The Hip Hop Caucus and Black Eyed Peas MC Taboo have filmed a video for the track “Stand Up/Stand N Rock,” which is intended to show support for those fighting on behalf of North Dakota’s Standing Rock Reservation and the Sioux Tribe, who have led a months-long peaceful opposition to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to protect the water for their reservation and 17 million people.

On Sunday (December 4), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced it would deny the easement required for DAPL construction near the Standing Rock Reservation, making for an historic and hugely significant victory for Native Americans and their allies. Following the news from the Army Corps, Hip Hop Caucus replaced the petition to President Obama with a thank you action to the water protectors.

Featuring Native American rappers Drezus and Supaman, the “Stand Up/Stand N Rock” video directs viewers to, where everyone can sign a thank you that will be sent to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. When people sign the thank you, they are in turn gifted a free download of “Stand Up / Stand N Rock.”

“Stand Up/Stand N Rock” highlights the vibrant native culture of the Sioux Tribe and features compelling footage of how their land was being disrupted by pipeline construction,” Taboo said in a statement. “I am part Shoshone, but this issue is deeper than my Native American heritage. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a shameless example of corporate interests being put ahead of human rights and our environment. This song is a ‘thank you’ to the protectors that have stood against the pipeline and a call to action for all native peoples to stand proud and unify for our human rights and to protect our land.”

While the Army Corps’ decision is definitely a step in the right direction, this might not be the end of the fight. Watch the video above.