Midwest rapper Billy Dha Kidd is using the hashtag #FDT to promote his new track, “Fuck Donald Trump.” Kidd understands that this nation was built by immigrants and has a clear message for Trump.

The video echoes what YG has been saying and represents what many Americans are feeling towards the outlandish Republican Presidential Nominee—anger, rage, and disbelief.  “I want this nation to remain great and make sure everyone goes and votes this November,” Kidd says in a press release.

The single alone hit 200k plays on Spotify, so he felt a video was only right. Kidd’s last video, “To The Top” was released earlier this month and featured Kevin Gates. His forthcoming 2017 album, From Struggles to Success, boasts guest vocals from Gates, Baby Bash, Chalie Boy, Glasses Malone, SPM, and more.