De La Soul has resurfaced with a new video for “Royalty Capes,” the second track on the trio’s Grammy Award-nominated album, 2016’s And The Anonymous Nobody

Kicking off in Maryland, the video starts with a startling confession from MC Dave Jolicoeur (AKA Trugoy The Dove) who reveals he was rushed to the hospital at one point with congestive heart failure. From there, he shows off the device he wears that will shock his heart back into rhythm if anything else should go wrong and also talks about wanting to get back on the road.

The video then gives viewers an inside look at the legendary Hip Hop trio’s European run as well as a quick stop in Toronto. Gorillaz frontman/frequent De La Soul collaborator Damon Albarn, and A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip and Jarobi White are among those who make cameo appearances.



Watch it above.