Maybe This Is Why Modern Mumble Rap Exists...

By all accounts, Future is one of music’s biggest successes. He’s dropped multiple projects each year since at least 2010, scored four #1 albums with Honest, Dirty Sprite 2, his collab with Drake What A Time To Be Alive, last week’s self-titled release, FUTURE (this week’s HNDRXX will likely go #1 as well). He’s sold millions of records, dominated strip clubs. Performed on Saturday Night Live. He’s a superstar.

This week’s #DXBreakdown is all about Future’s polarizing rhyme style. While he’s absolutely fathered a generation, Hip Hop purists have been critical of the Atlanta rapper’s often inaudible lyrics and autotune and arguably simplistic approach. From Pete Rock to Billboard magazine, many have questioned whether modern mumble rap is awful or awesome. This edition explores Future’s Dungeon Family experience and theorizes how and why his enigmatic style took over the world. Thank you to Rico Wade of Organized Noize and George Clinton for the insight. Let’s break it down.

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Written, Hosted & Produced By: Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)

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