HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: Malc Stewy is an up-and-coming artist born in Long Beach, CA and raised in Palm Beach County, FL. His mom is a Neo-Soul/Jazz vocalist and his dad was into sound, installing speaker systems in his spare time. It was his father who introduced him to acts like Dead Prez, Black Star, The Roots, and Slum Village, while his mother religiously listened to artists like Sade and Jill Scott. From a young age, Malc was able to appreciate quality music from the instrumentation down to the lyrics. He recorded his first mixtape with his big brother and a buddy that had just got a Macbook. They used GarageBand, rapping lyrics to the built-in computer mic. His mom got him a Macbook for his 16th birthday and he would sit in his closet for hours pouring his heart into that mic.

Now, he releases the official music video for “Decisions.” The song is produced by Ian J, off his latest project “Turn on the Lights.” The video is directed by Edgar Esteves of Blank Square Productions.

“We got up super early and went out to the everglades to shoot, I still don’t know how I survived the Florida heat in that crewneck,” Malc states.