Don’t play with Casanova and his crew.

The Brooklyn rapper is all about the jack moves in the new music video for his song “The Old 50.” The track appears on his Be Safe Tho mixtape, which dropped in March.

Although the video is a throwback to Casanova’s old life, it’s something he’s actually put behind him.

“You get the real gangstas that rap, that make hits, [and] that go to jail,” he told HipHopDX in June. “Then what you call the real gangstas? Stupid. So why do you want to be a real gangsta anyway? You went to jail. You had a good career and still wanted to be a gangsta. You’re dumb. So, I’m lucky I got passed the gangsta part and I became a rapper. I don’t glorify [being a gangsta] anymore.”

Watch Casanova’s “The Old 50” video above.