Given the range of emotion it takes to create powerful — and believable — R&B music, the genre has often seen its most glorious moments detailing the heartbreak.

Real-life couple and Toronto-based duo ATW believe the world deserves a better class of R&B expression and they’re not faking the funk with their music, regardless if it’s splice with funk, pop or tinges of Hip Hop.

For their new video for “How Can I” off their forthcoming Us Against The World EP, the duo consisting of Sara and Mykell explain to HipHopDX how

The video for ‘How Can I’ was meant to show viewers an isolated, vulnerable and frustrated side of us,” Mykell explains. “The song was written to prove my loyalty and defend the authenticity of my love. I had a moment of clarity when I realized that the two of us thought we were on the same path and journey together but had somewhat different perspectives and feelings about who “we” were and where “we” were going. Despite the time that passed, years invested and the vows we took redemption was a constant.

“If you keep looking in the rear view you are bound to crash. The song embodies a pivotal topic in all relationships: TRUST which at some point was lost in ours without notice,” Sara chimes in. “But relationships are not built on trust alone and in order to maintain a healthy relationship you also need respect, forgiveness and love for one another.”

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Photo: Rojo Sarmago

Both singers are quick to cite words like “authentic” and “fabrication” and as means to tell you what their music is and what it ain’t. And they’re very proud of the video they’ve allowed HipHopDX to premiere to the public.

“I hope when the visuals are released to the world, they will feel the emotions and sincerity behind the record,” Mykell continued. “I also hope that a common ground will be reached where we can agree that there are no ‘perfect people’ or perfect relationships.’ All we can do is strive for perfection, knowing that we’ll never get there, but close enough to acknowledge our efforts and compassionate enough to understand each others shortcomings, and maybe, just maybe, that’s what being human is all about.”

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