Joey Bada$$ Announces The Title Of His Debut Album

Joey Bada$$' debut album is expected this fall and Capital STEEZ' "King Capital" is expected this summer.

Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter yesterday to announce the title and approximate release date of his debut album.

The Pro Era headman revealed that B4.DA.$$ would be the title of the LP. The title is letters, numbers and symbols that spell out "badass," but also signify the phrase "before the money."

According to Joey B4.DA.$$ is expected to be out at some point during the fall. He would also reveal that Capital STEEZ' posthumous mixtape King Capital will be released this summer.

Joey Bada$$ is currently on his Beast Coast tour with the rest of Pro Era and also with Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers.

View Joey's tweets about the albums below:

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  • Anonymous

    "not his new album but a bunch of his old ones are" You have a point there.

  • Anonymous

    ooooo he booooooooooooioioooooooooooooooooooooooomb as jheck

  • Anonymous

    dont sleep unorthodox is great , didnt hear it the first time

  • MIO

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  • Anonymous

    bum should have called it "Anal Warts" and leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    nyc state of mind is the motto

  • Anonymous

    come to rapgenius forum, we need some troll services

  • Joey Bada$$ - B4.DA.$$

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  • EtherQ

    That's a really clever title. I wonder if he planned that when coming up with his stage name. I'm pretty impressed by that

  • IMhO

    im gonna peep this one see what its like..if its nice imma have to cop it like GKMC

    • IMhO

      @anon- i always listen to the album before i cop it.. now adays theres WAY to much bullshit out for me spending my money i grind for on bullshit wack albums even if it is only 10-17 dollars. last album i copped before GKMC was Only built for cuban linx 2, like 2-3 years it took to find an album worth droppin $$ on. GKMC was like a movie in lyric form what he did was capture you as the person in it not a third person was quite genius actually

    • Anonymous

      the worst taste in music? most of these sell millions and are in alot of peoples lists what are your favorite rappers if my list sucks so bad oh and take kendricks dick out of your mouth

    • Are u fucking dumb?

      ^^ u must have the worst taste in music the world's ever known. I bet ur favourite album is IANAHB 2

    • Anonymous

      i download before i buy (believe it or not) .....GKMC was hands down the worst album i ever heard It sounded like a immature pre-teen rambling on about the same shit while being self obsessed with his ego along with THE most annoying sound effects i ever heard a person make also during songs mixing was horrible maybe i didn't understand the albums concept (I doubt that) but for me it was a mediocre album overhyped by everyone......Outcast Scarface Jay Nas EM Big Pac K.R.I.T cole just to name a few

    • IMhO

      @anon 1-- def your loss! that album was one of the best albums i ever heard let alone in the last decade.. i alrdy got this album within my top 10 ever. maybe itll slide down more as time goes on. i got a legit ?..did you understand it tho? and 2 name a few of your fav rappers

    • Anonymous

      ^^Your loss.

    • Anonymous

      GKMC sucked i download it then deleted FTW if im paying for that shit hope joey does better

  • Anonymous

    That's actually pretty clever

  • tha OG

    This nigga is the next Nas his album is going to go platinum!!

    • kburban

      "People Are Dumb" - It isn't the "nostalgic" beats as much as it's the age Joey and Nas first came in the game that keeps people talking. The kid is only 18..How many of your favourite artists can say their 1st albums were highly anticipated at that age? Cats like Premo and Pete Rock have already worked with your favourite lyricists (including). What you don't think they know what "ILL" sounds like anymore?..How TF else does Joey end up on a track alongside Black Thought and Raekwon and hold is own???..I said MF 18 years old yo.

    • Anonymous

      not his new album but a bunch of his old ones are.

    • Anonymous

      lol nas aint even platinum. lmao

    • People are dumb

      How is he the new Nas? Because he raps on 90's beats? Fuck out of here...He sounds nothing like Nas, he's not lyrical, he's not even that good. Don't let 90's nostalgia brainwash you into thinking he's more then he actually is. Listen to his actual simplistic lyrics and don't let the 90's gimmick blind you.