Def Jam VP Of A&R Sha Money XL Responds To Trinidad James Criticism

Exclusive: Sha Money XL explains that a hot song is a hot song, regardless of the criticism it receives.

Trinidad James has faced his fair share of criticism for his breakout hit "All Gold Everything." But he got the last laugh, signing with Def Jam Records last month for a rumored $2 million.

Def Jam VP of A&R Sha Money XL, who helped architect G-Unit's movement back in the late '90s and early '00s, spoke exclusively with HipHopDX, discussing how some listeners have slandered James for his appearance and music. To Sha, good music transcends criticism and that it's all in a grand scheme to build a bigger movement.

"I think it’s really still about the music. Trinidad [James] created a record that everyone can say they liked," he said. "No matter how much they make fun of him and mash him up with the jokes, they like the damn record. Music is music. The formula, when you talk about mixtapes and how you put content out, you have the seed to plant. You create awareness, and you grow. That’s a formula we all see. But I think the ultimate part of the formula is that the music has gotta be dope."

Since signing with Def Jam, the Atlanta, Georgia native has released an all-star remix to "All Gold Everything" featuring T.I., Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz and most recently announced his "Don't Be S.A.F.E." tour.

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  • Hakim

    Man this is the bullshit nowadays! Its no way in hell this cat should have been signed to Def Jam! And Sha talking about its a dope song is disgusting!!! This is a dude that helped produce songs for 50 Cent dissing Ja Rule, and now he gonna say this Trinidad James song is dope music GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Any song that Ja Rule had crushes this corny shit!! And James better know the science of money because $2,000,000 if you don't touch the principal is roughly $130,000 per year after taxes! CHECK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gripp

    I see his point. He's saying that he's just as ignorant as Trinidad James.

  • Milehighkid303

    SHA NEED to get back with The Unit/50 and get back on that late 90's tip......SHA MONEY DROP THAT SHIT!!!!!!

  • JMG

    Someone please tell that he is full of shit, and that what he is saying is what Def Jam never represented in the past for a reason. So "hot songs" means you are worth big money music deals? Are you serious? I know that HE doesn't even believe that shit, he just wants to throw money at what is poppin right now hoping it will be the next "right now" cash cow. What ever happened to the days where labels wanted ARTISTS who could get them YEARS FROM NOW money instead of fad shit?!

  • True2HipHop

    Sorry Sha but you signed a wack talent. He is not impressive & offers nothing when it comes to real Hip Hop. I see he only signed him because he doesn't care about Hip Hop. He only wants to make money off garbage acts that he knows some brain washed kids will hop onto because they think what he is saying has value to it, please (doesn't even come close). An the song I just plain hate everything about him because he isn't good for hip hop just Kids bop music he creates.

  • Big Dan

    I'm not knocking TJ for getting his, but common Sha. You know there was a time when you would have knocked "garbage" like this. As deep as you were in East Coast rap and having been around awhile, I am sure you knocked southern rap when it started spreading outside the south and this is the worst of southern rap. "Gold Everything" is rhythmless, dude can't rap, can't understand much of what he is saying, track is slower than molasses and the list goes on. This is garbage. How big did this song get that it got TJ a deal and who was behind signing him, because this won't pay off at all. I know the industry is messed up now and how and who you sign is different today, but this took Def Jam down more than one notch. Hip hop isn't dead, but it sure is down and out and we are kicking it in the teeth and stomping on it while its down. This is a straight up beat down.

  • Anonymous

    Most Trinis in the industry can rap, what happened to this guy?

  • Hip Hop please

    I remember when Def Jam was one of the best record labels around in this Hip Hop culture They always had a great line-up rapper/groups, somewhere down the line they f*cked it up smh Now I don't even know who's on it anymore

    • Rrrr

      They have Nas dropping classics still. And ( even if u dont like him ) Rozay making bank with em. Def Jam still run this.. And if u want hip hop. The Roots still droppin heat

    • Anonymous

      I agree, whenver I saw Def Jam recordings on the case I always knew it was a guaranteed banger. Now they're more about chasing the hits money instead of quality music and it's reflecting on the bottom line or they wouldn't be resorting to 360 deals for their artists, that's like your employer taking your side job money for their profits.

  • Darren

    Nigga can't be serious..."a record everyone likes" WTF.....that record drops Hip Hop down yet another level..Mainstream HipHop only caters to ignorant mofo's and chicks now.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ this arrogant fucker, talkig like everybody in the world liked that song, FOH dude, I dont even care if a million people bought it on Itunes, that still leaves about 8 Billion more people alive who didn't so go someplace with that "Everybody liked the song" bullshit. I aint even hating on that kid tho because fuck it whatever works I'm 29 now and barely pay attention to hip hop unless it comes from an artist I grew up on, I recognized a long time ago it was time for me to get up from the kiddy table and let the high school kids listen to this shit if thats there vibe But Sha talking like an asshole.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with this guy? There's a lot of these guys out there though so I cannot really say anything about him. New rap and rap artists coming out in the main stream are terrible, overall just terrible. If my brain was porridge maybe I would be satisfied with them. And what I don't get is there all talking about money, and the fans have no money. You are lucky if you work at best buy, and you still probably spend your pay checks on Jordans, but have no money left over. Go help your mama with the mortgage or something.

    • Sunny

      Ima keep it real, Trinidad aiite. BUT an A&R of his statue should respect a Mf'ers grind too. I don't like the fact that he was signed in no time, without any effort, cept 2500 for livemixtapes. I was on it when it FIRST came out, and tried to put Mf'ers on em BUT failed for his lack of exposure. I just don't understand how an artist out here grinding for decades is over-capped by a rapping Rick James. The shit catchy, but not $2 mill catchy. Im over that shit.

  • stankinASS

    all gold everything is terrible

  • What the fuck?

    "I think its really still about the music. Trinidad [James] created a record that everyone can say they liked," he said. Fuck is he talking about, I hate the song. The only song that sounded decent by him is "Females Welcomed" and that's not because of the lyrics or delivery, I only listen to the last 1:15 of the song; which is just a nice beat change without his dumbass rapping over it. Seriously, I don't know how a lot of these shitty rappers get such good production.

  • Anonymous

    no one more molly is the best song on that short mixtape i think t james gon b around dnt be safe is pretty hot

  • Anonymous

    "But I think the ultimate part of the formula is that the music has gotta be dope." He through his hole argument out the window with his last line! SMFH! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    its an ok track. i don't get the hate, but i don't know why its a hit over other tracks. so far madden on gamecube is better

  • Chris Etrata

    A shit song is a shit song. A hot song that's shit doesn't change the fact that its a hiphop classic. They make fun of the record but that's not liking it. Besides, this song barely made it to the top ten of the hiphop charts. I don't want to compare but Macklemore's Thrift Shop was no. 1 on NATIONAL charts and even that was at least better than this. That's like saying "Well, soulja boy can't rap but he has a hit song and that's the reason why I LOVE HIM." Shit is Shit, that's what im saying.

  • Anonymous

    Sha Money is only thinking bout the money

  • SMFH

    Didn't these niggas learn from Kreayshawn? A hot song does not equal big album sales. Def Jam making guap off of Trinidad James now, but when he doesn't get another hit song and/or his album flops, they'll regret it.

    • jay

      Why would they regret it if you just said they are making guap off of him? Im sure they will make much more than 2 million dollars off trinidad james. If thats the case then there is no regret. just money made. Well...thats the way i look at it. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    He better use that advance to fix those teeth. Mainstream ain't ready for that brand of ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, 1 hot song. He won't have a solid album, adn Sha is washed up with the same comments. he did it with G Unit back in the day, or when Game went at them. Sha's all about getting his paper. Putting all his trust on a successful record that's really wack. Once the dust settles, what else will Trinidad have to offer Besides bad clothing advice and looking tore up? Let's see a full solid album and then talk Sha...Havoc was right in that interview, people are so bent up on having just one hot single. Like that makes you so badass.

  • Anonymous

    I think he's a dope rapper!

  • Dashing

    Word. Ya'll can laugh but Trinidad James is laughing to the bank. Song still suck though.

    • Big Dan

      Its not a loan you have to pay back. If he flops, he gets let go and he keeps the advance. You're actually more screwed when you are successful, because the label is now trying to hold on to you.

    • Mark Nyon

      How is he laughing all the way to the bank? A record deal is a LOAN. He's got the opportunity to make lots of money, but don't get it twisted. You haven't made it just because you've signed a record deal contract.