HipHopDX Premiere: Beats Of All-Nations, an Inland Empire, California-based imprint founded by Mike Styles, has been throwing events and releasing music since 2005. At a beat battle Styles was hosting in Chicago, he met MC Sev Seveers and they clicked from there. Serving as Beats Of All-Nations’ first official artist, Sev has joined up with the collective to release his new seven-track project, Smithereens, and shared a subsequent video for one one of the album’s tracks, “CirkusWerkus.”

“‘Smithereens’ is yet another one of my journeys into bringing visual stimuli to sonic fruition,” Sev wrote in his liner notes. “In this case, my prompt and inspiration was Neo-Impressionism, particularly Pointillism. Last year, I created an instrumental that eventually became the title track of this project. The song was so complex in nature; I couldn’t even tell you where my mind was when I was arranging it. It wasn’t a recording that I was sure I liked at first, mostly because of its frantic and composited structure.

“In an unrelated instance (or maybe it was related, subconsciously) I was reading about Georges Seurat and his role in leading the French Neo-Impressionist movement in the late 1800s,” he added. “It occurred to me that this style of visual art was the only way I could describe the song that would eventually go on to establish ‘Smithereens’ as a project.”

Listen to the project and watch the video above.