Clifford Harris isn’t with the shits for the obvious problem that’s afflicting the United States of America in the present day.

Police officers are being perceived as bullies with badges and they’re giving out everlasting bruises to establish the belief. As we hone in on the close of a week that has seen both Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott lose their lives after exchanges with law enforcement when the end result did not have to happen, T.I. is making a statement with the music, refusing to allow his people to be lambs for the slaughter.

Earlier this morning, he and TIDAL pushed the go button on his new EP, Us or Else, a passionate packaged testament to all the police shootings that have been plaguing the nation.

For the accompanying video, he enlists three fellow black men — Quavo of the Migos, Atlanta rap upstart Rara and yes, Meek Mill — to give alternative perspectives on a reality to grave to ignore.

Watch the video up above and stream Us or Else here.