Last month, Blu & Exile took fans back to days of their classic debut, 2007’s Below The Heavens, by releasing a new project featuring songs from the original recording sessions. The result was In The Beginning: Before The Heavens, a fond trip down memory lane that they’ve continued to travel down with a new video. The duo has released some animated visuals for the album cut “Sold The Soul” with the help of director Unjust.

The song itself starts in spoken word fashion with the animation showing Blu on a stroll that quickly leads to a confrontation with his soul. The two get into a debate which prompts more elaborate visuals with each turn. The whole thing concludes with Blu in bed, indicating that it was nothing but a dream.

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“This is a dope poem style Blu had flipped,” Exile said in a statement to DX. “He never liked it but to me? I love it, had to put this one on the album.”

Watch “Sold The Soul” above.