MGK Calls Diddy "A Walking Corporation"

MGK says Diddy has "earned his stripes" in the industry, comments on the Hip Hop entrepreneur's lack of a "normal" lifestyle.

Cleveland rapper MGK didn’t hesitate in speaking on Bad Boy Records founder Diddy’s lack of a “normal” lifestyle during a recent interview with JENESIS Magazine. When asked what he would make Diddy do for a day if he ever had the opportunity, the Bad Boy artist opted for a simple answer and shared that he would try to make Diddy “feel like a normal person again.”

“I’d have Diddy in a mosh pit man. I’d have Diddy come kick it at our house,” MGK revealed. “With none of his people. None of his people, just him. Just come kick it at the crib and make him feel like a normal person again. You know what I’m saying? That mothafucka is not normal. You kicking it around him is like—his whole life is like it’s crazy to look at it. Cause I make sure I keep my normality all the time. That mothafucka is like a walking corporation. It’s nuts. I know you can’t enjoy that.”

Prior to speaking on the lack of normality in Diddy’s life, MGK went on to commend the Hip Hop entrepreneur for paving his own way in the music industry.

“Real talk, he earned his stripes,” said the rapper. “That’s why he got where he’s at. I can’t even say that…That mothafucka put in a lot of work with Andre Harrell. All that shit before he had his label.”

MGK signed to Interscope and Bad Boy Records in 2011 and released his debut album, Lace Up, roughly a year after.

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