Joey Bada$$ Says Responding To Lil B's Diss Was "Too Easy"

Joey Bada$$ says that it was "too easy" to respond to Lil B's diss track.

Earlier this week, Lil B made headlines when he dissed up-and-comer Joey Bada$$ on his song "I'm the Bad A$$." Now, Joey catches up with MTV to discuss his response to the the Based God's jab, "Don't Quit Your Day Job."

The Flatbush upstart talked about the Janet Jackson-sampling track, saying that dissing Lil B was "too easy." He added that while he doesn't know whether the feud will continue, he feels that he's effectively silenced the California rapper.

"I just linked up with my homey Ben, and he played this beat and was like, 'Yo, Lil B dis record?' And I was like, 'Oh, a'ight,'" he said. "Who knows [why he dissed me]? But if somebody sends a jab at me, I'll just send one twice as hard. I really didn't have to respond, I don't feel so, but I just did it. I don't know why. It's too easy, that's what it is. It's too easy, so I thought, 'Why not?' I'm just flexing my skill on him."

He added, "I killed him. He shouldn't even attempt to do anything again."

The feud reportedly began in response to the late Pro Era member Captial STEEZ's verse on "Survival Tactics," in which he raps, "They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don't quit his day job.” 

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Joey Deleted His Twitter Account...

    This is just sad. What's next? Lil Wayne stans, Odd Future stans, and Beliebers are gonna do the same when they someone disses their idols? Un-fucking-believable... Some dumbass posted this shit on the KTT forum: "First his friend disses Lil B then kills himself shortly after Then Joey disses Lil B gets ETHERED and is probably contemplating suicide When will people understand you're dealing with a GOD here, Lil B The BasedGod is untouchable his influence and enormity is unmatchable" ------------------------------------ I fucking swear Twitter, blogs, trolls, stans, the media, corporations, and the Internet has RUINED hip hop! I'm not even a Joey fan at all, but if he commits over this shit (hopefully he won't and will learn from is late friend STEEZ), then I will lose even MORE faith in humanity.

    • ManIFeelThis

      * but if he commits suicide over this shit... Also forgot to add that UNTALENTED fucks ruined hip hop as well. Fuck these Hypebeast faggots co-signing pro-Lil B comments. We need to start ignoring trolls from now on so they can die from lack of attention literally. The "Based" dick's REALLY that excellent huh fellas? Please choke on it.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga deleted his twitter account because of Lil B fans harassing him. Hahaha what a pussy.


    Joey deleted his twitter lmao. Walking L

  • BOY

    Capital Steeze is now BURNING & ROTTING in hell. THANK YOU BASED GOD

    • ^^ This

      Co-sign Biotch! Fuck these hardcore, dick-slurping, unfunny, asshole "BasedDemon" stans. They are one of the many reasons as to why hip hop as a whole has turned into a walking Blackface stand-up comedy.

    • Biotch

      Hooooookayyyyy! Good comment. If that's true then every one of your dead ancestors are taking turns sucking Satan's dick and getting assfucked by Hitler just for their part in producing you.

  • Kramer

    Didnt even know there was a diss. Thats how much I care

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone even want to start beef with someone like Lil B? Joey is to rap what that band "Jet" was to rock & roll. Revivalism is corny.

    • The Jets' son

      But....but I liked Jet. Haha, I get what you are saying though. Yes, I agree that we cannot go back in time. However, to be completely honest, I do enjoy late 80s and early-mid 90s hip hop MUCH MORE than 1997-2013 hip hop (there are very few exceptions though). Now that doesn't mean that I solely listen to old shit since I like some music from 1997-2013. The sounds from the older days had A LOT MORE warmth, grime, depth and melody in the music, whereas these modern days MOST music has a more plastic, colon-cleansed, "perfect" sound. Not only that, but the current music scene outside of the Internet and underground is facing an extreme drought with very little talent and heart left. Mainsteam wise, R&B and Rock are almost dead. Pop went electro, and Hip Hop is following its tragic footsteps. Hip Hop also lost its lyrics, charisma, ambition, and purpose. It used to be to entertain and teach, or entertain in a very nice fashion. Conscious rap, along with all other types of rap of high or exceedingly decent quality, is barely anywhere to be found unless it's from a mainstrem rapper (seldom) or Kendrick and Lupe. Kendrick is one of the very few balanced artists left on the music scene outside of the web/underground sites. Kanye, Lupe, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne all fell off lyrically (Lil Wayne fell off HORRIBLY), but still do big numbers (even though they don't really mean anything) and are the best that mainstream hip hop has to offer right now (again, except Wayne). People keep bringing up J. Cole, but he isn't as active as he was months ago. If you exclude ALL of the names mentioned , Drake would be the best rapper of the current mainstream hip hop scene, which is truly fucking sad. Not everything has to have a sample and/or "boom bap beats", nor does everything need to have 808s, 1,000 hi-hats fillers, and/or AutoTune. What music needs is MORE diversity, soul, experimentation, and talent because right now I keep hearing the SAME songs about the SAME pointless bullshit in MUNDANE, TALENTLESS, LAZY fashion. Record companies and others butchered mainstream hip hop into a minstrel joke for their own greed and selfish wants; thus it may never be as good as before ever again. 1996 was the last classic year for hip hop due to the deaths of Pac and Big and the takeover of Diddy (fuck you), opening doors No Limit (meh), Cash Money (okay and so was Wayne), and other BS. Hopefully, with more artists/rappers going independent we MIGHT see a turnaround, but I don't think it'll be right now.

    • rap nerd

      respect. responding to lil b makes joey look real bad.

    • def

      realest comment i've seen about this beef. he appeals to the corny "real hip hop!" type of kids who think anything without a sample and boom bap drums is garbage.

  • fresh


  • Anonymous

    *Yawns* Two irrelevant rappers beefing who no one outside the internet cares about. Thank god we have still ppl like Kendrick & Ab-Soul.

    • SMFH!

      Other than Kendrick (he has much more spotlight right now), Ab-Soul is still trying to gain more relevance and recognition outside of the Internet as well (even though Kendrick & Ab are part of the same group TDE). Joey Bada$$ has relevance almost equated to Ab-Soul, whereas Lil' B will be nothing except an Internet troll (perhaps retired) and a passing Internet meme fad in the next decade. His stans with "Based" cock far down their throats and asses are very delusional and too busy saying "Based God fucked your bitch" to give a shit about what we are saying. The stanbases of Lil B, Odd Future, Eminem, and quite a few others are some of the WORST that I have EVER seen in my entire existence. Now I bet that some "Based God" stan will attack us (especially me) with inane Lil B jokes (umad, caught feelings eh?) and the fictitious "Task Force Squad". Lmfao, Like that shit has any REAL meaning in life. These people need to grow the fuck up and hop of that dick, along with the bullshit!

    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure about Joey but Lil b's definitely irrelevant, only irrelevant rappers diss dead people for attention.

  • Marq

    I don't think people know. Lil B said he wasn't lyrical he's just having fun. Joey BadA$$ just made himself look stupid dissing Lil B when that's what Lil B wanted. cause Lil B doesn't give 2 fucks about anything. & Joey is acting a lil to cocky for me. he's got skills & a good flow. but you can't be OVERCONFIDENT like that man.

  • hip hop is dead

    Nas - hold down the block you cant rhyeme orange

  • Anonymous

    Lol this dude is such a cornball. Lil B - Base For Your Face ft. Jean Grae & Phonte (produced by 9th Wonder) >>>>>>> any of Joey's boring ass 90's music.


    LIL B is a joke. His own fans only rock wit em because hes funny. Their lying to themselves if they think his music is actually good. C'mon even his best tracks are just okay. lol i hope some lame nigga doesnt comment on just saying my opinion. but feel free to state yours its a free country. lmao

  • def

    Really not liking this dude's ego. I was a fan before but this is comedy. Dude is acting like he dropped the hardest diss ever when 1) dissing lil b in itself is already an L. people still don't realize he's a parody yet? 2) how are you going to say you "ethered" someone when all you dropped is lyrical, miracle, spiritual, corny shit on a janet jackson loop (that ain't even looped properly! hear the gaps?). embarassing.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This kid Joey Bada$$ is really really dope.

  • Anonymous

    Has anybody ever actually gotten pussy while bumping Joey Boringa$$'s music?

  • Anonymous

    I agree Joey shouldnt have responded, best way to respond to an irrelevant troll is to let him remain irrelevant and not give him the attention he's thirsty for. Lil B has no future, what he is now, An internet troll rapper who cant even sell 10K records, is all he will ever be. Joey actually has a chance at a career if he keeps his head on straight and ignores nobody attention whores like Lil B.

    • TotallyMan

      Agreed! This is one of the few best comment on this article. Most commentators here responded in a juvenile way like Joey did Lil' B and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    Still in high school with new-found fame? Shit, why not enjoy yourself and send something back.

  • anon

    Joey Bada$$ is lyrical, and actually has talent. He's everything Lil B wishes he could be. But Lil B aitn got no talent, so he sarcastically raps like an idiot because he can't do it for real. BadA$$ the real deal. Bringin New York back with A$ap Rocky, Action Bronson, them cats are put NY back on the map for real rap. Hate it or love it. Truth.

  • Anonymous

    lol this nigga is trash that diss was garbage why even say ether when its clearly not on ethers level he barely insulted lil b man lil b played this nigga and made him look stupid

  • Anonymous

    wow yall going on da lil nigga sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    Lil B Fans are gayer the Juggalos

  • Anonymous

    nothing special about a played out east coast flow that 100's of mc's have spit for 20+ years. except now it an anorexic hipster kid doing it.

  • Peace7

    Real talk tho, Joey is only like 17 still coming up in the game and doing his thing at that. he's being arrogant wit this new found fame, its okay for him to make choices like this early,cause hell learn from it. Dude knows that the song was weak, cause he gotta see his fan feedback

  • DrebinSlevin

    Love everyone calling Joey's diss and tweets bad. At the same time they can't stop talking about him. If its really so stupid of him, why comment?

    • Big Bang Theory

      This has to be one of the dumbest comments ever. Hay stupid they are responded because the shit was trash. Thats more then enough reason. With all that said i keep hearing good things about this Joey badass kid. I haven't checked him out to much other then a few songs. Also like other said, dissing Lil B makes you lose automatically. Can't go at someone you won't get respect for anyway. Its like fucking up a bitch. Sure you whipped her ass but you get no respect for that. He is young and he will learn soon. Until then i expect more pointless diss records.

  • ShinbrigGoku

    Dissing Lil B is like trying to diss a troll, you're most likely only feeding it when you are angry. Oh and to all those who listen to Joey but think he's a bad rapper...go listen to "1999," and then tell me if he's a bad rapper

    • Anonymous

      I've already listened to 1999. Joey can spit, but he's very one-dimensional and brings absolutely new to the table. Let's be real. He can ONLY spit over 90's beats. Put him on any other type of beat, and he's boring as fuck. Dude's pretty overrated & not as good as he likes to think he is.

  • Anonymous

    and yet he still did the diss song like a dumbass. Hours after the song was out Joey wouldn't stop tweeting about how "easy" it was and how the song was just for fun. He clearly saw the tweets about how dumb he is for even responding to Lil B. The kid is stuck in the 90s. Lil B>

  • Anonymous

    too bad it was excuses Joey


    Dismissing Lil B IS Dissing Lil B...feel me? Joey should kno betta

  • Anonymous

    I've liked Joey but he's being a faggot. You know why Lil B dissed u with ur stupid twitter statuses about him. And you didn't kill anyone look at the response you're getting, it's mostly negative.

  • Anonymous

    Lol it's funny because nobody, except for him & his 100 Pro Era fans, really believes that this is an actual beef.

  • Anonymous

    being proud of responding to lil b is like being proud of making fun of a kid with down syndrome. joey faga$$.

    • Anonymous

      Damn that's a creative nickname! You even got the dollar signs in there like he does in his own name! Impressive.

  • Fuck Joey TrashA$$

    Lol @ all you cornball purist faggots overhyping this pathetic excuse of a diss, having the audacity to compare it to a classic diss such as Ether. There's only a handful of rappers I legitimately hate & Joey TrashA$$ is definitely one of them. Words cannot describe how much I fucking despise this little prick thinking he's bringing back the 90's with his garbage ass music & flow. If you are somehow reading this Joey TrashA$$, you are literally a piece of shit. You'll never be in the same category as Nas, Pac, Rakim, Biggie, and all the legends who have contributed to this culture. You know why? Because you are a corny hipster fucker who's flow sounds like he has a couple of dogshit in his mouth. You and all of your other gay ass Pro Era groupies are a disgrace to this art & will never be a factor to this hip hop culture. Only hypebeast tumblr homos who think that they're all deep & spiritual. Fuck you & all your whack ass fans.

    • Anonymous

      You're the only one mentioning ether! No one is comparing them you fucktard! If you read the comments you would everyone thinks he is stupid for responding to that weak ass nigga Lil B.

  • Anonymous

    *Yawns* Joey Boringa$$.

  • Anonymous

    Lol sit down nigga. Your little diss was just as wack as Lil B's.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha what a clown.

  • Anonymous

    "I dissed Lil B. I'm proud of myself." "Actually, I'm not proud of myself..." "...I'm only angry because I know I'll never know the BasedGod." "And neither will my dead friend." - Joey BadA$$

  • Anonymous

    This mofo is actually proud of that garbage ass diss response! Lol!

  • isu

    french montana is not puerto rican, he's from morrocco. no one can stop rick ross.

  • Anonymous

    dissing lil b is like winning gold in the special olypics! yeah you won dog but you're still retarded at the end of the day.

    • BP

      to help put his ass into place even though Lil B wack, ain't nothin gonna change until someone fires the first bullet

    • Anonymous

      I just fee like even acknowledging that dude is weak! No one respects Lil B in hip-hop. He is trolling the whole rap game so why take the bait and respond?

    • BP

      why are you retarded for dissing anybody? I feel you're new at this hip-hop thing plus it's fucking Lil B

  • anon

    lmao joey don't know he lost the moment he recorded the song. You really gon take Lil B serious on that diss?