A divisive political landscape and brazenly open talk of white nationalism have largely removed any gray areas from race relations in America in 2017.

Yet, Joyner Lucas, who HipHopDX highlighted as a new school lyricist to know, aims to navigate this uneasy balancing act of hearing out “both sides” with his new single and video, “I’m Not Racist.”

The track is intense on its own and the video only adds to the tension. The imagery, particularly of a Donald Trump-supporting white character routinely saying the n-word while claiming not to be racist, is an in-your-face visual, to say the least. The black character must retort the ideas of a man that sees him as all that’s wrong in the country right now. Through all this, he still attempts to find some common ground. With all the tension that’s highlighted throughout, the ending is still a bit of a shocker.

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Watch Lucas’ “I’m Not Racist” video above.