Aesop Rock has delivered a video out of the blue in the form of “Get Out Of The Car,” a track taken from his latest album, The Impossible Kid. Directed by Rob Shaw, the partly-animated visual serves as a tribute to Aes’ late friend, Camu Tao, who passed away nine years ago on May 25.

“[His death] is an event that serves as an emotional and narrative anchor in both this song and my life,” Aes said in a press release. “I wanted to reflect on things that had changed since, and try to connect some events I hadn’t realized were potentially related.

“Camu was entirely singular as an artist and human,” he added. “You may notice those who knew him speak of him often still — his presence and humor and imagination and energy and impact. It’s all still right there. I hope some of you that may not be familiar go check out his music. This man was something special.”

This is Tero "Camu Tao" Smith – possibly my favorite person ever. 9 years ago today I walked out on stage at Soundset to announce his passing to a parking lot full of kids that just wanted to enjoy some music in the sun. I wanted to disappear. I think about this man everyday. This whole shit ain't shit without this person. To anyone who followed what my crew was doing in the 00's – this is the glue. You should all know that. This is the energy of all of it. This is the source for so, so much of what we were doing in those days, the attitude and aggression and humor and love. This was the inspiration. This was a fountain of ideas and characters and rhymes and jokes and voices that would stop for nothing. He shaped all of us. This man could rap circles around you and me and all these clowns. His voice was beautiful and LOUD and entirely singular – and he could sing! I can hear it now. I love this voice. This man freestyled all fucking day – like alllll fucckkkking daaaaay – like "dude….stop". We would laugh and laugh and laugh until the wee hours, then do it all again the next day. Ride bmx bikes to Cage's or BBQ with El and Keith. You made good salmon. Break to Manhattan to listen to beats at Tony's. Catch up with Shannon and make the rounds. Hit a Baby D show. Fresh sneakers from Gavin weekly. Not a care – young and dumb and eager and maybe too stoned. I played him an early version of None Shall Pass in Columbus while he lay dying on his couch, and he would yell shit like "those drums are fucking waaaack! Change that." He was right – the drums were bad for business. None of this is fun without you, Mu. We're just going through the motions out here. I forgot how to laugh. Squeeze your friends. K💜✌️

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Aes has worked on seven other videos with Shaw, including “The Impossible Kid” album stream, “Dorks,” “Rings,” “Shrunk,” “Blood Sandwich,” Lazy Eye” and “Lotta Years,” all from The Impossible Kid. 

The Portland-based MC also teamed up for a track with Billy Woods, Blockhead and Homeboy Sandman, which debuted on Wednesday (May 24) with HipHopDX.

Check that out here and watch the video above.