Sway Explains Story Behind Kanye West's TV

Sway says Kanye West didn't tell the whole story when talking about the TV he gave him. Here's his take on the TV.

As HipHopDX reported yesterday, Sway was set to explain the story behind the TV he received from Kanye West on Rap Fix. West had been upset with his placement on MTV's list of "Hottest MCs in the Game" and in one rant, he talked about giving Sway his first television set. Sway took that same television set and hosted his show Rap Fix, with the television sitting beside him. 

"Please welcome my first TV, given to me by Kanye West," he said at the top of his show, pointing to the television set. "We go so far back together." 

"This is my first TV. We met in 2001," he continued. "Back in 2001, me and Kanye West would hang out from time to time... Kanye is one of the most talented visionaries we have in this business. So, him inviting me to see his house? Of course I did it." 

He then explained how the TV went from being Kanye's to being his. 

"When I opened the bathroom door, which was probably the size of a closet, the first thing I saw was this hunk of a TV sitting in Kanye West's sink. I thought it was abstract art," he added. "I asked 'Ye, 'Yo, what's up with that TV in your sink?' He responded, 'Yo dog, it's 36 inches. This TV is too small to put in my living room. It's embarrassing. So I hide it in my sink because the TV is embarrassing.' Being from Oakland, I asked Kanye, 'What are you going to do with the TV? You going to throw it away?' He said, 'Yep.' I said, 'No you not, homie. You grab one end of the TV. I'ma grab the other.' We took the TV to my car."

He then added that Kanye West still owes him a remote. 

The opening of the show can be seen below, via Rap Fix. 

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  • Bob

    the point sway was making is that Kanyes a spoiled bitch who thinks its cool to throw away TVs and then make it seem like he was giving them away for charity.

  • Kweli

    Kanye is an a$$. He's talking about giving someone a freakin' TV!

  • Wondah

    The question is if the TV was in the sink, how did he wash his hands nasty mofo! But good job of turning a diss into good publicity

  • Anonymous

    sway is either lying or fucking stupid... pause the video at .42 seconds.. that tv is 19" not 36.. anyone with half a brain can see this..

  • DX is on some bullshit

    I thought Hiphopdx posted some dumbass articles but this one may take the prize.

  • Art Brooks

    Yo Sway, get yo' hustle on and sell that mufucka on Ebay. It ain't gonna sell like the door of the Suburban Biggie was ridin' in when he got murked, but someone will pay good paper for that ugly ass TV.





    • Anonymous

      10-3 have already been announced so thats obvious! its down to kendrick and 2 Chainz for the 1 and 2 spot

  • KJ

    fuck sway and kanye! Simple az that!

  • Anonymous

    TV in the sink? Dirty ass niggas don't even know how to wash they hands. Smh.

  • DAD

    Damn my nigga can't even hook him up with a tv that got a VHS player in the front

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule gave him a toaster.

  • Anonymous

    I knew it wasn't that serious.

  • huh?

    ...this man just said he invited me to his heart?

  • marvin


    • Anonymous

      "he's just tryin to say they go back" ^ there it is

    • Anonymous

      but it doesnt matter if they go back. this list isnt about who you were cool with 12 years ago. its the hottest mcs, from 2012, giving out old tvs aint part of the criteria

    • Anonymous

      ...and sway basically said, the final list was a combination of their lists-- which seems to indicate that sway might have had kanye higher on HIS list.

    • Anonymous

      ppl missin his point. it wasn't the tv, he's just tryin to say they go back.

    • Anonymous

      sway won! kanye on some hoe shit! you dont give someone something you were gonna throw out and throw that shit in their face 13 years later cause they dont make you number 1 on a stupid list! he is a fucking child

    • Anonymous

      Kanye spoke about a TV, and now it's famous. You don't do things like that if you're #7 on a "hottest mc" list. Totally manipulated the press and Sway bringing it to show everyone played his pawn part (a memorabilia cashout isn't bad at all). Advantage:Kanye

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ da fuck r u talking about

    • donnis mac

      Idk.....not only is it true, Sway went and dug it up and brought to work for show-and-tell. Kanye merely speaking about it caused a reaction that boosted Sway broadcast (he took time to speak about KANYE'S TV) and website views, and now the TV has gained notoriety to become a collector's item. "Bathroom the size of the closet" would only be effective if Kanye was still living there today. This one goes to the puppeteer, not the puppet. No dick-riding, just a different perspective.

  • what

    so Sway Calloway didn't have a TV until fuckin' 2001?! till he was 30 years old?! lol i can't believe that shit

    • Anonymous

      my point was maybe he didnt want a tv until then. im sure he could have bought one or got one from work but he didnt

    • Anonymous

      My bad, I meant NY. Was trying to say although it's a throwaway, Sway had plenty of access to a TV being in NYC on MTV. They have throwaways at the office so anonymous saying he was too busy isn't cutting it.

    • Anonymous

      did he really say he took it from ny to cali? if kanye was gonna throw it out he might as well take it tho.

    • Anonymous

      But when he saw this specific one he had to have it and transport it from NJ to Cali? You need a better argument for this one.

    • Anonymous

      maybe he didnt want one. he was busy building a career and grinding.

  • ETK

    so Kanye didn't even actively give him the TV, he just got rid of it anyway how.. doesn't sound that bad in itself but Kanye throws that shit in his face 12 years later!! that's some primadonna bitchassness, son. West oughta sit down

  • Its Um

    Man, just stick with the universal remote.

  • roger

    the guy who said the thing about the remote yesterday nailed it.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i him write it on twitter that kanye owed him the remote. my nigga sway had to go to radio shack and buy that universal remote and find the right code to program it just so he could watch 'Friends'