Kids will be kids and for Macklemore’s video for his newest single “Marmalade,” the Seattle superstar links with Lil Yachty but allows their childhood doppelgängers to have all the fun.

Just like every Macklemore visual, this is arguably more enjoyable to watch than listen to (no shots intended). We don’t want to spoil too much but after the mini Macklemore steals a couple stacks from his adult counterpart, recruits a shrunken Yachty (with the hair still intact!), the town is painted Crayola red (Which includes a trip to spend those aforementioned stacks at TV Johnny’s headquarters.)

Driver licenses be damned, the kindergarten caper reaches unprecedented heights when they come for one of reigning Super Bowl champion (and newly-minted 40-year-old) Tom Brady’s prized possessions.



And a certain Oakland Raider by the name of Marshawn Lynch was certainly pleased with the outcome.

The festive new “Marmalade” video (directed by Jason Koenig and Mack himself) sheds some positive energy on the Grammy Award-winner’s 2017, for he recently walked away from a potentially disastrous car accident, thanks to the reckless actions of a drunk driver.

Watch the “Marmalade” video up above and check the YouTube for the full cast and credits. Everybody involved deserves kudos for seamlessly blending Seattle, New England, Beverly Hills, Oakland, and Houston together in one setting.