VA’s own Willie WAZE is back with his new video “Fried Chicken.” A mix of lyricism and lightheartedness, “Fried Chicken” follows Waze as he moves through his hood, delivering chicken to his community in an old school Benz, all in efforts of looking out for his squad. Guided by Waze’s deft lyricism over a smooth, summertime production by Ca$ito Del Fresco, “Fried Chicken” puts Waze’s on screen talents on full display while tipping the hat to hood cinema classics like the beloved “Friday”.

“Fried Chicken” is also the latest single for his upcoming mixtape “LEXICONZ,” which is dropping in August. You can also catch “Fried Chicken” on college airwaves this summer as well. It’s safe to say that it’s gearing up to be quite a summer for the new voice of VA.