with 3 members of my family. 3 lawyers and one criminal defence attorney for death penalty in CA state law and no one thought he was guilty of 2nd degree murder.

  • Assassin221

    "Here's the problem with your line of thinking. Here's where it starts. Obviously, if the roles were reversed they would not be believed..." No Tech, that's not obvious and that's just promoting the same type of race-based thinking you just said you were trying to get away from. I know it's too much to hope for America to get over race any time soon, but it would be nice if we could at least PRETEND to TRY to form our opinions based on facts and evidence and all that. Honestly, I don't really give a fuck about most people's opinions on high-profile cases like this because they get so emotionally charged as to lose all objectivity. The biggest injustices happening in this country are the things we don't know about because they're not under a media microscope.

    • Anonymous

      and you would know cause you've been to other countries right??? fuckin retard.

    • Anonymous

      Are you a coward, bitch? Is is too hard for you to deal with the fact that your oh so loved country is one of the most racist on this planet??? Shit like this is gonna happen as long as we have hoes like you that are too scared to face the truth.

  • anonymous

    Ever hear of innocent until proven guilty? There was no way to prove Zimmerman guilty, this idiot even admits that the evidence was always "muddy". You cant convict someone with crappy evidence that's just how it works. Oh, and Zimmerman is hispanic, not white. Tech is a good rapper, but he doesn't know squat about how the legal system works, which is actually quite ironic

    • Anonymous

      anonymous and Voice of Reason are fucking idiots.

    • VoiceofReason

      Not to mention he doesn't even realize what the difference between murder and manslaughter is. Stick to writing rhymes about this stuff Tech, not actually talking about it. Or read a book, preferably one you didn't get recommended on some 9/11 conspiracy blog you bigot.

    • Mosmoi

      Did you not read what was said?

  • hip hip died

    fuck all wiggers. You all killed hip hop

  • Mack

    cave boy? try original man...good to see that's the only comeback you got. insecure wiggers feel free to smear and troll on behalf of this phony rebel you vicariously revolt through

  • Mack

    Notice how this fake revolutionary toned down his militant rage and outrage schtick, more than likely because Zimmerman has professed to have Hispanic roots like he does. Now this same rage against the machine, buck the system fool is talking about evidence being muddy and being sad that the opinions are divide behind 'racial lines'. All of sudden he is voice of reason, after a whole decade of being the voice of anarchy. Tribalism at his finest. He twice mentioned that Zimmerman is the new OJ without explaining his loaded words...Zimmerman and OJ's cases were very different and you wouldn't insinuate they were if you weren't just trying to "even" the perspectives out. Funny that HipHopdx posts all of this clown's posts as if he is the leading intellectual force in the Hip-Hop community when in reality he is just another generic wannabe Che Guevara that is willing to throw invisible molotovs and protest with the hippies but wants to be the "Neutral voice of reason" when the shit gets real. Step to the side, rapper For the record. If Paul has a gun, calls the police to tell them he sees Mike walking and the police says not to follow Mike. Paul follows Mike. Paul has a gun. Mike doesn't and Mike ends up dead. Paul will be guilty of murder. Whether he felt he should have done it, felt guilty about doing it, etc...does not negate the fact that he did it.

    • Assassin221

      "Racism has created a world where people of color experience an entirely different reality than white people." You're confusing reality and perception. Perception is what black people and white people feel like they're experiencing. REALITY is what's actually happening. In racially-charged issues like that, people act like they don't give a fuck about the facts and the evidence, but the facts and the evidence are still out there. And that's what everyone, black and white alike, need to focus on because FACTS are the only thing that transcend our distorted racial perceptions.

    • Cinematic

      I was responding to mack btw

    • Cinematic

      ^cosign 100 percent. White people cannot exclaim how people of color use the "racism card" too much. Just as men cannot say how women may use the sexism card or straights criticize gays for using the homophobia card. IF racism is set up for the benefit of whites then whites cannot then criticize those who are oppressed by the same system that they benefit for. Racism has created a world where people of color experience an entirely different reality than white people. White listeners of hip-hop need to understand this. White posters on this site need to understand this.

    • Anonymous


    • mack

      @breidiaz You're hilarious with typical wigger response. Day in and day out, you see two sorts of responses from white people on rap sites...The first one is to scream out racist if the rapper has any opinion that is not "let's all get along/i love white people"...and the second is why don't we get along, why do we see race". Contrary to Immortal Technique or a few posters here, I don't have to understand YOUR law. That is the point. Do your history. YOUR LAW has never worked for us. The original story said Trayvon grabbed the gun. When they refuted that by saying there were no Martin prints on the gun. A white analyst on CNN said Fingerprints don't matter>>>FINGERPRINTS DONT MATTER> many people are in jail because their prints were on the gun. White men create their own truths and we have to live by it. Doesn't mean we have to believe it. The facts are the facts, how they are twisted in courts by professional attorneys is a different matter. For Tech to say that Zimmerman is the new OJ, exposes him for what he really is. Also, the same way they are using a picture of trayvon when he was ten....the other side released a picture of rapper the GAME and 90% of middle america who don't know rap thought it was Trayvon..fair tactic? Immortal Technique is what we in the hood use to call lip professor.Only white hippies bought on to his Che Guevara tshirt wearing schtick. Black people can smell a pig a mile away. As for you wiggers, enjoy hip-hop, co-opt it, own it , but it doesn't make you anymore black than your daddy was.

    • breldiaz

      Tech wrote and wrote it is not racial then he says what happened if a black guy/boy sh*t. So OJ was a skinny white guy? I'm tired of people who abuse racism. Shut da hell up! Lauryn says they sent me to the jail cuz of the racism. Sht tha hell up! You are in jail bcuz you thought you are bigger than community not pay your taxes. These are all disrespect the poor people who face the real racism in USA. Listen to "Strange Fruit" if you can. You didn't see anything like that, don't use racism as if it's a card in monopoly. You can't kill anybody if he is innocent or not. F*ck Zimmerman also. But why they don't use trayvon's last pictures, why they are using his 10 years old pictures? Was he 10 when he died? Why are you trying get more sympathy by this way? They are showing like trayvon was a 10 years old kid and a f*cker named zimmerman came out and killed him. Everybody manipulates everything as they wanted. Stop using what if a black guy/man shit. Black or white or alien, money talks man it doesn't matter whoever you are. Money talks! OJ got money and get his outta jail and also zimmerman did the same thing. Keep twiting ridiculous statements like tech, just make the case worst. Pour some oil over the fire. If people dont give up saying if a black/white man shit, the hate is gonna grow from day to day.

    • HyperScythe

      Truth kid. Tech always talking some shit and never offering any better alternatives.

    • DRE

      Word. I've always known he was full of shit.

    • ???????