Hip Hop always demands of its artists to keep it 100 and that’s exactly what Russian Roulette does in his debut video, “Discarded” from his upcoming debut album.

This particular record finds the MC of actual Russian heritage discussing his issues with the person who’s supposed to be his biggest support system: his mother.

“I always wanted to write a song to my birth mom but there was so much emotion surrounding [the circumstances],” Russian Roulette tells HipHopDX before admitting that the process was too much to overcome sometimes.

“I’d always shut down. June of 2016 my producer went ahead and made me that beat. After two days of brainstorming and writing, I got in contact with my birth brother for the first time. It’s my favorite song I’ve wrote and the process of making the record was really special. It took almost 2 months in the studio to finally be satisfied with the record. It was a very real and painful record to do but I just hope I can help a lot of people who struggle with abandonment and adoption issues and let them know they aren’t alone.”

The album will feature guest appearances from Layzie Bone, Madchild, Modsun, Diabolic, Hanna Beth and Drew and should drop sometime in Q1 2018.