Black Thought memorably closed out 2017 with an epic freestyle for Funk Flex. Hip Hop heads didn’t have to wait a full year for a worthy follow-up though as Royce Da 5’9 stopped by the Hot 97 studio to put on his own master class in rapping.

Royce’s PRhyme cohort DJ Premier set the stage by queuing up one of his classic beats — Nas’ “N.Y. State For Mind” — for Nickel Nine to tackle. The Motor City spitter didn’t disappoint, launching into an array of rhymes for 10 minutes.

Here’s a sample:

“Bury skulls all over the globe like a Stegosaurus/Why these niggas getting their hair dyed and their nails polished?/I’m like Biggie and Pac trapped inside of Big L’s body/I don’t relate to common folk, they focus on the comments/So I’ma go roll a Testarossa down the coast of Monaco/Lo and behold your honorable, niggas is sheep, niggas asleep/Bout as woke as a dinosaur.”

Watch Royce’s freestyle above and look out for PRhyme 2, which drops on March 16.