Although the song was originally penned for the 1996 album, Blackmarket Seminar, Kazi’s single “To Be Lost” is privy to a reboot this year with a little help from his friends, one who just happens to be celebrated MC/producer Madlib. The album was entirely produced by Madlib and features MED, Wildchild, Declaime (Dudley Perkins), and Oh No.

“We recorded this album in the wee hours at CDP studios back in ‘96,” Kazi says in a press release. “It was pretty much me, Madlib and Declaime in the lab when this album was recorded. I learned so much from Madlib about cadence, rhyme patterns, timing, and how to dig for records. What some people don’t know is this cat actually took the time to show me how to make beats. I must say working with him was an amazing experience.”

With its dark overtones, Blackmarket Seminar is a very raw album and executes a concept that still rings true today.



“We came up with ‘Black Market’ because at the time we were doing Hip Hop that nobody else was doing and to us you could only get it on the ‘Black Market,’ he said. “When you first play the album, you’ll hear characters on a skit in search of the black market seminar. We really tried to make it seem like the characters were outside walking around looking for it. We recorded a new video for the song ‘To Be Lost’ as it is about MCs selling out to remain in the game and still makes perfect sense in the present day.”

Watch above and check out the album below.