HipHopDX Premiere: Sandpeople MC Illmac (also known as Illmaculate) has shared a new video for “Timeless,” which was shot in both North Hollywood and the Joshua Tree area. The song comes from his recent Still Standing project, his first solo project since 2014’s Clay Pigeons.

“The vibe of the song as it came together felt like a timeless experience,” Illmac tells DX. “It’s not really bounded by a mold or style. The video sort of shows that. It goes from a city setting and wraps up in a desolate almost otherworldly looking environment.”

Produced by Chase Moore, who produced Still Standing in its entirety, the track is an introspective journey into the deepest recesses of the rapper’s mind. As he sheds his old name Illmaculate and transitions to Illmac, it’s clear he’s going through some kind of transformation. The new album is intended to serve as a jump off point for the new name.



“He officially made the change recently with this album,” fellow Sandpeople member Goldini Bagwell says. “He feels that he has transcended the Illmaculate moniker. [It’s] a name that is more known in the battle rap arena and that’s tied to all of his older music.”

Check out the Still Standing LP here, and watch him skillfully ride a bike and drink liquor at the same time in the video above.