Why Nicki Minaj Should Not Respond To Remy Ma

Last Saturday, Remy Ma shook Hip Hop when she released “shEther,” a 6:57 mollywop upside rap’s reigning queen, Nicki Minaj, reportedly in response to subliminal disses delivered by Nicki in February—one on Jason DeRulo’s “Swalla,” another on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” (the latter of which was reportedly marketed as a Remy Ma diss.) With still no response from Nicki, Remy retaliated again with “Another One,” a polarizing followup to “shEther” that ignited the social media hashtag #ThatWasTrashRemy, leaving many to wonder if Nicki Minaj will ever respond to Remy Ma. This week we explain why Nicki Minaj should not respond to Remy Ma.


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