Beginning with a brainstorm of the direction the visuals were going to go, Young Thug’s new video for “Wyclef Jean” fell apart almost as quickly as the idea for it was developed. In fact, Thugger never even shows up in the video, although he eventually did make it to the shoot despite director Ryan Staake’s concerns that he wouldn’t.

But that didn’t mean he got out of the car. According to the text on the screen, he stayed put because he just found out his Instagram account had been hacked, so apparently he just left. This is after the police watched several video chicks smash up a police car with bats and Staake collected countless mini-luxury cars.

As fate would have it, NOISEY reporter Zach Goldblum was on set while all this was happening and shared a four-minute clip of what exactly was happening behind the scenes. Check that out below and “Wycelf Jean” above.