HipHopDX Premiere: In light of all the recent police shooting deaths and the crisis America is currently in, Ray Jr.’s “Let Us Pray,” couldn’t come at a more relevant time. In the video, a young girl is seen pleading for justice in response to yet another murder. Hailing from the rough neighborhoods of East Cleveland, the veteran rapper witnesses social injustices every day.

“I wanted to talk about what’s going on in our community,” Ray Jr. explains to DX. “I wanted to voice that the urban communities must stick together, and also voice what some police is doing to Black males is foul. I reached out to @sceneAmatix to bring my words to a visual. “

The video brings the frustration people are feeling to the forefront as Ray Jr.’s powerful and poignant soundtrack provides the ideal aural experience. “Let Us Pray” is from his album Gold Pack$ 2.