Clearly Master P isn't playing in 2016. We've covered the return of The Colonel extensively here at HipHopDX. Whether it's through exclusive conversations, live streams with his No Limit Boys or releasing behind the scenes videos of the legend rocking across America, there's been a ton of activity around everything Tank. We're absolutely looking forward to his project, The Grind Don't Stop, which will heavily feature No Limit's newest artists MoeRoy, AceB47, J. Slugg, Lambo and BlaqNMild, along with the track above, "Middle Finga." Adversaries get put in the crosshairs as P replies to the bevy of darts tossed his way over the past decade. Former friends, foes, family... no one's exempt. Check out the full audio and expect this one to gain traction in the coming months, along with the full visual. This record has a big sound. Directed by Chris Harmon Films.