In the opening scene for Kendrick Lamar’s new “DNA” video, K. Dot is dressed like a kung-fu master while he sits handcuffed to a table and hooked up to a lie detector as actor Don Cheadle interrogates him. Taken from his critically acclaimed album, DAMN.,the video (much like the new record) has a lot of different layers going on.

Cheadle raps along to part of the track before he lets Kendrick out of his of shackles and the Compton MC hits the streets with his entourage. Throughout the video, Kendrick appears in a coffin, plays a game of craps, and shoots a game of pool while a portrait of Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur hangs on the wall, making the visual nearly as intriguing as the music is. Try to decipher the video above.